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Mousse sat across from Akari in a small dinner on the outskirts of town.

He was currently trying to keep his mouth from hanging open.

"C-Could you repeat that?"

"Oh Mousse, did you get hit on the head one too many times, I said Ranma and Ryoga will be back in no time!"

"That's what I thought you said" he breathed out the words so soft she didn't hear him.

He was in shock, he was also completely understandably confused as hell and pissed off.

Akari looked at him confusedly, "Did you not know?"

Mousse shook his head so hard, she was afraid something popped.

She was now looking really concerned and worried. "I've been receiving letters from Ryoga for months, has Akane not received a thing? Truly? Maybe it's wrong address, I heard she moved. You know I haven't really kept contact with her in so long..."

The rest of whatever Akari was saying was lost on Mousse as he was currently stuck at the letter part and 10x more confused.

Akane wasn't receiving anything, is she was, she would have talked about it, if not to him, to somebody and she wasn't the type to hide, especially with a two year old boy who tries to get into everything he can and will tell the world everything.

And though she wasn't on the best terms with her father, he would never withhold something like this. Neither would either of her sisters, that could only mean someone was intercepting the mail.

But that didn't quite make sense either! With Nabiki's agents and eyes all over town, plus the fact she had been digging in the case for months, Wait!

It had to be someone under radar! Someone with no loyalties to the Tendo's or the town seeing how most people loved (Kasumi/Akane) and respected (Nabiki) and the fact it wasn't exactly a big town.

They were either under radar or there abilities were above, while it could fool the untrained, people like Mousse and Tofu should have picked up on it.

Deciding he needed to act fast, he interrupted Akari saying "Look it's been nice catching up but I remembered an errand I have to do, and was wondering if I could take on of the letters to ask Akane about?"

Akari smiled, though not completely fooled, "Sure Mousse, we'll talk another time"

"You are the best!" he said sincerely jumping up and practically bolting from the dinner.

As soon as he was outdoors, he pulled out his phone and hit speed dial "Doc it's me, and I've got news."

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