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Hushpuppy24: I just wrote this because I felt like rhyming for no reason...LOL...^^ Anyways, this is a little about Seto's feelings after Téa just left for a few days. Enjoy~!

From the Heart


The day you left, the day we parted
My heart broke into two.
To see you leave, to say goodbye
I never wanted to do.

But now you're gone, miles and miles away
And I to stand alone.
You'd given me faith, you'd given me hope
Of which I've never known.

Your loving kiss, your gentle touch
I could recall so very well.
Your courage, your love, your hope and light
Why I fell for you? I couldn't tell.

You were my guiding light
In the darkness that over came me.
You always had faith and always believed
In the person I thought I could not be.

You might not be here, but we're never apart
I've given you my heart to take.
It just goes to show, you've changed my life
You're the difference one person can make.

Hushpuppy24: Ok...I'm not good with poems...so yea... I tried my best ^^|| Review please...^^