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The next day, Ace visited his brother Luffy. He walked up the driveway and he was just about to knock on the door when Luffy opened it. He had an excited look on his face. "Hi Ace, I saw you walk up!"

"Luffy, what did I say about looking through the curtains and creeping people out- Oh, hi Ace, it's just you." Zoro, Luffy's roommate/boyfriend, came up beside Luffy.

"Yeah, it's just me," Ace smirked. "So what's this about Luffy creeping people out?"

"Oh, just a few people have complained about seeing a creepy man looking out the window. That man being Luffy," Zoro explained.

"And Luffy still does it?" Ace asked, smirking a bit.

"Yep!" Luffy grinned.

"That's my little brother." Ace put an arm around his brother. Luffy laughed whereas Zoro didn't look too pleased.

"People already think he's a freak so he shouldn't add to that by staring through the window all the time," Zoro said. He stopped talking when Ace grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him close. "Let him do what he wants. You two aren't married yet or anything so you can't tell him what to do, okay?" Ace said threateningly.

Zoro didn't say anything for a while. He just stared at Ace.

"Ace, stop! It's fine!" Luffy said and tried to pry his brother off his boyfriend. Ace let go of Zoro and ran out of the house. He got back into his car and drove at full speed. He walked inside his Ace where he lay on his couch and looked through his contacts.

Ace had slept with a lot of men and women and had obtained most of their numbers. When he got angry or upset, he would call one of them for another night of pleasurable fun. The person that made him the most angry was Luffy's boyfriend, Zoro. Zoro never let Luffy do all of the things that he used to do a year ago; such as eating all the free samples at stores, talking to random strangers, that kind of thing. If Luffy didn't talk to strangers he never would have met Zoro so Ace thought that Zoro should be thankful that Luffy does that kind of stuff.

Ace flicked through his contact list and realised that he didn't really like any of these people. He decided that to see someone that he REALLY liked, he would have to call the Baratie and order some pizza and hopefully Sanji would deliver it. Ace quickly called the Baratie and an old, gruff sounding man answered the phone. Ace ordered 4 pizzas and waited nearly an hour for it to arrive.

When he heard a knock on the door, he quickly ran to answer it. Unfortunately, only a nerdy looking guy was there. "Hi," the guy said.

"Yeah, hi..." The disappointment in Ace's voice was clear and the delivery guy noticed it.

"H-Here's your pizza." The guy shoved the pizza into Ace's hands and Ace gave him the money he owed. The guy left and Ace shut the door. He did the exact same thing he did the night before but this time when he went to bed he had a good dream of having some sexual fun with Sanji.

To be continued...

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