Main Characters: Eddward Double D Rockwell, Kevin Barr

Character Mentions: Nazz, Basketball Team

Main Pairings: Alpha Kevedd; Rev!Eddward X Kevin

Count Classification: Dribble

Updated: 7:11 pm at 9/19/2013

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters; -I make no money from this story. Nether Kevin or Eddward are labeling each other Uke or Seme. They are equal to each other as they complement each other in faults and strengths.

Eddward Double D Rockwell had never been into society's holiday traditions. To him they were just another way for fat sweaty guys that sat on their asses all day, stepping on people below them to empty the wallets and bleed hard-working members of the community dry.

Even when he had been a sweet, loving little nerd the things people called chocolates and gifts were never given. He had always been a make a gift by hand and give kinda guy. Every year was different, never the same thing, so it was always a huge surprise to his ever popular, Jockey sports boyfriend.

This year would be the best, he grinned from ear to ear as he made last minute checks with Nazz, Who, at the current moment was giggling up a fit behind him. Oh, Kevin was going to get what he deserved after that Christmas surprise he'd delivered. 'Let the games began, Pumpkin.'

It was half time, Kevin and his team were kicking ass on the court against Blue Creek's players and the crowed was ecstatic with growing energy not just from the game, but what half time meant every Valentine's Day.

Eddward had decided to get up and move so he'd have a better view of Kevin and the teams face. He was now staring at a confused boyfriend, who was trying pump his team up, why trying to get his attention. Oh, how D was loving this already and he was about to love it even more.

Suddenly there was a loud screech over the game system announcement board and everybody had to cover their ears. Suddenly there was a clearing of a voice and Kevin looked up to see none other than his smirking boyfriend on the screen. . . . Oh, in god's name . . . was he wearing . . . was that his swimming outfit . . . all wet and . . .

"Greetings Peach Creek and Blue Creek student body. I am sure everybody in my wonderful school all knows what time of year this is ... Can I hear you all scream, this joyous day out loud?"

Kevin stood their dumb founded as the crowed screamed, "KEVIN'S VALENTINES SURPRISE!" Even his team was laughing and joining in; they all know . . . they all know, but him. His face was only going to get redder, he just know it.

"Oh, what good Homo sapiens you all are. First, I want to thank Nazz as well as the whole basketball team for helping me create this wonderful present, for my lovely little boyfriend. And secondly, to congratulate you all on driving Blue Creek to their impending doom so quickly. So, without farther a due, I have written a wonderful valentines note to my lovely, hunky man . . .

Your hickeys are red,

your bruises are blue.

Your bodies gonna hurt

when im done fucking you!

With lots of juicy love Eddward Double D Rockwell, au revoir and have a nice game!"

After that the crowd roared to life with laughter, wolf calls, untranslatable words and so much more. Blue Creek was left speechless and utterly dumb founded to what the hell had just happened. Kevin ... well let's just say our dear friend Nathan Kedd Goldberg, had to cover the rest of the game after the red-head slipped out trailing behind none other than his admire with a face so red you could confuse him for street sign.