A Thousand Red Threads

Chapter 2 - Evidence

Kohana sat on the couch in the study with Ganondorf not too far off, braiding the girl's hair for them to keep them occupied as the trays for the snacks were taken away. Kohana tied the ends of the little braids with some string and the girl went off to join the others in a reading circle they had made while Ganondorf looked over at Kohana who sat on the middle seat today on the couch, "I think now would be an opportune time to speak on matters we've…touched on." Kohana looked away as if she didn't know what he was talking about, and began braiding a small section of her clothes to look busy, "Hey, don't pretend to be some busy-body when I'm trying to have a serious conversation with you." He said sternly and she glanced at him, "I simply want to get to know you since you'll be staying here. After all, you won't be leaving anytime soon." She seemed to be thinking about it, "I also talk enough for the both of us, but on the other hand you don't talk at all." He reached over and gently pulled the bun-haired woman over to him more, reaching up and pulling the pin from her hair, dissolving her bun into a long waterfall of dark red hair.

Kohana gasped and quickly collected her hair and wound it back to the back of her head in a tight bun before swiping the pin from a laughing Ganondorf as she tried to pin her hair back together. He took the pin back and she looked up at him with shock, "Keep it down. I like it better when it's down." One of the girls noticed a few loose tresses of Kohana's hair and went over,

"Lady, your hair is so pretty! Can I braid it?" The girl asked happily and Ganondorf sat back. The girl took Kohana's hair, making her flinch, and attempted to braid it before Kohana pulled her hair from the girl's grasp, "No, don't touch it!" She said in a panic that made the girls scared and Ganondorf look on in disbelief. "But I-" The girl tried and Kohana turned and ran from the room, covering her face with an arm as she pushed past the guards outside the door.

The girls looked mortified and so was Ganondorf who got to his feet, the first girl's tears welled up and she started crying, and the others followed as Ganondorf stumbled over how to silence them or comfort them, "I-I didn't mean to make her mad." "She's so mad at us!" Another sobbed and another voiced, "She'll never play with us again!" Before they all started to jointly sob and cry, a knight coming into the room as Ganondorf stood over the little ladies,

"Now, now, girls, there's no need to cry! She's not mad at you-" They cried louder and harder at his words, "I'll go get her, girls, so just- just try to calm down-" They ignored him and Ganondorf left the room, "Knight! Ensure the ladies stay in the room and-" Ganondorf looked around, seeing a Moblin with a treasure pouch. He ripped it from his minion and checked the contents, sighing with relief. Butterfly necklaces and Golden Feathers filled the pouch to the brim, "Give them these. I don't care if you have to sit there and let them climb all over you, you make sure they stop crying." The knight saluted and said, "Yes sir!" before Ganondorf took off, a moblin showing him the place where Kohana had ran off too.

"Kohana." He said and she glanced over, standing on the dock of where she first appeared, "What was the meaning for that outburst?" He demanded and she dove into the water instead of giving him an answer, "HEY!" Ganondorf snapped as the bubbles disappeared. He took off his cloak and dove in after her into the icy water. He sunk a little and shook off the cold and looked up, Kohana swimming away in what looked like an air bubble, but Ganondorf followed none the less. She swam quickly past obstacles and in through holes that Ganondorf narrowly squeezed into, until a pocket of air appeared at the top of a narrow pathway. She hastily swam up and vanished while Ganondorf mentally questioned what she was doing, before following suit and surfaced in the "air pocket" that was actually a room. Not just any room- a temple room.

Kohana was unscathed by the water and quickly ran towards a huge statue of a woman sitting cross legged, holding a staff in her left hand and a blade like the one Kohana had fought with, in her right, it's tip in the floor. Ganondorf pulled himself up and the water dissolved from him and his clothes but left him feeling cold as he watched Kohana fall to her knees within a circle lit by candles, and began to pray, the soft murmur of her hushed speaking filling the silence in the room as Ganondorf looked around. Outside the windows of the temple room, it looked like water- and fish were swimming around. It seemed that somehow this place was unaffected by environmental changes- but how? She continued to pray and Ganondorf wandered around the cobble stone room, finding a bathroom and a bed behind the statue, as well as clothes hanging up to dry on a line.

Ganondorf found several doors out, but all of them blocked from the outside and the hole in the floor to the water looked as if it had only recently opened. When the muttering stopped, Ganondorf approached Kohana who was meditating, "Kohana…how long have you been here before the hole in the floor opened?" She looked at him as he stood outside of the circle in front of her.

