Prologue: Humanity's saving Grace

It was the turn of the 22nd century and everything was well.

The humans were technically the rulers of the planet earth and sometime in the future would also have the power to rule the stars.

Technology though vastly improved from the age of information was still gravely incompetent for space travel. The development of such technology was put on hold for other more relevant technologies. Agricultural science, hydrology and meteorology were at the forefront of these relevant technologies.

Overpopulation and the gradual warming of the earth's climate dubbed the "Greenhouse effect" were beginning to take its toll on mankind during the mid-21st century. Earth's human population had reached a whopping 12 billion, twice as many since the year of 1999.

The greenhouse effect had also progressed to an extent that water was becoming a dwindling resource because the vast reservoir of fresh water that the Laurentian great lakes of North America provided was already running dangerously low and freshwater springs all around the world were all being exhausted. Water on the coastlines was receding and sea levels were dropping.

With so many mouths to feed and with water becoming an even more valuable resource, nations started to crumble due to famine and to it's off shoots: Arson and civil unrest. Such events were becoming commonplace in the fallen nations and as the refugees from these nations started to immigrate to other more fortunate nations.

It caused a ripple effect which resulted in the dissolution of more than a hundred countries and states while putting more pressure on worldwide organizations such as the United Nations to provide a solution for the problem.

Seeing that they were in dark and turbulent times, the United Nations decided to do what was natural to humans; conquering adversity through the application of human resilience and ingenuity: Technological Advancement.

This turn of events allowed the development of the "buttleflies"

-Huge 2 kilometers wide and 3 kilometers long metal satellites that oddly resemble butterflies (hence the namesake). They had a huge array of solar panels for wings that gathered the sunlight to power their thrusters and the weather changing devices in their centers, which were aptly named "Revitalizers".

These revitalizers that were part of the multiple butterflies that were currently orbiting around the earth were climate control modules that allowed mankind to change the ambient temperature to its liking. This had effectively solved the problem that was the greenhouse effect.

The man who had innovated the idea was not actually a man but rather a woman.

In a world that was still plagued with sexists and racial discriminants, Dr. Alexandria "Alexis" Harper, had proven that sometimes what the world needs is a good woman. This had the unintended effect of diminishing sexism and racism around the world due to the realization that such differences in race and sex may actual prevent humanity from becoming extinct.

Diversity was indeed key to survival.

With Dr. Alexis solving the problem of the ever dwindling supply of water and also accidentally solving the problem with racism and sexism, it was on another woman's shoulder that the problem of overpopulation was put on.

Dr. Joanna "Joan" Rosenberg told herself that Dr. Alexis had her work cut out for her because environmental problems were far easier to solve when compared to problems involving people. The diversity that she involuntarily showed to be a positive trait was a headache to her. People from different places had completely paradoxical requests and if she were to entertain one, it would make the opposing party all the more aggravated.

This is when Dr. Joanna made a scientific breakthrough by producing highly advanced Artificial Intelligences that were imprinted with the core programming of "following in humanities best interests". These AIs were able to provide solutions to their human masters that would not conflict with their other human masters.

These AIs were then spread through the internet and quickly saw application. Most of the world was now automated and the AIs themselves already had their own distinct personalities due to Dr. Joan's "learning" code. This code had allowed the AI's acquire and synthesize knowledge that would be required in fulfilling the interests of its masters.

This had the unintended effect of separate AI having different degrees of specialization. An AI that was made to cater to gardens would have an in depth vault of information in its data core about plant life and seasons but would not have information regarding the intricacies of human behavior. This flaw which Dr . Joan saw was then fixed by allowing the AI's to access a state of networking akin to how the internet worked.

Dr. Joan had designed a superstructure, entitled the "Conduit" that all AI's could upload and share their vast knowledge amongst other AI. This had led to a rate of efficiency that both AIs and human could not have predicted. Knowledge was now available to almost everyone at a moment's notice and the AIs had now provided the most complete source of facts of the entire world.

After seeing the effects of the temporary unity of the whole of mankind, the leaders of all nations agreed that it was beneficial to all. They had decided to establish a unifying government which they had decided to simply call "The Government"

Author comment: This is still the setting for story, the starcraft part will appear by the third chapter and the prototype part will appear by the fourth chapter