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6 Years after the Release of the Winchester Seraph

(Cas and Dean are 35)

Cas's P. O. V

I stepped through the glass doors of the main entrance to Winchester Inc. All of the first models to roll off the line were parked on various raised platforms throughout the large glass room. I grinned as I brushed past the 1st Cerulean blue Winchester Seraph and trailed by the main desk.

"Hey Trish"

The young wide eyed temp was swirling a mix of fuchsia, navy, and peach.

"Hello Mister Winchester."

"Trish how many times have I told you to call me Cas."

She flickered a nervous green as she gave me a weak smile.

"Alright Cas"

I smiled and continued on to the the 5th floor. When I stepped off the elevator I was greeted with the sight of Jo walking by looking like an 80's mullet rocker. I stopped and blinked several times as Ash came trailing after her wearing a shredded band t-shirt, jeans and a sideways bandanna tied over his mullet. Jo finally caught sight of me and laughed.

"You got back early Cas!"

I tucked my hands into my pockets and moseyed over to the strange duo.

"Yeah the convention was over earlier than I was expecting and I decided not to stay the night so I hopped on the next flight …what's with the mullet rock getup?"

"Oh, we're playing with some ideas for a new ad, wanted to show Dean in person and see what he thought."

I snorted.

"You put Ash in an ACDC shirt; you realize that's an automatic yes."

She gave a mischievous grin and I suddenly noticed a swirl of deep magenta sliding along her waist.

"Who's the boyfriend?"

Ash's answering grin made me raise my eyebrows.

"Hey congrats man, you've only been after her since what…middle school?"

Anyone else would have slugged me but he just gave a good natured smile while Jo started shooing me back towards the elevator.

"Now get your ass upstairs and give your man a good hello. You've been gone a week, I've never seen anyone pine like that in my life."

I called over my shoulder with a laugh.

"You didn't see Gabe when Sam went to Germany for a couple weeks!"

It was Ash that yelled back, startling several workers in cubicles down the hall.

"It's still fuckin' weird that your brother hooked up with Dean's brother!"

I couldn't lie, it had been weird, really, really weird. Gabe had always taken the roll as older brother to Sam back when we were all in high school. Gabe was five years older than him after all. But Sam hit his freshman year of college and it was like someone had shot Gabe with cupid's arrow, Jesus he's been the whiniest human being on the planet.

I had found a ring in Gabe's sock drawer a week before I'd left for Vancouver for the health convention, no one needed to know that bit of information yet.

I rode the elevator to the sixth floor which was usually quieter than the other floors, being the head of department's office spaces. But today I could hear music drifting down the hall. I passed Sam's glass office and he glanced up to me with a broad smile.

"Thank God you're here early; he's been hiding in his office blasting music for three days."

I leaned against the doorframe and grinned.

"How'd court go Thursday?"

Sam snorted and brushed hair out of his eyes; Jesus what I would do to take a pair of good sheers to that guy. His suit jacket lay discarded across the back of his chair and his shirtsleeves were rolled up past the elbow, revealing fading pink scars crisscrossing along the skin. It was only in rare moments he usually revealed his scars.

"It was almost painful how incompetent they were."

"You always say that."

He gave a good natured shrug as I dropped away from the doorway to wander down the hall laughing as Dean's music echoed down the corridor.

"Lost all the treasure in an overseas war…"

I stopped in the doorway, Rolling Stones blaring from Dean's sound system, controlled by his slightly creepy Tron esque computer/desk, and grinned. He was wearing the pale blue and white striped button up and red suspenders getup I loved so much. He drew the line at pulling the whole corporate slicked down hair though; it was as wildly spiked as ever. He was leaned back in his rolly office chair, legs propped up on his desk and bouncing a ball off the ceiling like a satirical reenactment of Steve McQueen in The Great Escape. An intertwined swirling of cerulean and copper was circling around his neck to blend into a smoky patch of darker royal blue. Flecks of amber and glistening gold twinkled in and out of sight like stars in a midnight sky

I'd dropped by the house to take a quick shower and change into a comfortable pair of black jeans faded to gray and an ancient University of Kansas t-shirt and Dean's leather jacket. I leaned against the doorframe, crossed my arms and grinned. I swear nothing got done when I was gone.

"Yah know between Jack Harkness and you I think I have a definite kink for suspenders."

His head flew up and the room was filled with both his blinding smile and a crackling lemon yellow. I kicked off from the doorframe and stooped over his sprawled out form to draw him into a deep kiss. He knotted his fingers through the back of my hair and hummed out happily.

"Thought you wouldn't be home till tomorrow."

He slid his legs from the desk so that I could sit sideways in his lap while I wrapped an arm around his neck and he beamed at me.

"The convention was over early, besides I'd rather see you than sleep alone in some hotel."

He grinned before dragging me down to curl his tongue between my lips and slide it languidly against mine. I finally managed to disengage our lips and pull back for air. A shiny magazine cover lying on his desk caught my eye and I picked it up with raised eyebrows.