"I can't really remember." She said and thought about it, before putting her hair back up, "It's a sin to let my hair down…It's the only real thing I can remember from my past. I can only remember that it truly hurt someone…" Ganondorf sat down, and they sat in silence for a while,

"The girls all started crying when you ran off so brashly. Even I was a bit taken back." He voiced and she stared at him, "I will make a proposition to you, right here and now, and if you take it then we leave together, if not, separately." He stated and she continued to wait for him as he opened his mouth with his offer.

Not too long after, the door to the study opened, Ganondorf entering as the girls looked up, pausing in their crying. He smiled, his hand behind him, "Look, whom I've found." He said,

Kohana stepping into the room, holding his hand.

The girls yelled about their happiness and collectively jumped on Kohana as Ganondorf sat back down in the mid-morning sun on his favorite little couch. The knight had been disrobed by the girls, something that quieted them some what and Kohana helped him replace his armor as the girls held up books they wanted her to read to them, while Ganondorf closed his eyes. Kohana sat next to him the way he liked her too and she read to the girls who sat around in a semi-circle to listen to the woman stumble and stammer over long paragraphs but still they loved it when she read to them. Ganondorf listened as well, pretending to cat-nap in the sun until the book was done, allowing the younger girls to taunt him about how pretending to be asleep was childish.

He got up and moved to a large window in the study where he had put a few steps to a heavily padded and cushioned little lounge area that always caught the best of the sun, pillows in a great abundance on this little area and he sat down before moving to lay down as Kohana sat down next to him with her own book, "This is much better. That couch is very cramped." He voiced and she scoffed lightly before he pulled her to lay on him. "I thought for sure-" "Let sleeping dogs lie, Ganon." She told him and let Ganondorf pull her down to lay on him, covering her a little with his cloak's sleeve. Ganondorf fell asleep in the warm rays of the sun and eventually, Kohana drifted off as well, covering the lower half of her face with her book, two knights looming over the both of them when it was about time to move the girls back to their holding cell,

"If we wake up Lord Ganondorf…he will kill us." One of the knights said and the other voiced, "But…the young ladies have to get back to their cell and he's the only one with the key." The Knights contemplated what to do but one of the young girls went over and fearlessly shook Kohana awake as the knights jolted,

"Miss Lady!" The girl called and Kohana blinked sleepily, looking at the girl with a soft smile and dazed eyes, "You and the evil man fell asleep. It's time to wake up."

Kohana reached out and pet the girl affectionately before sitting up and stretching, shaking Ganondorf who continued to sleep, before she smacked his chest with her book and he woke up abruptly, "NH!?" He grunted and the knights took the liberty of informing him of what the time was. "Oh- right…I guess we slept quite a lot, Kohana." He got up and pulled her to her feet, the younger girls flocking around Kohana as she led them back down the path to their cage, Ganondorf pausing a moment. The girls all around her made her look more like a mother than the possession of Ganondorf's she had become. Like all of the girls were her children and she didn't mind spending time with them. Something in side of him hated it. The way she interacted with those children compared to how she did with him. Granted he had captured her and had her for a few months, but still, that darker part of him- the Sadist- wanted to see her suffer away from those children in a cold, desolate tower with him being her only visitor. However the other half of him was concocting a plan so that, perchance, a little Ganondorf Jr. would be among the group. Ganondorf moved past her as she gently shut the cage door and he locked it as one of the girls spoke up,

"Don't be mean to Miss Lady anymore!" They told Ganondorf who looked over the girl coolly. It was a dark-brown haired girl dressed in a ragged dress with bright blue eyes, glaring at him, "Don't do it."

"Little girl-" Ganondorf started before Kohana interjected, "He is nice to me. It was my fault." She said then smiled, "Do not worry about me, girls. Good Night." She said and Ganondorf took that as his cue to finish locking the door and walk off with Kohana next to him. When they were out of ear shot of the girls in the cage, Ganondorf voiced, "Nice cover down there." She laughed a little, Ganondorf taking initiative as he brushed his palm against the palm of her left hand and held it. "That knight didn't seem to be fairing too well with them." Kohana laughed a little more at his bad attempt to make conversation. He realized he couldn't think of anything else to talk about when she pointed out, "Actions speak louder than words." She said and he opened the door for her, shutting it behind them, a hobgoblin just finishing lighting the torches around his draped bed. It squeaked and ran off, shutting the door hard behind it.

Kohana moved to her dresser to get her change of clothes, before she was grabbed from behind, making her let out a little yell of surprise as Ganondorf set her on the bed, "Ganon-!" Was all she could say before he kissed her. He deepened the kiss by pulling her closer before he surfaced for air and she slapped him,

"So feisty." He said, picking her up as she protested, "Enough of your games! Put me down!" Ganondorf obliged, setting her down on her feet before kissing her more and grabbing her ass, making her jolt, "At least be smooth about it!" She huffed and he chuckled, "Stop this, there's no mood at all." He blinked,

"Mood?" He repeated, having not interacted with a girl or woman equally long as he had dated someone, completely having forgotten everything about the subject. She pulled away, "Oh- OOOOHH" Kohana glared at him and he smirked, "Yes, 'mood'. Right." He went around and put out the torches around his bed and opened his arms, "Viola!"

