Chapter 5- "caring for each other"
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"Ruff ruff ruff!" Barked Bolt, very loudly two, if Cosette didn't do something about it he would wake everyone up! And that's the last thing you want when your 'making out' with your lover. "Bolty! Shhhh~!" She whispered to the dog, he understood what that meant and skipped of somewhere else. "Sigh, that scatty dog!" Complained Cosette, "you can't really blame him, he is still a pup!" Said Kili "now...where wore we?" He teased Cosette, she giggled a bit, "oh! I think I remember.." He then kissed her hard and she moaned in his mouth softly.

As much as she had always wanted this, she never expected it to make her feel so... What's the word..? Alive! Kissing Kili was just amazing, she'd expect him to be a little more harsh like the guys she would see Gisele dating, but no, Kili was different in a good way. He was ever so sweet with her and treated her like she was...worth it.

The next morning they were off, back to adventure, they were up the mountain pass when it started raining like crazy. "WE HAVE TO FIND SHELTER!" Shouted Thorin. Then a boarder flew from a mountain and almost crashed on them. "Jesus Christ! That was way to close!" Said Cosette, she was really scared now, that could have killed her, 'i could have dyed!' She thought to herself. Then the unexpected happened, but lets face it, everything in this story has vin unexpected so far. They saw how a mountain was, literary, moving and forming a human like figure. "The legends are true!" Said Balin, "this is no thunder storm.."said Bofur "it's a thunder battle!".

Cosette was not scared anymore, she was terrified. Then she realized the rock she was standing on was braking in half, so she leaped back to the left side, graved her pup in her arms and braced herself for a lot of shaking. Soon the rocks they were on revealed that they them selves were riding on a rock giant, and as the thing stood up it almost made them fall. And then CRASH! One of the legs of an other giant crashed with the rock half of the company was on, "NO!" Shouted Thorin, thinking his companions dead.

When all was cleared it revealed that they were all just fine, everyone was relieved, except they forgot something, "OH MY GODS! BILBO!" Screamed Cosette as she saw the hobbit hanging on for his dear life from the cliff. Quickly, everyone came to help, "give me your hand Bilbo!" Said Dwalin, and Bilbo really did trie but just couldn't reach, so Thorin scooted over and grabbed the hobbit and pulled him up, risking falling to his death in the process.

One would think a young, smart girl like our lovely Cosette, would back up from the situation to avoid any sort of trouble right? Well no, she was next to Kili and less than 30 seconds later her boot lace was pulled and she tripped, had it not bin for Kili's fast reflexes she would have fallen. Once she was back up Kili hugged her to prevent her from tripping again, and said to her: "why did you fall like that?" She looked at him still a bit stunned about what happened and said "it seams i don't have the power to defy gravity..." He laughed a bit.

Cosette looked back at the company and saw Bilbo, he was A ok! "Mr. Bilbo!" She smiled at him and graved his shoulder. He smiled back at her, but saw as her smile turned in to a frown, she punched his shoulder and said "that's for scaring me to death! That was way to close! Never do that again!". "Alright..alright..ow.." Whimpered Bilbo. "She's right! We almost lost our burglar!" Said Dwalin. "He's vin lost ever since he left home..." Spat Thorin angrily. 'Now..that's just mean mr. I'm an uncaring jerk!' Thought Cosette.

When they finally found shelter they settled in a small cave, they wanted to make a fire but Thorin said it was not a good idea which made everyone even more upset. They were all wet and cold, especially Cosette, and it got worst when she started sneezing. "Achoo!" Sneezed Cosette and then she whimpered, she didn't like having to get sick so often, she would catch a cold one the day and the next she would have a fever.

"Are you cold?" Asked Kili, offering a spot beside him. "Yeah..achoo! Sorry..I get colds very easily...achoo!" Said Cosette still sneezing, "your very fragile aren't you?" Asked Kili, putting his arm around her to keep her warm, "a little... Grandfather said that its because I was born before time, that's why I'm so small and fragile..." Said Cosette, it was true, she was very sickly and fragile because she was born 2 months before her time, "oh! But your strong as well!" Said Kili "had it not bin for you I wouldn't have vin able to take down all those orcs by myself, you are special Cosette! I'm sure that soon you'll get the chance to prove it to everyone else, you'll see!".

