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Here's a synopsis that's a bit longer than the one on the front page:

Bella Swan is a writer for a Women's Magazine in Florida, a magazine that she writes the self help column for...Something she really wants to escape. The good news, she is escaping self help, the bad news, she's covering the lives of women behind sports stars...In Denver.

Here she meets three amazing women; the girlfriend, fiance, and wife to two players and the coach of the team... but what will happen when the team superstar...and coaches nephew, Edward, takes an interest in Bella? Can the two get past their differences and find a way to make it together?

Overtime means a lot to me. It's actually my FIRST Twilight fan fiction; I wrote it a couple years ago. The reason I didn't post it first, before Midway, was because when I started this story I did not have a Beta at all. I found a great one around chapter 15 or 16, so after that, it will be better edited. I've tried to re-read and edit again, but it still might not be perfect. If there are some errors in the first few chapters, I apologize in advance.

The entire story is posted on Twilighted, if anyone cannot wait for me to edit, you can read it there. If you don't like or don't use twilighted, I promise to get it up as fast as possible.

So...I'm Canadian, so naturally, I LOVE hockey...and that's the inspiration behind this story (obviously). I think that Edward, Emmett, and Jasper would be amazing hockey players...and amazingly hot as hockey players!

Also...I own nothing of Twilight...or the NHL.

So here it is... hope you like it!

Prologue -

"Sports? You have me covering sports?" Isabella Swan stormed into the office of her boss at Women Today Magazine.

"It's not really sports. We are doing a feature on the wives, girlfriends, mothers—women of sports figures it is a new monthly feature. You will have headline articles for almost a year's worth of magazines. It's only ten months because of the off-season. It's a part in the new section 'Women of Our Nation'." Angela, her boss replied. "I thought you were looking to get out of the self help writing?"

"Yeah, Jessica gets an interview with the first lady, and I get trophy wives?" Bella countered. "I don't even like sports."

"I chose you for this part because I know you can do it, and because it is ten two-page articles in the magazine. Bella, this is a big break. You will basically be shadowing the women behind these players and writing about their lives. We are trying to showcase different women in different roles across the nation. Sports are one area that we are tapping into."

"I know what the section is about, but do you really think I can write anything closely related to sports—even if it isn't about the sport itself?"

"You don't really need to know about sports in general—just hockey," Angela replied.

Bella resisted the urge to jump across the table and strangle her boss. "Yeah, just hockey," the sarcasm was obvious in her voice but Angela didn't even blink. "You know that's no better," Bella added quickly.

"Sarah is doing tennis, would you like me to switch it?"

"No," Bella replied. "That still counts as sports."

"That's good, because I wouldn't have switched you anyway. Bella, this is a big deal. Other writers would kill for this. When the year is done, you can write in any area of the magazine you want. You need to prove you belong there first."

"Anywhere on the magazine?"

"Anywhere. No more self-help questions."

Bella nodded, and Angela thought she might have her hooked. "It's a pretty good deal too, the team is looking for the good exposure and the opportunity to open up to more female fans. It's a good story, the coach's son and nephew that he raised play on the team, and his daughter is the long-time girlfriend of the goalie. His wife is the agent for them all."

"Fun," Bella replied sarcastically.

Angela didn't want to lose Bella's focus again so she decided to bring up the perks of the job. "Don't complain. The team is paying for you to stay in a nice apartment, do some travelling with the team, and supplying you with a car. They are putting you up for almost a year—paying for almost everything. You'll be living above your means for the next ten months. They are sparing no expense." Bella's face seemed to brighten a bit, she was sure she had her hooked now. "Besides, Denver is a nice city."

"Sure it...Wait, Denver? As in Colorado?" Her eyes were wide open and her jaw dropped.

She'd lost her again.

"What other Denver is there?" Angela asked with a hint of annoyance.

Bella looked out the window that overlooked the beautiful Miami waterfront and took a deep breath. "So you are telling me I have to spend the next year, including the winter, in the mountains, where there is snow, and ice, and cold, watching hockey?" Angela crossed her arms refusing to answer. "There are hockey teams in warm climates, you could send me to Tampa, or Dallas, or Phoenix, or Los Angeles, but no, I'm going to Denver." Angela still didn't reply. Bella took another deep breath, "What's the salary increase?"

"Twenty percent." Not bad, Bella thought... but Denver.

"Christmas bonus?" She tried again.

"Also increasing."

Another good thing, but again, Bella vaguely remembered her dad watching hockey right up until Christmas as a kid. What good is extra money if you're stuck in a blizzard and can't spend it?


"The team will pay for you to fly home at Christmas if you want to." If she wanted to? Ha! She tried to see the hint of a joke on Angela's face, but it wasn't there.

"First Class?" She knew she was pushing it now.

"I'll see what I can do."

Bella grudgingly nodded and went to the office door.

"There is a short bio on your desk of the family."

Bella didn't acknowledge that she had heard Angela, walked out and closed the door behind her.

Jessica came over to Bella when she got out of the office. "I'm so excited about my piece, the first lady, wow, it's amazing. Yours sounds pretty fun too. I hear Denver's nice. Are you excited?"

Jessica Stanley, Bella decided, definitely needed to be punched in the face.

"Go fuck yourself," Bella replied and headed for her desk. Now that felt good.

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