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When I was ten years old I almost drowned on a family trip to the lake. I wasn't a good swimmer at the time and much to my father's disapproval I'd wandered away from the shallow shore. I'll always remember the cold terror as I thrashed and kicked towards the glistening broken sun reflecting on the water's surface. Everything had faded until the light I was fighting to reach blurred with the shadows around me and I lost consciousness. I didn't wake till two days later in the hospital but I was told Gabriel was the one to drag me out.

But when I came to a groggy consciousness in my hospital bed I thought maybe I'd been under too long, or maybe I was going blind? A nurse was leaning over me, checking my IV and I noticed a translucent haze around her. I squinted in confusion to focus on the subtle color changes between a rosy pink and a soft turquoise. When I glanced over to the slumped form of my mother by the window I blinked in confusion at the strong glow of ivory tinged in yellow twisting around her softly like tendrils of smoke.

I mentioned the weird images to my doctor who promptly took me in for tests and scans but nothing came up. After a while I acted as if it had simply disappeared when it became apparent it wasn't going away and that everyone thought I was crazy or had ptsd. It took me a couple of years to even figure out what was going on and what I was seeing. After hours and hours of google searching I came to the tentative conclusion that I was seeing auras.

But it was never exact, never precisely like it was explained on the sites. For one people's auras changed. There was the basic color base that always seemed to glow within the skin that usually didn't change unless the person had a life altering experience. I came to my own conclusion that this was the inner aura, the deeper representation of the person's permanent soul. Then there was a softer haze, these were parts of the person, sections of their personality and their semi permanent emotions. Then on the outer edge, often is sparks or flashes of light for just a glimpse would be current emotions and feelings.

A person was never just one or two colors. They were always a swirling mass of colors and energies. And colors could mean different things depending on what part of the aura it was in or who the person was. There were differences in the purity of the colors and the subtle shades. And of course some people's auras were brighter than others. There were differences in how bright, big, or the transparency of the aura. It would take me years to even begin to categorize and understand what it all meant.

I wasn't a very sociable person, when you can see a person's soul it tends to be a bit disconcerting to go into public crowded places. I liked my solitude; my family knew I'd changed after my near death experience. I was sent to several psychologists but I was deemed mentally stable and healthy, even so my parents tended to treat me as if I were a glass vase afterwards.

My mother's aura base would always remain a strong ivory. I eventually connected the color with calm, simplicity and a quiet pleasantness. The yellow I'd first seen in her semi permanent aura was the feeling of losing control and upheaval during my almost death. Most days there was the mixed swirling of a light dusty pink and faint turquoise. Both were feelings of love and tender nurturing, colors I saw often in mothers. My mother was one of few people that had such a simple aura; I found a new level of love for her simplicity and caring nature.

My father was the exact opposite of the spectrum, always changing, a swirling mass of colors, even his core aura would often change in subtle ways. Gabriel was the one person I would always remain close with, especially after the accident. I know that without being able to see his soul many people probably thought him extremely immature and annoying, yet my brother had one of the most vibrant and beautiful auras I'd ever seen. His core color was a deep glistening gold, the second layer a vibrant swirl of oranges, tans, browns and a surprising slash of purple. His aura was bright and cast a strong metallic shine that only the wisest and most inspired people tended to have. Just being in the presence of his aura was pleasant; it wasn't any question why people gravitated to him like a magnet despite his initial personality.

I had tried many times to catch a good glimpse of my own aura but I had only managed once by accident. My own was a deep royal blue with veins of silver and white and a bright metallic sheen. I was relieved to see no cast of muddy grey or black. Colors I always knew to watch for and stay away from.

And so for the next seven years I shunned myself away from people. I avoided crowds like the plague and basked in my own solitude. Gabriel went to public school but do to my antisocial nature my parents allowed me to home school. But the day came that Gabriel packed up his bags for his first year of college at a local university and my parents seemed to come to the conclusion that I needed to attend public school my senior year to prepare myself for my future. I was terrified.