No one had ever said that to her before, she always felt that people only saw her with pity, sad looks all around her made her feel that way and the actions of 'kindness' that they did made it even worse. But here it was different, no one felt bad for her, they just treated her like they would any other girl, and that was more than enough for her, she finally felt part of something.

Suddenly the ground started shaking under them, "um..Kili?" Said Cosette scared "GET UP!" shouted Thorin "EVERYONE UP-" and then a trap opened and fell in a deep whole.
Some of them fell in a net but Cosette had a god grip on a rock. But how long can you hold on when you have medium sized dog on the other arm, "nononononono!" Her hand was starting to slip and then everything went black.

She woke up thinking she probably dreamed everything but, "what the-?" She was in a cage, she started to remember this part, of the movie: the hobbit, where they found goblin town and almost got killed and...uh oh! "Guys?" She called to her friends, "so I see our maiden has awakened!" Said a voice, it sounded familiar so she turned around. "You gotta be kidding me..." She said to herself, it was none other than the goblin king, of all the people who could kidnap her she got stuck with him!

She tried to find a way out but the goblin king just laughed out loud, "feisty little one aren't you? And quite beautiful too, I know some folk who'd pay a pretty prize for you!" He touched her face but she was having none of it so she bitt him hard. The goblin screamed in pain. "Listen bud! I'm not in the mood for your shit! Where are my friends?!" Snapped Cosette. The king smirked at her and said: "right here..." He pointed at the dwarves in front of him, Cosette was relieved, it looked like he hadn't done anything to them, yet.

"Let us go!" She beamed at him, "I don't think so, I know of someone who'd pay a pretty price for your leader..." Said the goblin king, "a pale Orc astride a white warg..perhaps you know of whom I speak of?" That's right, Asog the defiler was still alive! This was not going to end well. "Asog the defiler was destroyed! He was slain in battle long ago!" Said Thorin, "so you think his defiling days are over?" Teased the gobbling king, "send word to the pail Orc, tell him I've found his prize!" He told a smaller goblin who strolled away on a swing.

Now what? She could always buy them some time till Gandalf got here, but they couldn't keep relying on him all the time, and Bilbo was probably still playing jeopardy with Gollum so he was not an option either. "Now back to you.." The goblin caught her attention again, "lets see... The orcs are always in for a trick like you!" 'Thats it!' Thought Cosette, and stepped on his foot. The goblin king yelped and said: "oh! The lady has wounded me so, that's no good, maybe she'd like me to hurt one of her friends in return!". 'Shit!' Thought Cosette, then she made the mistake to lock eyes with Kili, the goblin king noticed this and put a dagger up Kili's throat and said: "so this is your lover...pity...such a fine looking dwarf he is, to bad ill have to slice him...unless..." He paused, meanwhile Thorin was about to come and kill the goblin with his bear hands, "you apologize..!" He finished.

What? No! Hell no! Cosette Alexandria Lamarch never apologized! Unless she knew she was wrong, but lets be honest with ourselves ladies, how often does that happen? But it was either him or her, and she was not going to loose Kili, so she decided to be practical and apologize.

"Fine..." She started, "your majesty..." She paused, "" She whispered almost. "Sorry I can't hear you!" Teased the goblin king, "...IM SORRY! There! I said it!" She shouted back at him. "Apology accepted..." Said the foul creature smirking at her, he then turned around, and Cosette, with nothing much to do anymore fell on her knees and wept silently, she couldn't believe it but now she really wanted to go home, she wanted to see her mother again, really badly now.

"Psst!" She heard "Cosette!" She looked up, it was Gandalf! "GAN-!" He shushed her before anyone could hear her, "stay put alright? I'm going to free you now...when you get out blend in with the company, understand?" He whispered to her, "yup!" She answered. And in the blink of an eye she was out of that dreadful cage. "You best cover your eyes m'dear..." Said Gandalf, Cosette laughed a bit and did as told, and then a big flash of light struck upon them, so bright it made the goblins drop all at once.

"TAKE UP ARMS! FIGHT!" Shouted Gandalf, and the dwarves fought like their was no tomorrow, meanwhile Cosette tried to fight on her own which is difficult considering that since she was so small the goblins didn't really see her and push her to the ground.

