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Chapter 4: Placement

Shota had not slept all night, he worried about Naruto, Inu had told him a lot. How the village treated the boy, how he was always sent away before Narutos birthday so that he would be alone and the villagers would attack him. Apparently the night he was born the nine-tailed Kyuubi attacked the village and many died, he also knew that Naruto was its container and that he was a jinchurriki, but not the demon himself, more like a jailor. Inu clearly cared for the boy and often spoke of another young ninja who also sent away on missions out of the village, a young man named Iruka Umino, (I know that he didn't befriend Naruto until the kid was six originally but I making it sooner in this one). He was on his way to the stadium where Iruka was to help judge though Inu mentioned that idea had not thrilled the 18-year-old, the stadium was circular and the was at least 2 stories between the crowd and the fighters, he also learned that it was only used during the chunnin exam and only if the leaf was hosting it.

"Finally your here, good to see you" said a young man with spiked silver hair, and his forehead protector covering one eye wearing a junin uniform.

He smiled and said, "You to Inu."

Inu gave him an eye smile and said, "Call me Kakashi when not in Anbu gear."

He nodded and followed the young man into what he assumed was the arena and waited as the hokage spoke, "We will test you against one of our best, Kakashi, when the match is over we will decide your level, whether you win or lose will tell us where you stand."

Once the hokage took his place another young man came out chewing on senbon, he could be no older than Kakashi and Shota felt that the men was a walking disaster. If he

fell Shota feared that he would kill himself on the senbon because it would ether go through his skull or down his throat.

"You shouldn't walk around like that, you could hurt yourself."

The man laughed and said, "Don't worry I can handle it, also I am Genma and I will be your Procter today. When I say begin then begin, but when I call a close to the match you better stop."

"Are you ready?" asked Kakashi.

'I can't use jutsu he'll just copy me, but magic on the other hand is not something he can copy for he has no magic,' he smirked and said, "of course."

"Begin!" shouted Genma.

Shota smirked as Kakashi made the first move lunged at him kunai in hand Sharingun whirling, he pulled out his own and parried the attack, then flicking his wrist pushed Kakashi back away. Kakashi gave him a startled look, clearly trying to figure out how he flung back only barley dodge another attack this one putting a hole in the wall of the stadium.

'Oh this is going to be great,' thought Shota as he took in Kakashi's wide-eyed expression.

"Don't fidget so much he'll be fine," said Inoichi trying to get Miyoko to stop moving around and risking her wounds opening up.

Miyoko gave him a confused look and asked, "What?"

"Your brother he is fighting to show where he will be placed among the ranks," said Shukaku who was sitting by the window.

Both me sweat dropped at her furius look but almost laughed when she said, "then why the hell am I here, I need to get placed as well."

Inoichi rolled his eyes and said, "For 1 you still have poison in your system, and 2 you will prove your prowess once you are out of here."

"hmph," was the only response she made causing both men to chuckle.

Shota was admittedly bored, tired of throwing random curses Kakashi, though he was unable to copy or even fully use the sharingun to dodge was still able to use it somewhat to avoid.

'If I can blind his sharingun I could show my jutsu knowledge to the judges, though they are probably wondering what my spells are since I am using no chakra,' thought Shota as he apparated away from a swarm of kunai.

That was it he would just have to blind Kakashi, a minor conjunctivitis curse would blind him, at a 10th of his normal power would blind both eyes with no pain, so a fifth will be enough to blind the Sharingun if only for a moment or two.

'But will it damage it?' he thought.

Shaking his head know that if infused some medical chakra with the spell it should keep the spell from damaging the eye after the spell wore off. Making up his mind he launched himself toward Kakashi.

"Rictusempra," as the spell was releashed he waited 3 seconds before launching his plan.

Kakashi who had dodged the first was unable to move fast enough to avoid the next attack which hit his left eye, Kakashi hissed and pain and then gasped when he saw that he could no longer see with his sharigun.