And that's where I found myself in August of that year, standing petrified on a set of stone steps leading up to Lawrence High School. The bell had rang probably ten minutes before yet I couldn't force myself to walk through the crowded hallways packed with students. I trudged through the front doors and to the main office. The office lady seemed pleasant enough, she was glowing a happy pink, probably in a new relationship or a newlywed. She gave me my schedule and I thanked her, I noticed the spark of lemon yellow in her outer field. I had surprised her.

I eventually found my way to my first period which was Brit Lit. I pushed open the door and was immediately barked at by a heavy cockney accent.

"Bloody late on the first day of school, who are you?"

I would have felt immensely intimidated if not for his ruby red and purple aura, a mix that despite his rough exterior would mean I would like him immensely.

"I'm Castiel Novak sir, sorry I'm late, I'm a new transfer student."

"Well I'm Mr. Crowley, take a seat."

As I sat I inspected my teacher's aura further. His specific shade of red would mean he was grounded and had a strong willpower, I liked his hue of purple, it would mean he was wise and would probably be an intuitive and creative teacher.

The class began well; Mr. Crowley read off the syllabus and began handing out books. But halfway through the class I couldn't help but blush and scrunch down in my seat. At least half the class was having flashes of deep wine red in their auras. Wine red wasn't a color I often saw, not with my antisocialism, but I knew it well, half the class was aroused at the moment, or at least having thoughts of sex. Oh God I wasn't going to make it through public school.

The bell rang and I quickly dashed out of the class for my Comp 1 class before I heard a girl's voice yell behind me in the hall.

"Hey Castiel wait up!"

I stopped in surprise and turned to see a small pretty blonde girl I hadn't noticed from Brit Lit bouncing towards me with a smile. She had a vibrant orange, pink and violet aura with a cast of happy yellow at the moment.

"I'm Jo Harvelle, I wanted to introduce myself!"

"Oh, hi Jo, it's nice to meet you."

Jo pulled me over to the side of the hallway so we didn't get trampled by the throng of students.

"What class are you headed to?"

I consulted my schedule to double check myself."Comp 1 with Miss Davis." I noticed a blooming glow of yellow, Jo was made happy easily.

"That's where I'm headed, why don't I show you the way, it's over in the second vocational building where all the duel enrollment classes are."

I followed Jo quietly while she chattered away happily and explained where different classes were, teachers, students, and the general ins and outs of the school.

"You'll have to meet all my friends, we're quite the bunch, there's Ash, Chuck, Balthazar, and Dean."

"So you're the only girl in the group?"

"Yeah, well Charlie sometimes hangs out with us but she gets sick of the guys hitting on her since she bats for the other team."
"Why do they hit on her it they know she's a lesbian?"

"Because they're guys, I dunno, guys like lesbians."

I chuckled as Jo opened the door to the vocational building as the minute bell rang."That is true, watch any popular movie or tv show and that's evidence enough."

Jo cast me an approving smile."I like you Castiel."

We walked into a classroom on the far end of the hall. Jo sat us in the back behind a couple of empty desks. Then at that moment a guy walked through the door. Let me start off. Even objectively, just speaking as any guy observing another male he was attractive. He had short, spiky, dirty blonde hair, a pair of broad shoulders, a well muscled yet thin frame, long legs, a killer crooked smile, and the most gorgeous pair of green eyes under a set of well defined eyebrows and a thick set of lashes.

I took that in within a blink and didn't register any of it…because Holy Smokes…

I had no clue who he was and he had the most beautiful aura I'd ever seen in my life. It was by far the brightest I'd ever seen, it practically lit up the entire room. But not even taking in the blinding light his colors, it was almost like looking at one of those famous LIFE photographs of Earth. There was a swirling of emeralds, jaspers, sapphires, aquamarines, rich chocolate browns, and liquid molten amber in a shade I'd never seen before. I'd never seen such rich shades; every color glistened like their actual jewels. His entire aura shined with a dusting of gold and silver and the clear diamond like sheen that Gabriel's aura contained.

Most of the time, after I had initially taken someone's aura in I could block it out, ignore it and it disappeared into the background like white noise. But with him, I could hardly blink; I'd never seen anything so beautiful in my entire life. I felt a combined mixture of shock and horror as the boy smiled in my general direction and plopped down in the desk in front of Jo.