"I have got to stop falling so much!" She said to herself angry, still on the ground she saw a familiar hand, "need a lift?" Said Kili offering his hand to get up. "Thank you..." She said. 'I swear..This is the last time I fight with goblins!' She thought to herself,if she was going to stay in middle earth she might as well set some goals for herself.

They were almost out when the big goblin king jumped in front of them, blocking their way, "haha! Think you can just beat me like that? It'll take more than running to defeat-" he said but was cut by Cosette: "how about... NO!" And sliced his blob and ran her sword through his belly, killing him. "...that'll do..!" He retorted looking confused and then fell to his knees and his weight made the bridge they were on collapse.

They all landed on each other and a pile of wood that used to be a bridge, "well..that could have gone worse!" Said Bofur. And then the corpus of the goblin king fell on them, they all grunted and whimpered at the extra weight that was on them. "Agh! You've got to be joking!" Wined Dwalin, "agh! Sun of a... B word!" Screamed Cosette, she was not a potty mouth! But then she noticed the pack of angry goblins running towards them, "uhh..GANDALF?!" Shouted Kili, Gandalf looked up to see what was up and said: "RUN!".

While running away Cosette remembered that Bilbo should be running away himself from... 'Oh my goodness!' Though Cosette, she was not scared of most common things like spiders and monsters and the dark and so on and so on, the only thing that she was sure to get a heart attack if encountered was the creature Gollum.

Well Bilbo was joining them later so... 'I'm sure he's gonna be fine' thought Cosette 'one time I don't worry about him won't kill him..right? Oh my god! This could kill him! Nah! It'll be just like in the movie... I am a horrible person...I'm gonna help!...nononononono...I'm a despicable human being!' Cosette was having an inner war with herself so vividly that she almost forgot what she was doing, her face looked so stern and worried, Kili noticed that, it amused him and it made him giggle a bit, "are you ok?" He asked her, "huh? Yeah..I'm fine...I was just... Worried about... Never mind, it's nothing!" She answered forgetting about it.

Once everyone was out, Gandalf started counting everyone to see if they were all here, when he noticed Bilbo was missing, "Where's Bilbo?" He asked "WHERE IS OUR HOBBIT!?" He asked once more. Kili and Fili turned both ways to see where the hobbit could be, 'really...guys your geniuses at looking for hobbits!' Thought Cosette, but she knew deep down she would never get tired of their silliness.

"I'll tell you what happened!" Spoke Thorin in a very convinced tone, "he's long gone! He saw his chance and took it! He's thought of nothing but his home ever since this started! We will not be seeing our hobbit again!".
"Oh! I wouldn't speak to soon Thorin!" Teased Cosette, "oh really? What makes you so confident?" Asked Thorin annoyed. "3...2...1..." Counted Cosette, "nop! Here I am!" Said Bilbo, earning the attention from everyone. "Haha! You see?" Cheered Cosette, putting her arm around Bilbo, "never underestimate our Bilbo!".

"Bilbo! We thought you dead!" Said Kili, "how ever did you get passed the goblins?" Asked Fili. "Oh! I just... Slipped right by.." Said Bilbo as he placed something in his pocket, "what does it matter now! He's safe and that's all that matters!" Said Gandalf. "No! I want to know... Why did you come back?" Asked Thorin confused.

"I know you've always doubt of me... And your right! I often think of bag end! I miss my books, my garden... See that's home... That's we're I belong... And you don't have one... A home... But I will help you take it back... If I can!" Said Bilbo. Earning the approval of all and a faint smile on Thorin's face, and that was all he could ever ask for.

This is when it all got pear shaped, their was a warg howl from the top of the hill. An Orc pack, great... First goblins and again with the orcs? And worst of all, Asog is with them... Wait what?
"Out of the frying pan.." Spoke Thorin, "and in to the GOD DAMN FIRE!" Finished Cosette angry, she'd had enough of this 'danger around every corner' thing. But really, it was better than being at home... 'Speaking of which... I wonder if they even miss me? Well even if they are looking for me their never gonna find me! And why should they? I'm having the time of my life... Aren't I ?' Thought Cosette.

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