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Chapter 3: The Hidden Leaf Village

Shota opened his eyes to bright sunlight and had to tak a moment to let his eyes adjust to what he was seeing. He was slaying on a bed in what appeared to be a hospital if the smell of alchol and disinfectant was anything to go by. He was bandaged in various placed and he had his arm in a cast, he sighed the loss most have dulled the pain of breaking his arm, because he could not remember breaking it at all. He was in the room alone, so either his sister was okay or she was in another room, he wondered how he could get a hold of a nurse or doctor when the door opened and an elderly man walked in followed by the masked man.

"Hello Shota, I never thought you would be here in my village again," he said.

"How do you know my name and who are you both?"

"I know your name because we found your papers and I was you look just like your father it's hard not to see who you are. As for who I am, I am Hiruzen Sarutobi the 3rd Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves also known as Konohagakure not Sato, and this is ANBU Inu and the man who caught you as you fell."

"For that thank-you, and since you found my papers you know why I am here."

"I would assume it would be to find your parents, I have sent people out but those two are hard to find if they do not want to be found, I sent copies of the papers with a special seal of my own design, the teams have been told to search for 4 months each before returning."

"Thank-you, where is Miyoko?" he asked.

"Ahh your sister, she is resting the blade the cut into her was poisoned and she had to be treated quickly on top of that she had three broken ribs, a fractured clavicle, and a concussion, she was still unconscious last I checked."

"We can I get out of here, I really don't like hospitals," he said with a chuckle.

Both men laughed and the one called Inu said, "You can leave now we have some genin getting the Senju compound ready for you."
Shota nodded then asked, "When will Miyoko be released?"

"Not until all the poison is out of her system, I have some of my best people treating her, they are not your mother but they have most of the poison, and say that she is stable."

"Inoichi one of the men who saved her said that she was convulsing by the time they got her to the gate, and then passed out by the time they got to the hospital, when I asked they said it would be about a week before all the poison is gone from her system."

Shota nodded and got up, they handed him his cloths once dressed he followed the two men out of the hospital. The village was beautiful to say the least, it made the first time you saw Hogwarts look like an ordinary garden. The homes were beautifully crafted and made of fine wood, and overlooking the city was a cliff with faces carved into the side. They walked for about 20 minutes, both men pointed various people and shops out to him, he greeted people with a wave or a tilt of the head.

"Here we are, the Senju compound," said the hokage opening the gate.

The compound was beautiful, there were several house lining the path up to the main house which was at the back of the compound but at a center focal point. The house were all made of wood with iron fittings for supports, but it was clear the leaf village kept close to nature. Six houses lined ether side of the street and the closer to the gates you got the smaller house, at the gate was 1 bedroom houses and they went up to 3 bedroom houses. He smiled it was nice and he could easily start a family, he always wanted large family and give them all the love and attention he was denied so long ago.

"The main house a five bedrooms and 2 baths, a private one for the master bedroom, and the other for the other members of the family. Also, the kitchen has been restocked, and the entire house has been cleaned," said the hokage as he turned to face his companions.

Two hours past before the hokage and Inu left leaving Shota in peace. It was not like he disliked their company it was just that he wanted to look around the village and gain his own opinion on the place, so far he had only seen the hospital and the residential area. The hokage said that he and his sister would be tested for their ninja level, the hokage was not sure about their training and he couldn't blame him, those guys had been chunin and they had been unable to handle them, but something about them seemed off, men that strong could not be anything less than Junín not to mention there was something uneasy about their jutsu. It wasn't that the chakra was different, no it was something else something darker, something that worried him greatly. He left the compound and walked towards the business district, the smells form the resteraunts, and the hustle bustle of daily life made him smile, the people were happy and smiling.

'Well not all of them,' he thought sadly as he watched a little blonde boy playing alone on the swing.

He watched as a child approached only to be snatched away and the parents to glare at him, with pure hate, which caused Shota to look shocked. Even the Dursley's had never looked at him like that, sure they had hated him, but they never looked at with murder, they may have been terrible people but they would never kill a child even him. The young boy had blonde hair, whisker mark on both cheeks, which cause Harry raise a brow at, and was wearing an light green shit with the leaf symbol and dark green shorts, and sandals, he also had goggles on his head which made Harry chuckle. He started to approach when an anbu landed in front of him.

"The lord Hokage wishes to see you."

Shota nodded and with a final look at the boy he left with the anbu.


Miyoko never liked hospitals, her dislike for them was nothing compared to her brothers, but she wasn't far behind. The place smelled of alcohol and death, she was a medic so being in the hospital was part of the job, she just didn't like being the patient. This hospital was different though, it smelled pleasant, it smelled of nature yet clean, it smelled fresh and it comforted her. She was trying to get comfortable when the door opened and a man with long blond hair walked in followed by a man with what looked like hair in the shape of a pineapple and medical ninja.

"Hello Miss Senju I see you are awake," said the medic.

She looked at him but turned to the other men and asked, "Who are you, he is a medic, but you two are not, so who are you?"

"I am Shikaku Nara and this is my friend Inoichi Yamanaka, we are ninja of the hidden leaf and two of the three who brought you in seeing, as you already beat the man before we could assist."

She nodded and to the medic she asked, "what's your name, and when do I get out?"

The medic chuckled and said, "I'm Taichi Imaki and you were poisoned, luckily we got most of it out before it could become fatal, so once it is all out of your system will we release you?"