"Men's Vogue, really, when did this happen?"

The front page cover was a random photo from a photo shoot we'd gone through with Jo a couple months back. Dean and I were pressed back to back, heads cocked towards the camera. Dean had his thumbs threaded through his belt loops and his hips jutted out, cocky grin on his face. I had a suit jacket thrown over one shoulder and my opposite hand shoved in my black suit pants' pocket.

Dean scowled at the magazine cover for a moment.

"Jo happened"

I laughed and kissed his jaw.

"It's ok, you look sexy."

He pouted.

"But Vogue?!"

I ran a hand up the back of his neck to scratch lightly along his scalp. His shoulder loosened slightly and the irritated flashes of green subsided to a soft haze.

"How did the new advertisements turn out?"

Dean leaned forward to swipe his hand across his desk. The glass lit up with a faint blue light as he began flicking through folders and emails. I leaned forward as he brought the images up. They were a combination of Chuck's brilliant artwork and Jo's eye for sex appeal.

Some of the ads looked like comic book covers, Dean and my face staring back from kick ass poses, wielding guns and knives. My favorite though, was one of Jo's for the new 2030 Seraph. I hmmed with a grin and enlarged the image.

"I like this one."

He buried his face against my shoulder blades and groaned.

"We are never doing a photo shoot with Jo again; I don't care what she threatens."

"But I really like those jeans."

His face didn't emerge from my back so I carded a hand through his spiked hair and wriggled a little on his lap. I could practically hear him smile against the leather jacket as his hands slid beneath my t-shirt to rake his warm hands up my stomach. I extended my neck to the side as he bit and sucked from behind my ear to the fabric of the jacket collar.

I rolled my hips against him slowly in a sensual arching slide to the ACDC song reverberating through the room. He moaned into my neck and his warm hands slid farther up to rub across my nipples before sliding them back down my stomach, and to the crotch of my jeans where he gripped my thighs just below my balls.

I arched into his embrace so that my back pressed against his front and moaned breathy words against the shell of his ear.

"You should really fuck me against your Sci-Fi desk."

He chuckled and pulled his leather jacket off of me before throwing it carelessly over his shoulder. I pulled my college t over my head before it joined the jacket. His amulet caught on the neck of the shirt and bounced against my chest. His teeth raked along my shoulder blade as he moaned a gust of hot wet breath along my skin.

"God your wings"
I rested my chin against my shoulder as I gazed back at him with heavy lidded eyes while he licked along the inked black skin.

Silken smooth wisps of wine red were curling down his shoulders and arms, wrapping along his torso and caressing his skin.

I brushed his suspenders off his shoulders and quickly unbuttoned and untucked his shirt from his black trousers. Once the shirt hit the floor I slotted my hand against the red mark on his shoulder and that pleased shade of Violet appeared that always did whenever I did the action.

Our mouths met at a more frantic pace now as our tongues moved sloppily together and he worked to unbutton my jeans. We finally broke apart as he muttered an irritated "fuck" and finally popped the button and shoved my jeans to my ankles. I kicked them off, along with my chucks and socks.

My erection was straining against the confines of my black briefs as Dean pulled us up from his office chair. In one quick movement I had his pants unclasped and around his ankles, revealing his own navy blue boxers. I grinned at his pout before he whirled me around and yanked my briefs to the floor.

My Dick sprang free into the cool office air before Dean rutted his hips against my ass. His boxers hit the floor before he was kicking our random articles of clothing out of our way and behind the chair. I moaned as his cock drug against the cleft of my ass, leaving a sticky trail behind. He moaned against the nape of my neck.

"Get the lube out of the box."

Some famous high to do European someone had sent Dean an antique box owned by a renowned SS officer within Hitler's highest circle. He apparently used it to stash lube in.

"Since when do you keep lube in the office?"

He playfully jerked his hips against me so that I would lean over the desk to retrieve the Nazi box.

"Since some weirdo gave me a murder's letter box."

I chuckled as he grabbed the lube from my hand and swiftly uncapped it. But I could only moan appreciatively as his slicked fingers slid inside of me. The excessive amount of lube dribbled between my thighs as he worked his fingers deeper before he found my sweet spot.

He was wetly mouthing against my neck as his fingers quickened before I moaned out.

"God Dean Fuck Me!"

His hands parted my ass before his cock was sliding inside me with one swift and brutal movement. I groaned and fell forward on my elbows onto the desk. The amulet clacked against the desk, and my heated skin activated the touch screen and an ear shatteringly loud guitar rift careened through the office just as Dean drug his hips back before plunging inside of me again.

I moaned, though the noise was lost in the deafening room, as my leaking cock drug across the desk top, leaving a wet smeared trail along the glass. We began a brutal pace of thrusting, the blue screen jumping between images every time my hips and cock slammed against the desk. Music would change from song to song every couple of seconds to the rhythm of our rocking hips.