"There was more mood with the torches lit." She told him and he frowned, having completely lost touch with how to handle women of any sort, "Look, Ganondorf." He looked at her quietly, "We're not young anymore. We don't have the years to waste playing grab-ass. I won't be your 'mistress-of-the-night' because we're not vampires either. You either put forth effort to properly woo me, or you don't. It's as simple as that. There can't be a middle-ground. Maybe if we had met long, long ago, but not now." Ganondorf sighed, rubbing the back of his neck,

"You're right." He said and grabbed a change of clothes, walking past her and smacked her ass hard on his way to the bathroom, making her yelp, "But, that doesn't mean we still can't act like it." He laughed and she punched him in the back lightly making him yell, "Argh, my back!" "Quiet over there, old man, I need my beauty rest!"

Ganondorf laid his head in Kohana's lap as they both read, the younger girls annoyed with his flirtatious behavior, "Hey, knock it off, old man!" "Let her read in peace!" "GROSS!" Ganondorf's eyebrow twitched as he looked up at Kohana,

"I don't understand their fickleness. Why all of a sudden-?" He asked and Kohana shrugged, reaching down and running her fingers through his hair, "Just be quiet, Ganondorf. Just be quiet and read." She told him and he focused on the feeling of her fingers gently sliding through his hair. Something seemed so eerily familiar about this position and her fingers in his hair…but he just couldn't remember where from. He liked it though, how very gently the tips of her nails brushed his scalp for the briefest of milliseconds. An undeniable feeling of being relaxed to the very core swept over him as he continued to lay in her lap at her mercy. "Girls, don't act like that. Keep in mind that he does take care of us. He can very well not do so and let his demons kill us." She reminded the girls who seemed to go quiet. It seemed to…familiar…

" 'Feels nice." He voiced and she continued, pausing to turn a page every so often, "Kohana, stop it." He grunted after a while and she pulled her hand away, a hurt look on her face at his protest, "I need- to focus on this book." He said and she looked away before he fell to the ground with a heavy thud and a groan, the younger girls having banned together to pull him down. He looked at the young girls, "You test my patience, girls. It grows ever thinner with your disobedience."

"Don't be friendly with her!" The girls huffed and Ganondorf got back up and sat back on the couch, pulling Kohana with him as she looked at him, her eyes asking him if what he was doing was a good idea. "You'll just be mean to her again."

"Whether I am mean to her or not, isn't for you girls to decide." Ganondorf said sternly, "You little girls need to learn your place! If you won't heed my words then listen to hers but you all need to remember who you're talking to." He told them and the girls looked about to cry, "And you!" Ganondorf said, turning to Kohana who glared down at him with her feral, grey-eyes that yelled 'speak another word to me and I will kill you'. "Why do you seem so familiar?"

"I don't understand your question but let me tell you something." She told him sharply, "If you yell at me or these girls again, I will throw you out of the window so quickly and so hard, you will be a splat upon the water's surface." Ganondorf shuddered before he smiled and hugged her tight,

"I do enjoy you getting so worked up." He said and she huffed, the girls going back to being normal as he sat back down next to her and she huffed, still wound-up tighter than a metal coil. "Did you have any books to read in your little temple?"

"Yes. Many. They were put in the temple just before I was, I suppose." She said and voiced, "By the way- There's another entrance to it other than swimming." She told him as he got up,

"Tell me where it is? I want to look at that temple more." He said and she shrugged,

"Ok." She voiced, "It's just under the Helmaroc's nest- you knock on the wall. A few times." Ganondorf left the room and told the guards to not let any of the ladies leave unless he was with them. After knocking on the wall where Kohana said it would be, a door opened up to a winding staircase that led back into the room where he had found her yesterday. He looked around once more to find a bookshelf, going over to it. All of the books seemed to be self-teaching spell books aside from a few in an old language that Ganondorf could read. A very large one in particular, caught his eye.

"Oh, this one is in Gerudo." He mused aloud as he pulled it down, finding it to be a folder of various papers and such and his eyes widened as his pupils shrunk. They were all about Kohana. Her birth certificate, papers referring to her acceptance as a temple priestess, and various loose-leaf pages about her, written by someone else. He took a minute to read the pages and was shocked to find something he wouldn't have expected.

"Kohana…is from…the Gerudo Valley?"