"Time frame?"

The Taichi sighed and said, "A week maybe two, as soon as the scan comes back negative of poison then and only then will we release you."

She nodded at him and after looking her over, checking her vitals and reflexes he said, "we have seen no side effects from the poison as of yet, but we believe that before it is all gone you will start to suffer from fever, and possibly hallucinations, this will mainly be because of when it goes to purge the last of the poison out of your system."

After a few more minutes Taichi left leaving Shikaku, Inoichi, and Miyoko alone and in silence.

Shikaku cleared his throat, "The hokage wanted us to inform you that once you get out of here you will be tested and placed among the ranks."

"He is meeting with your brother to learn where your specialties lay, and if you have any funds that need to be place in the bank."

She giggled at the idea of someone finding out how much money they had brought with them, she looked at the men who were giving a strange look and asked, "what?"

"You started giggling are you ok?" asked Inoichi.

"Oh yes, do you think we can talk later I'm feeling tired."

They looked at each other clearly not believing her, but nodded and left. Once they were gone, though she could sense them outside she sighed and thought, 'this is so stupid, if the lethal dose is gone I should just go to where ever me and my brother are to live, instead I am stuck here.'
She knew it was for her own good, but she hated laying around hopefully she would get out soon and if she didn't someone was going to get hurt. She settled onto her bed and with a sigh closed her eyes and fell asleep with a slight frown at being in the hospital.

Shikaku and Inoichi

"What do you think of her?" asked Shikaku.

Inoichi sighed and said, "she has a lot of strength, but something tells the village is about to be turned on its ear and a lot of people are finally going to get theirs."

Shikaku nodded, he just hoped that the changes to come were good, and maybe there would be happiness for everyone. He looked over at Inoichi, the man was covered in hidden sadness, he lost his wife when 2 years ago and was raising his daughter alone. Ino was a good girl but she was a handful that was for sure.


Shota was annoyed he thought he was to meet with the hokage, instead he was taken to a man Danzo. The bastard was using a visual jutsu the entire time, of course he put a ward around himself plus his oclumency shields around his mind. The old buzzard had been quite shocked when he had listened to him and at the end told him to go to hell and walked out.

'He will probably try to make things hard on me and Miyoko now,' he thought.

It would not do any good, he would get rid of the man if he suspected anything of course he would also read his mind just to be safe, but the things he got on the surface were not pleasant, the man wanted to take over the leaf and get rid of the third, he also wanted to use the little blonde boy as a weapon. The boy was a mystery his name unknown still, Danzo kept calling him the demon in his mind, he didn't delve deep for fear the man would notice.

"Lord Senju why are here?" asked Inu.

"Anbu came and told me the hokage wanted to see me, it was actually Danzo, he wanted me and my sister to join him and his organization called ROOT, I said no and I don't think he took it well."

Inu was silent and after a moment he said, "the man is dangerous, would you like to join me for ramen."

The abrupt change made him pause before he said, "sure they have pork ramen right?"

Inu laughed and nodded, they made their way down to a stand in what looked like a street dedicated to Shinobi and their needs.

"Teuchi and Ayame are facorites among the Shinobi they also are one of the few civilians who actually like to be around us," said Inu.

When they sat down a man in an apron who Shota assumed was Teuchi turned and asked, "What can I get you?"

"Medium bowl of beef ramen," said Inu.

"Medium bowl for me as well but make it pork not beef," said Shota.

"Are you new around here?" asked a girl with brown hair and eyes which held a curious glint in them.

Smiling Shota said, "Yes, and so far I like everything I have seen."

This was not exactly true but when she smiled he was happy that he had said it, but he had to know about the boy. He was about to turn to ask Inu when Teuchi smiled and said, "well hello Naruto come to get something to eat?"

The little boy nodded and started to climb up on the stool but was having some trouble, Shota smiled and assisted him up which caused the boy to look shocked. He gave the boy a smile and was happy to see the boy return with one as well.

"So your name is Naruto?"

The boy nodded and with a loud voice said, "I'm Naruto Uzamaki and I'm going to be hokage and then everyone will have to respect me."

Shota smiled and when the child looked away he frowned, the boy was hiding his pain through a well put up mask, only someone who new where to look could see it. When he and Inu left they were silent almost all the way back to the Senju compound.

"Why do they look at him with so much hatred?' he asked.

"To answer that question only the hokage can answer, I'm sorry I wish I could say he needs all the allies he can get."

"He is in pain why don't his parents help him?" he asked fearing that they were the problem.

"He is an orphan they died 4 years ago on the night of his birth."

Shota looked at the masked anbu, there was a pain in his voice that came only from someone who felt the pain of loss so he asked, "were you close?"

"His father was my teacher and like a brother, his mother was my dominating older sistershe took charge and was never afraid to speak her mind. She also claimed she would be the first female hokage and I think she would have made a good one, they were both great people and they did not deserve the fate given to them."

They said no more and at the gate of the compound they parted ways, leaving Shota alone in his thoughts. Thoughts revolving around Miyoko, his parents, and Naruto, somehow the little boy had wormed his way into his thoughts and they had only spoken once, but the little boy was a child that needed and craved love and needed help. The leaf village was about to be set upon by the adopted son and grandson of the legendary marauders and he would make them wish they had never so much as glared in Naruto's direction, he had no idea why he was being protective, maybe being abused most of his life was a reason, but he didn't want another child to suffer as he had as long as he could help it.