1. The Naruto characters, countries, and names are all creations of Masashi Kishimoto and as such are under his copyright.

2. For this story, Under Rain, Sakura is about 22-24. This is several years POST Shippuden. Therefore this fanfiction may contain spoilers and / or guesses about what happens in the manga in order to further fuel my story.

3. This fanfic touches base on many mature themes such as sex, self-harm, abuse of alcohol and drugs, as well as a lot of angst and depression. It will also contain a lot of nasty words. This gives the fanfic the rating M, even if the first few chapters seem light. If you're not comfortable with these, then this is probably not the fanfic you want to read.

4. The quote from Kakashi was taken from chapter 4 of Naruto ("Hatake Kakashi!"), under the Shonen Jump translation. If you feel you don't like this version of his poor introductions, then just substitute it for one you do.

Chapter 1 – Just Like A Shojo Manga

Sakura Haruno stared out the carriage window, depressed by the bleak weather outside that surrounded them.

"Remind me again why we're here? The weather is just so… Bleuch!"

The man beside her chuckled, running a hand through her hair.

"Don't worry, darling. I know you don't enjoy the rain, but you'll get used to it soon enough…" he coughed, shifting the scarf he wore further up his face.

"Newlyweds?" Their driver asked, smiling knowingly.

"Yes, sir. Married just before my work redirected me. However, my little Sakura-chan isn't happy about leaving all her friends. She's more of a summer girl."

"Heh. No such thing here… Unless you like muggy…. But don't worry, pretty lady, you'll make many friends here."

"Thank you, sir. I'm sure that I will." She sighed, leaning her head against her husband's chest, turning back to stare out at the bleak city that the Gods wept on.


"Sakura. Are you sure you can handle this? It will be a long time before you can come home, even for a visit." Tsunade sat tiredly in her chair, a position that was becoming all too familiar in recent years. She was getting older, and the jutsu keeping her body looking young was beginning to fade. Her body now looked to be in her middle thirties, but she was by no means any less beautiful than her years as an early twenty-year-old.

"Yes ma'am. I am more than capable of this," Sakura answered, wanting to please her teacher more than anything. This mission had been ranked so high, that every other person who had been asked had shrunken away from it. But not Sakura, she was going to complete it.

The mission was to infiltrate Amegakure, the City that the Gods wept on, and watch for any signs of suspicious activity. A peace agreement had been signed at the end of the Shinobi war, but Ame hadn't been happy with the deal that had been cut for them, and rumours of late spoke of ninja who had vanished in the Land of Rain only to be found weeks, or even months, later as vegetables, incapable of telling what had happened to them. It was a dangerous mission to consider but the Kages of the Five Great Nations had agreed to send shinobi into different sectors of the city at the same time in order to work out what the hell was going on.

"Your partner has been chosen as well and he is looking forward to working closely with you."

"Excellent." It would probably be Shino. Shino with his ability to remotely track and watch while maintaining a calm demeanour would be perfect for this kind of mission. Or maybe Neji. She and Neji worked well together…

"You will be working under the guise of husband and wife during the duration of your stay in Amegakure. Share a bed, go on dates, anything to avoid suspicion. Over the top, lovey-dovey nonsense."


"No buts. You told me you could handle it. Husband and wife. Am I clear?"

"We couldn't just be close neighbours?"

"If I have to repeat myself again, Sakura-"

"Alright! I get it. Husband and wife…"

This wasn't going well. Sakura valued her privacy after so many years of pain concerning Sasuke and Naruto. It had gotten to the point where anyone who got too close wound up in the hospital. How could she deal with sharing an apartment, a bed?!

"You may as well get comfortable with it too. You'll be on this mission for a while, so I approve of any misbehaving if it happens. It would only be understandable."

Sakura's cheeks went pink as the door opened.

"You're late!" Tsunade barked. "As usual!"

"Would you expect any different?"

Sakura stiffened. Oh GOD, no…

"I can't do this! Not with him!"