"Heya Josephine."

Jo's aura sparked with annoyance."Dean Michael Winchester! How many fuckin times have I told you!"

So this was Dean, Dean Winchester had the aura of an angel.

Dean's aura flared with a happy affection while he patted Jo on the head. She rolled her eyes and turned to me.

"Dean this is Castiel Novak, he's a newbie, been homeschooled his entire life. Castiel this is Dean Winchester, asshole extraordinaire."

Dean gave me a cocky grin yet I noticed with uncertain worry as a small swirl of dark muddy blue dashed along the edge of his aura with a mix of dirty grey.

"Nice to meet you Castiel, sorry to say you met Josephine here first, she's a right demon when she wants to be."

Jo cast Dean a scathing glare yet her aura flared with pink. I could tell by the shades in both of their auras that the two shared a bond of sibling love.

My day continued until lunch where Jo accosted me in line to come and sit with her and her group. As I sat at the lunch table I quickly evaluated the group of teenagers while Jo introduced them.

"Guys this is Castiel Novak, Castiel, this is Chuck."

Chuck had a nervous yellow color to him but he did boast a strong vein of lavender. He was very creative, probably an artist or author.

"This dick here is Balthazar."Balthazar idly flipped her off while taking a sip of Coke.

Balthazar boasted a candied red which I gathered meant a healthy ego and eccentric personality; although he did have a swirling of amber, so egocentric yet loyal.

"And this is Ash."

Ash was a blend of indigo, soft blue, and an orange yellow. So Ash was smart, creative, perceptive, intuitive and truthful. I liked this bunch. Of course those of integrity and strong or preferable auras did usually tend to find one another and stick in groups.

"Nice to meet you guys."

Ash grinned lazily."Welcome to the land of crazy, where rational thought and common sense have no meaning."

At that moment Dean dropped his tray onto the table beside Jo as he flopped into his seat with that sort of lifeless flop you can only get out of teenagers.

"Where nothing is as it seems and no one can be trusted, full of intrigue and betrayal, love and passion, we should make a romcom Ash!"

Ash gave a lazy smile, clearly approving of the idea. Jo elbowed me in the spleen.

"So Castiel, what do you do?" My bight of canned metallic peaches suddenly stuck in my throat as if I'd taken a swallow of peanut butter or maybe my mom's meatloaf.


Dean poked his head around Jo with a cocky smirk and a flair of happy yellow amusement in his outer field.

"Jo likes to stick us suckers into categories of personality and hobbies, she's kind of a control freak, she also loves a good game of 20 questions, or ya know…200 questions."

Jo pinched his bicep and turned her full attention on me.

"What kind of stuff do you like?"

I shrugged self consciously, still trying to dislodge the lump of superglue that had materialized in my larynx.

"Normal stuff I guess, I read, I like movies and tv. Not really a sport person."

"What kind of tv? Oooh let me guess! Ummmm really smart and logical stuff like the Wire and lawyer shows n' stuff."

The superglue ball finally dislodged and I gave a tentative if not an amused smile.

"Not really, I'm more of a sci-fi and fantasy kind of guy."

Her brow quirked."Sci-fi,…like, Smallville and Walking Dead sort of stuff, Dean here loves zombies."

"Well yeah I love both those shows but I mean more like, Star Trek, Firefly, Doctor Who, Stargate kind of stuff."

Jo gave me a vaguely blank look."Star Trek, that's the one with the pointy eye brow dude right and like, Beam me up Scotty?"

I tried not to spasm in pain before Dean let out a barking laugh and shot an exasperated laugh my way.

"You'll have to forgive her dude; this chick doesn't even get Harry Potter references let alone stuff broadcasted before she was born."

Jo sniffed indignantly."I like cartoons, ya know like Phineas and Ferb n' stuff."

"Phineas and Ferb is sci-fi, that works for me."

I tried to not let my insides turn into tapioca pudding when the corners of Dean's eyes crinkled as he laughed at Jo and she continued to elbow him.

Dean finally thwarted Jo's attempts of maiming and turned to me."So dude, what's your superpower?"


