Epilogue –

"I can't believe you're actually getting married today!" said a very pregnant Alice as she zipped Bella into her ridiculously overpriced, but gorgeous wedding gown in their hotel suite.

"I know right? This year has just flown by," Bella replied. She couldn't help but think back to the events that had brought her to her wedding day.

She found it hard to believe it had been a year since the Avalanche had won the Stanley Cup. It felt like it had only been a few weeks since Edward's proposal. The weeks following the win were full of public appearances with the cup, team events, and tons of wedding talk. She had barely gotten used to the idea that she was engaged when she was bombarded with constant wedding questions.

They had gone to Las Vegas for the NHL Awards soon after the finals, where for the first time since Bella's article, they came across James at the casino of their hotel. The result was that James spent the night in prison and his publicist sent him back to Detroit to avoid the press at the award show. When all was said and done, thanks to the many people who witnessed the showdown, James was accurately represented as the villain, and she and Edward got away unscathed.

The rest of the Las Vegas trip had been a great escape for the entire Cullen family. Not only was it an excellent chance for Alice to do a ton of the planning for her own wedding, but Rosalie and Emmett announced that they were going to have a baby. Alice almost stopped wedding shopping altogether and focused on baby shopping, but Esme was able to convince her that the wedding would come before the baby. It was finally a chance for Bella and Edward to spend some time together without the stress of hockey, her job, or the press. With all of the NHL elite in attendance, they were not the center of attention for the entire trip. The memories of the week they spent in Vegas made them decide to hold their wedding at the Bellagio hotel after the NHL awards the following season.

So after a September wedding for Alice and Jasper, in which Rosalie was six-and-a-half months pregnant, she gave birth to a little girl they named Michelle on the fourth of December . Emmett had joked for the entire pregnancy about how he was going to raise his son to be the next big hockey sensation, but when his little girl was born, he was the happiest man alive and if you listened closely, you could often hear him promising her ponies and whatever her little heart desired.

It wasn't long after Michelle was born that Alice announced that she and Jasper were having a baby as well. Unlike Rosalie, she couldn't wait to find out the baby's gender, and she and Jasper were happy to report that in early July they would be having a baby boy.

Bella was extremely happy for everyone, and she couldn't wait to officially become part of the family. Everything with Edward was seemingly perfect, and after a summer of spending almost every minute together, the new season started and they fell back into the familiar hockey schedule.

She moved into Edward's apartment and had done a few freelance articles for random publications until February, when she was hired by none other than Mr. Denali. She would have a weekly article in the local entertainment section, where she would write on different events happening around the city. The best part was that she was still able to travel with the Cullens and be at the majority of the Avalanche games.

The job wasn't a top-paying career, but she was happy that she got to have the best of both worlds, and she was also beginning to grow accustomed to the scrutiny that came with dating a local hero. She hardly flinched when the press would question the integrity of her relationship with the rich and famous Edward Cullen, and she was getting better at simply shaking off whatever they had to throw at her.

The Avalanche did not win the Stanley Cup for a second year in a row, but they had finished top of their division and been a strong contender in the playoff race. They lost in the Western Conference Final to the Calgary Flames, who went on the win the cup.

Bella's thoughts were interrupted by Rosalie, Renee, and Esme rushing into the room in a slight panic. Michelle had spit up on Rosalie's dress and they were hurrying to clean it up and attempt to prevent a stain.

Bella just laughed and grabbed the baby from her grandmother, allowing Esme to help with the cleaning. "You didn't mean it now, did you sweetheart? You're still the sweetest little girl in the world, I'm sure of it."

Alice, who had run to get supplies for the dress cleaning, stopped in her tracks. "Bella, put that baby into her playpen this instant. What if she throws up again?"

"Then I go down the aisle with baby puke on my dress. I really don't care, and Edward probably wouldn't either."

"Well I do, and since I'm a hormonal pregnant woman, you will listen to me and put the child down." Bella glared at her, but Alice just rushed over and covered her front with a towel. She said, "There, I win," and then went back to getting Rosalie cleaned up.

A few minutes later Charlie came into the room to collect the women because the ceremony was starting. Bella couldn't keep the smile off of her face. Pretty soon she was going to be Bella Cullen, and she couldn't wait. She took her place and then the wedding music began and the doors opened. Bella locked eyes with Edward, and she pretty much forgot about everything else around her.

The ceremony was a bit of a blur, and it felt like only minutes had passed when the Minister said "You may now kiss your bride" and he did. They were finally married. The small crowd of guests cheered as Edward and Bella walked down the aisle as a married couple.

On their way to their suite, they were congratulated several times by people on the casino floor as they passed. When they were finally alone, Edward kissed her again. "I've missed you all morning. You look beautiful, Mrs. Cullen."

Bella grinned. "Say that again please."

"I've missed you all morning," he joked, then kissed her lightly. "Mrs. Cullen," he whispered.

"I can't believe we finally-"

"I know," he cut her off. "It's amazing. You have no idea how much I love you."

"Of course I do, because you can't possibly love me more than I love you."

"That might be true, I'm very lovable," he joked. She just shook her head and smiled.

A short while later they headed to the reception where they were greeted with hugs and congratulations from their friends and family.

Bella got a quick hug from Emmett who was holding Michelle, and Bella scooped her up. "Our beautiful little flower girl did an excellent job this afternoon."

"She's a smart one, she takes after her father," Emmett joked. "Don't tell Rose I said that."

"You're terrible, you know that?"

"Yep, and now that you're officially part of the family, you're stuck with me."

She looked down at the baby. "If the trade-off is that I get to spoil this little creature excessively, then I guess I'll put up with you."

Edward approached them. "You'll get used to ignoring him, I promise. Two years is hardly enough time to practice," he joked.

"He's probably right about that," Emmett replied. "Want me to take her while you greet everyone?"

"May I hold her a little longer?"

"Sure, but if she pukes on your dress, I'm telling Alice it's your fault." They all laughed.

Edward ran his hand along the top of his baby cousin's head. "I think we need to get ourselves one of these."

"I don't think so. Stealing babies is frowned upon, and somewhat illegal."

"This is true."

"I guess we'll just have to do it the old-fashioned way and make one."

Edward grinned. "I think I can commit to that. Even if it means we need to work at it every day, I'll make that commitment."

"I'll hold you to that, Mr. Cullen."

"Good." He wrapped his arms around her from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder.

"Are you happy?" he asked. "Is this everything you've ever wanted?"

"You already know the answer to the first question, and yes, I wouldn't trade this moment for anything." She turned her head to the side and gave him a quick kiss. "It's perfect."

He smiled at her. "You're right about that."

One thing was for sure: She'd go through everything again if it meant ending up here.

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