I could feel the vibrations of Dean's groans along my spine, though I could barely hear his lust graveled voice against my ear. I moaned with every pistoned thrust, dragging across my prostate and my inner walls. Burning pleasure seared across my nerves and white pinpricked dots lit up behind my eyelids.

The music jumped from Blue Oyster Cult to John Meloncamp, Metallica to Whitesnake and Poison to Styx.

Dean's death grip on my hips tightened to an almost painful hold as his hips stuttered and I could feel him shudder against me. His thrusting slowed to a shallow rocking that drug my leaking Cock harshly against the glass at the same moment as he bit the juncture between my jaw and ear.

I groaned as the wave of pleasure crashed through every cell and pearly white come spilled across the glass top, illuminated by the computer's blue glow. We stood panting for a minute, bent double across the desk, before I finally slapped my hand across the screen till the deafening music subsided to a quiet thrum in the background.

Dean wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck and shoulder, humming against my skin.

"I'm glad your home."

I smiled and arched my neck around to kiss him gently, sliding my tongue along his bottom lip and softly pulling at the skin with my teeth.

"I am too."

/Two Months Later/

Dean and I sat on the couch, nestled comfortably against one another. The Christmas tree twinkled softly in the evening light while Bing Crosby played on Dean's record player. My parents sat on the opposite couch drinking eggnog and shaking their heads, fond smiles on their faces.

Though their hair was more gray then dark nowadays, and the crows feet in the corner of their eyes was quite noticeable they seemed the happiest I had ever seen them. They glowed a pure rose pink and light shades of glistening gold.

Bobby sat in "his" armchair by the fire, nursing a mug of mulled wine and not grumbling for a change, but that was partially due to his drowsiness induced from too much eggnog and wine.

Sam and Gabe were practically crawling on top of one another, proudly flashing their twin silver rings about the room. Gabe had proposed the night before and the both of them were secreting a disturbing amount of pinks and wine reds for decent company.

John was sprawled comfortably on the piano bench watching the current proceedings with an amused smile tugging at his lips. His hair was completely silver now, though still thick and parted on the side. Seeing John's aura often made me sad. It was a reminder of his sorrows and pains and of the horrors tucked away in all of our pasts. But past the darkened patches and the loneliness that made me ache was a newfound contented happiness.

Ellen had just swooped through the doorway connecting the living room and kitchen baring a tray of spice cookies, Jo and Ash trailing behind her wearing matching goofy smiles and suspicious shades of red I was pointedly ignoring.

Chuck was tucked away in the corner furiously sketching the scene playing out at the moment. He was a swirling mass of blues and purples, in one of his tizzied creative moods, on Christmas Eve no less.

Balthazar was supposed to be dropping in, though for once he had an excuse for being late. His flight from New York had been delayed due to weather and he was a couple hours behind.

Dean cleared his throat and raised his glass of beer; he hated both wine and eggnog.

"Well now that we've all gathered around, Cas and I have an announcement to make."

Expectant and curious eyes turned on us and Dean nudged my arm with a grin.

"Dean and I are adopting."

The room broke out in an explosion of both color and sound, excited yammering and incessant shades of excited oranges and yellows.

Outside in the clear night, heavy snowfall was drifting by in view of our window. Later that night, Chuck gave me the charcoal sketch he had been working on and damn, it was one to frame. I could see the entire evening played out in his carefully placed lines.

Life wasn't completely perfect. We all had our scars, some more apparent than others. Sam still usually wore long sleeves in the summer, and I had never seen him without a shirt in the years gone by. The most comfortable I ever saw him was grinning goofily with an arm thrown around Gabe's shoulders. My brother both understood and accepted the scars, better than anyone else ever could.

When you looked closely you could see the pale pink scar tracing at Dean's temple, and the faint red line stretching across my throat. But our scars spanned more than just skin. They covered the sometimes sleepless nights, when Dean would wake up sweating and startled or when I couldn't sleep from memories of that middle school basement and of all the blood, most of all on my hands.

And as I looked at the Inscription on Chuck's drawing I could only laugh.

It read, It's a Wonderful Life.

And it was, made even more so by our history, by our downfalls and the horrors. And our family and friends, we were made closer by this, banded together through blood, sweat, and tears.

But as Dean kissed me in the twinkling light of the Christmas tree, in front of the snowing scene depicted in the window and whispered I love you I knew no matter what, I wouldn't change anything. I wouldn't go back seventeen years to the days of uncertainties, peril, terror, and grief to change the outcome for my life.

Because my story started with a little boy drowning, made able to see a world of color no other could see. But then he met a boy with the brightest and most beautiful aura he had ever seen, and how could he begin to understand or comprehend the complexities of what builds such a beautiful soul?

He never did fully comprehend, but he loved the boy with the beautiful soul with everything in him, and that's what the story is really about after all.

The End