Chuck piped up from the conversation he'd been in with Balthazar and Ash.

"Jo thinks everyone has a superpower."

Ash gave what I was starting to assume was his signature lazy devil may care grin.

"I'm the computer whisperer, I can romance any hot babe, I speak the language of 1's and 0's."

Chuck twirled his hand to simulate a shallow bow. "I am a prophet, I can write the future."

Balthazar seemed to refuse to stoop to our level for a moment before he rolled his eyes and sighed."I telepath and teleport…into other dimensions…if ya know what I mean." He punctuated the last statement with a vicarious waggle of his eyebrows.

Jo rolled her eyes." I am a real life cupid; I can match up anyone, anytime, anyplace, anywhere."

There was a pause for a moment before Dean growled and I noticed a raspberry swirl of embarrassment around him.

"Jo says I put off superhuman pheromones that means I can make anyone sleep with me or fall in love with me or..somethin, I dunno." He shrugged awkwardly.

Jo turned expectantly to me as everyone waited for me to supply my own superpower. I opened my mouth and what tumbled out made me cringe.

"I can read people."

"What like their minds?"

I chewed on my bottom lip thoughtfully."No, more like their auras, I can get a feel for people's personalities and traits, there sort of core being."

Jo narrowed her eyes playfully at me."Prove it."

I took an inaudible deep breath and turned to stare at Chuck, he squirmed under my gaze uncomfortably.

"You're really nervous, in general, of everything, but creative, near ingenious." I squinted at smoky tendrils of twisting color.

"I'd say you lack integrity in the smaller things but not for important things, you have a lot of humility and a spark of courage."

Chuck gazed at me silently and wide eyed as I turned my gaze on Balthazar, he returned my gaze coolly and disinterested but I could see a mustard yellow discomfort in him.

"You're very egocentric; you're smart, self absorbed and extremely loyal even though you don't want anyone to know it."

I could see a spark of surprise in his eyes and in his outer field.

I cocked my head at Ash.

"You are crazy smart but not with just technical things, you're intuitive and perceptive, you take in everything around you. And you're very truthful, way more than most people; you're also loyal though maybe more freely than Balthazar."

Jo giggled as I turned my gaze on her.

"You exude energy, not just physically but you have a very strong mind, soul, and personality. You're very vibrant and brave, you're protective and loving, mostly that has a very strong motherly like care to it. You care a lot and you protect what you love."

I sat for a moment before Dean propped his chin onto the table with a cheeky grin.

"What about me Cas?"

I swallowed thickly as I turned my gaze on him.

"You Dean Winchester are very hard to read. You love, deeply, very deep and you're a healer. You're compassionate and you have clarity, clairvoyant even. You're intuitive and nurturing enlightened and…"

I hesitated for a moment.

"Divine even, you're loyal beyond anyone else, the point of loyalness to a fault and you're head strong and…I could go on but that's good I guess."

I rubbed the back of my neck awkwardly and blushed.

Ash gave a low whistle and a knowing eye.

"Dayummm, you weren't joking man, like…at all. Do you see like, actual auras?"

I bit my lip and gave a slightly affirmative shrug.

Jo gave an indignant squawk."How come Dean got a waaaay longer synopsis of his inner gooiness or whatever?"

Dean brushed invisible lint off his shoulder with a self righteous smirk but I could see his spark of curiosity.

"Everyone has…different, auras I guess you could say, they're just like a fingerprint. Some people's are bigger or brighter or more complex, it just all depends on the individual and even what they're feeling at the moment."

Lime green panic zapped through Dean's glow like a lightning bolt. I cast him a surreptitious, worried glance.

"I mean it's not as if you can see every single passing thought and emotion, just stronger vibes and I guess you'd say moods."

A cool wash of periwinkle relief.

Jo crossed her arms to stare me down.

"Still doesn't s'xplain why Dean got the whole book of his glowiness."

I squirmed and tried to give my most charming smile.

"Dean has a complex aura."

Jo still looked discontent but the bell rang for 4th period and with great relief I made my escape to World Literature as Dean cast me an unreadable look and his aura remained pristine and shining, giving away nothing.

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