Alright so this idea was brought to me by many things and I'm finally acting on it. Let me tell you right now, that Ranma is not going to be the 'bad guy' in this story. He's just immature and made some wrong decisions but he is going to mature and everyone will work stuff out.

This is a Ranma/Akane love story and Mousse/Akane friendship (I've found I dearly love them together as friends) I hope you like this story.

I do not own Ranma 1/2, enjoy

Akane Tendo woke with a sigh as she looked at her night stand to see that it was only six in the morning. Dreams of the past and memories haunting her.

Akane Tendo age 23, had been through a lot and changed just as much in the years gone by.

The catalyst to everything was after the whole saffron and wedding incident. But if she were to be truthful, the true start to her life changing forever more was when Ranma Saotome walked into her life, and more importantly walked out.

Akane got out of bed, beginning to start her day, not surprised one bit to see Mousse already in her kitchen and making coffee.
Yes, Mousse.

You see a few weeks after the failed wedding, Mousse stumbled upon her in the park by the lake throwing stones. Having never actually talked to her or interacted (unless by accident, thinking it Shampoo) he made to move along when she called out to him.

Shocked but curious, Mousse had sat down and began talking with the Tendo girl.

Akane's intentions on that fateful day were to get her mind away from events she rather not think of, so when she saw Mousse, she jumped for the chance and began a she didn't know much about Mousse,she thought him nice enough when with glasses and when not trying to attack Ranma.

The two soon found themselves enjoying there talk, going on for hours and skipping stones.

This happened for about a week, nearly everyday. The two would meet up by the small lake by the park and toss rocks and talk. Both taking comfort in someone just listening and not using words against you, and in that week they became friends.

Of course Ranma didn't take there friendship too well and The Amazons didn't seem to care, but in the end, Akane found what others thought didn't matter.

Mousse eyed Akane, seeing the bags under her eyes "Rough night?"
Akane nodded "Kazuki had a nightmare last night, spent held the night holding him till he fell back to sleep."

Mousse tsked before preparing her a cup of steaming coffee, Akane murmured her thanks in return.
They began there daily routine, Mousse cooking breakfast and Akane getting bathed and dressed as well as her son.

Mousse didn't live with Akane but came over often enough that he might as well.

It was funny to Mousse, he never thought back in his teenage years he'd be helping a woman named Akane Tendo and be named Godfather for her son.

Thinking of the old days, Mousse remembered how for a time things went well, really well before turning sour and sour quickly.

With him hanging out with Akane, and there friendship growing, she toured all around Nerima, first taking him to an optometrist so he could get some contacts. Her reasoning being that when she showed him Nerima, she wanted him to actually see it.

Things between Ranma and Akane had been going pretty good as well, Mousse frowned at that thought. He never truly understood Ranma's departer, Mousse's frown deepened. Though he didn't understand it, he found he didn't want to understand it either in some ways. Mousse had never really gotten along with Ranma, once upon a time the got along just barely for the sake of Akane.
But now, Mousse would take him out as soon as he saw him, any feelings of respect gained during Saffron and there other misadventures were gone.

Mousse sat the food on the table, thinking of the past always hurt, but today was a new day. Mousse rubbed the cheek of the little boy who sat in a high chair rubbing at his eyes.

Giving a smile to him and then turning to give another to the mother, he began to eat.

Kazuki has two meanings "harmonious hope," or "one/first shine. Please review