"Hey-y, Sa-ku-ra… Are you insinuating that we wouldn't be a good match? I'm rather disappointed, I was looking forward to spending some time with my favourite student in a different setting…" Gloved fingers petted her head softly, deliberately mussing up her bubble-gum locks.

With the Konoha hitai-ate tipped over one eye, the strange gravity-defying hair, and the mask that hid both his face and his mysterious past… All of this gave the man the title of the most eligible bachelor in Konoha, and an allure that few men in Konoha could surpass. Let alone that no one alive knew what he looked like, but the obviously well-toned body and the silky voice worked in his favour.

Not that it was possible for Sakura to think of any of this. She was busy having a mental breakdown.

"Husband and wife, Sakura… share a bed… may as well get comfortable…"

She was going to have to bed Kakashi Hatake.


"You're seriously going to be Kakashi's wife?!" Ino squealed, digging into her rice with relish.

"Acting like his wife! There is a difference!"

"Wow, just like a shojo manga!" Tenten smiled, knowing she was egging Ino on.

"I'm going to kill you both if you don't stop…"

"W-well…. It could be very awkward, from the l-looks of it…" Hinata was looking over the mission scroll as she sipped her tea.

"Hell, yes."

"But I think that it will b-be character b-building."

"I hate you all. You know that?"

"I thought you invited us out to help you g-get civilian clothes for your mission. W-we can leave if you like…" Hinata wore a smirk. Not usual, but when it came up, she was the scariest woman ever.

"No! I need you!"

"Then how about another iced tea?"

"How does Naruto not see the evil in you?"

They all laughed.

It was a good day. They went through many shops, and Sakura soon had many things she could wear, more than enough for a month, so they would last her.

"Now for underwear!" Ino sang, pushing Hinata and Sakura into the store.

"Hey! HEY! I'm not sleeping with him!"

"I never said you were… Though that would be kinda hot."

"Ewwww, he's my teacher!"

"Yeah? It happens…"

"In shojo manga!"

"Look, you don't have to," Tenten soothed. "Think about it for a second. You're pretending to be his young, gorgeous wife. If something happened, and you were caught only in your underwear which were… Oh, I don't know-

"-Miss Piggy," Ino supplied.

"Wow. Nice taste, I love the Muppets!" Tenten giggled.

"Thanks, Ino…"

"Anyway. Your cover would be, like, blown. Because a young wife would always have sexy underwear on in case her husband decided he wanted her."

"But this is Kakashi!"

"It doesn't matter. If you dress as if you were a sexy wife, it'll help you stay in character."

"Well…. If you put it like that…"

"And Hinata! You're going to need something to keep Naruto's interest!"

"A-ahhh… No!"


After another few hours, Sakura had all the things she'd need to fit in as a civilian – Looks wise, anyway. The mission scrolls determined that she was to have several injections and shots to help her immune system acclimate to the Land of Rain quickly, as well as to mask her chakra. She and Kakashi also needed to spend time alone together, to go over their backstory, and to "get to know each other better". She was not looking forward to this considering the first version of "get to know each other" provided very little information…

"I'm Hatake Kakashi. I'm the kind of person who doesn't feel like talking about his likes and dislikes! My dreams for the future are none of your business… But anyway, I have lots of hobbies…"

Several years had passed, and slowly team seven, then team Kakashi, then her by herself, had managed to piece together bits and pieces of Hatake Kakashi – That he liked to play tricks on Might Guy just as much as Guy liked to challenge him, that he was a stooge when it came to treating his team for meals, that he didn't like to eat in front of other people, that he had a tragic past that he covered up with the simple mask… and of course that his favourite hobby was reading those erotic books that Jiraiya wrote.

But other than those little bits and pieces that she picked up on, she knew virtually nothing about him.

She walked slowly to the tea shop that she was supposed to meet Tsunade and Kakashi at for the official debrief of their mission, wanting nothing more than for the ground to swallow her up.

"Kakashi-Sensei! Why do you wear that mask?"

"Oh, I just wear it to keep my face warm…"

"No, seriously. Why the mask?"

"I just wear the mask. It makes me feel a little more secure."

Well… If there was anything she was going to find out on this mission, it was going to be what was under the mask!