"Its only temporary Kakashi, everything will be undone in a few moments," assured Shota seeing the horrified look on Kakashi's face, the sudden need to confort the younger man welled up.

Seeing Kakashi nod he launched himself forward at Kakashi by pumping chakra into his legs, "Earth Style: Stone Fist Jutsu!" he yelled as he came into striking range.

He twisted around and flipped in the air to avoid Kakashi's kick, the two then locked in a taijutsu match, they traded blows for a moment before a kick from Kakashi threw him into the air, he quickly formed the tiger seal and launched a series of water bullets at Kakashi who quickly began dodge and using a kunai to deflect what he could not dodge. Shota hissed and grabbed his arm in pain as something pierced his arm, he landed as the 'Kakashi' he was attacking disappeared and the real one appeared behind a tree.

'How did I not notice?' he wondered.

Luckily the real Kakashi still was still blind and looked slightly winded though still going strong.

Kakshi moved through a series of hand seals to fast for Shota to see, "Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu!"


The stadium gasped as Shota was engulfed in ball of flames.

"Your good Kakashi but not good enough," said Shota startling not only Kakashi but Genma, and the audience he saw him engulfed.


Shota chuckled and said, "replaced myself with a shadow clone, then used a C-rank genjutsu to make it look like I had been engulfed by the inferno, so that I could get behind you," to emphasis his point he pressed the kunai against Kakashi's throat a bit more.

"Genma I forfeit."

"Are you sure Kakash?"

"Yea he's got me by the throat, my sharingun is out of commission still, and he has an attack that I can't follow or copy so I give."

"Very well."

Genma turned to the audience which consisted of the majority of the Shinobi council, and about 20 select Jounin and chunin he shouted, "by way of forfeit, winner Shota Senju!"

"It will be a few moments for the judges and council too talk it over and decide," said Genma taking a seat on the ground.

Shota smiled and flicked his wrist only to have three soft looking chairs appear and taking a seat in one. Genma just gave raised his brow but after a moment shrugged and took a seat after Kakashi not even bat an eye at the display. Genma couldn't help but wonder though, 'how the hell did he do that?'

With the council

Hiruzen chuckled as he looked away from his honorary grandson as three chairs appeared out of thin air, only for Inoichi (he and Shikaku had clones sitting with Miyoko) to say, "how the hell did he do that?"

"Now let us see what our judges say," he said turning to the chunin, Iruka Umino, who was chosen as spokes person for the chunin.

Iruka cleared his throat and said, "we chunin observed that Shot Senju showed skill in taijutsu, ninjutsu and genjutsu. Though none of them were high level he preformed all with no faults, we also saw that he used a form of attack that used no form of chakra but was exceedingly powerful which the craters in the walls indicate. We also do not think that he was using his full power so based on the power he displayed I would say high chunin to low jounin level, but if we are correct he is more than likely a med to high level jounin maybe even higher."

Hiruzen nodded and turning too Hiashi Hyuga and Fugaku Uchiha and asked, "you had you sharingan and Byakugan active what do you say?"

Hiashi spoke first, "some of his attacks required no chakra what so ever those were the one that made the craters, also during the battle the chakra flowing into Hatake's sharingun stopped rendering it blind, now though it seems the chakra is starting to flow again."

Once Hiashi finished Fugaku spoke, "my sharingan was unable to follow his attacks rendering me unable to copy it, I doubt I could even if he had moved slower since there was no visible chakra outline to the attacks."

Nodding he turned to Aoba Yamashiro he was speaking for the jounin judges, "We the jounin feel that the best placement for him world be as a regular jounin like Kakashi unless he specializes in something like his parents, one being a seal master and the other the wold's top medical ninja."

"Very well," turning back to the council he asked, "anyone object to him becoming a jounin of the leaf?"

When no one said no or tried to argue just for the point of making it all more bothersome he turned to the three who say his attention on them and called, "Meet me in my office in an hour to get your vest and forehead protector,you start your duties as a jounin tomorrow."

He laughed when he heard Shota asked the two men next to him, "Who's up for ramen?"

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