Diana was out of options.

She had no idea what to do left. Half of the world was in ruins, the vast majority of the Justice League was incapacitated, and the villain was winning. She wasn't in top shape herself; several of her ribs were broken, her right arm was fractured in three different places, her head was pounding inside of her skull, one of her legs were covered in burns, and a lot of other injuries. She was on her knees, glaring at the perpetrator that had done all of this without any hesitance. "Circe," she growled, her voice thick with malice and pain merged into one.

The witch chuckled, standing over the fallen Amazon. "In all my years of trying to defeat you, I'd never suspect this to happen," she said. "I was only aiming to take you down, but I've managed to defeat you and all of your friends. That is what I would call a bonus."

Diana clenched her hands, keeping her anger in check. Giving in to Circe would only let her win, which was something she was desperate to keep from happening. "Where's Superman?"

Clark had been the first one to see what was going on when there was reported activity near Greece earlier. That was the last anyone from the League had seen of him. Not even an hour after he left the Watchtower things progressed negatively to the point that group after group was sent to try to put a stop to the witch. Everyone failed.

"Oh, he's in good hands," Circe replied, her red eyes twinkling darkly. "Trust me, you won't even miss him."

That was a complete lie, and both women knew it. For one thing, Diana and Clark had finally tied the knot after dating for two years and knowing each other for eight. She was no longer the naïve—most of the time—hot-headed woman and he was no longer the distant, quiet man they had been when they first met. They had shared their first kiss on top of the Lincoln Memorial, which left Diana confused from the newfound emotions and Clark berating himself for acting too quickly, for she had just gone through a lot of turmoil days before.

For weeks she avoided him, and he had thought that his move was completely out of place and was stupid. After finally getting her to listen to him, they talked about it and decided to date for the first time. It led to where they were at now, and they were both thankful for it.

"I'd rather he be stranded on a red sun than with you," Diana hissed, glaring weakly at Circe. The pain was starting to get to her, and her vision was starting to get fuzzy. Damn the fact that she specializes in turning people into animals.

All day Diana had to battle magical tigers, lions, snakes, elephants, rhinos, and just about anything else that could kill a normal human in moments. In addition to her other injuries she was covered in several bite marks scratches from paws that had managed to get her.

Circe feigned hurt. "Oh, really now? I thought we were best friends, Wonder Woman. That hurt my feelings."

"Save it, you witch. You know as well as I do that I want nothing to do with you. Now what did you do with Superman?"

The witch sighed, pretending to be looking at her nails. "Oh, Wonder Woman, why don't you just join me? You're the most powerful female on this planet possibly the entire universe, and I'm the most powerful 'witch' in the entire universe. With the two of us partnered together, we will be the most unstoppable team!"

"Get this through your skull, you pig-headed woman," Diana said through clenched teeth. "We are never going to be on the same team. You will always remain evil, and I will always remain good. The day I decide to join you on your quest for dominance is the day Tartarus freezes over. That day will never come, so my answer is no."

Circe shook her head, clicking her tongue. "That's too bad, Wonder Woman. Maybe then I could've let him go with no harm. But that can't happen now, can it?"

Diana's blood ran cold at the thought of what the witch was implying. A hand was waved, and a portal opened. It showed Clark in chains, bruised and battered in some sort of dark cave. Circe smirked when Diana started screaming at him. "He can't hear you, my dear," she cackled. "It's one-way. He can't see or hear us, but we can see and hear him."

Gritting her teeth together, Diana stood up, her stance wobbly from her injuries. Her vision was blurry to the point that she could barely recognize Circe, only making out hazy details of the witch. She decided to rely on her hearing, which was still sharp (but not as much). Readying herself, she charged towards Circe.

Circe merely dodged the punch that was directed towards her, tapping Diana on the shoulder as the Amazon sped past her. A jolt of pain erupted from where she touched her at and shot down her arm. Groaning, Diana stopped, clutching at it. Seconds later it went limp, dangling at her side

"In case you're wondering, I just weakened every muscle and nerve cell in your arm," Circe said, chuckling again. "My, you are getting weak. Is age finally beginning to get to you?"

Diana merely ignored the comment, slightly annoyed. She was only twenty-six and still in her prime, in fact would always be. Due to her being immortal and father being Zeus, Greek King of the Gods, her aging would stop soon, and she'd always look in her twenties, even when she was a thousand years old. She would try to not think about it much, as the thought of living forever caused her to cringe. Death was something she was not accustomed to, for she had grown up on an island where everyone was immortal and would never die.

Her first taste of death was when she had to help Clark, Bruce, Barry, Hal, Victor, and Arthur defeat Darkseid when she was only eighteen and fresh out of Themyscira. It troubled her, how easily someone could take a human life without second thought. With each death she had seen it caused her to get more and more worked up, but with her being a warrior she hid it behind fury and a thirst for battle. However, when it was over and they parted ways, she found herself troubled once more. She wanted to return home, but feared that danger could return at any moment and she'd hear from it too late, but literally knew nobody outside of the island. She retreated to New York City, watching the busy streets from above a skyscraper.

It was then that Diana had formally met Clark, who had flown down to her upon doing a round of checking the Earth by flying over cities. He sat next to her and tried to get her to talk, but she, wanting to be alone for the first time in her life, chose to ignore him. It was when he made it known that he wouldn't leave until she spoke did she finally talk. She ended up enjoying his company, listening intently to what he had to say. She found herself feeling different around him, but squashed it down and played it off as newfound nervousness due to never being this close to a man before. But she still wondered about it.

Clark had asked her if she had anywhere to go, and she had shaken her head no. He offered to find her a place, but she insisted that she'd be fine and flew off before he could say anything else. She knew nothing of his being Clark Kent at the time, knowing only his Kal-El persona. She wanted nothing to do with him and opted to fly around, since she hardly needed sleep. In fact, the only time she even touched a bed was when she was severely injured and required bed-rest. Even then she was stubborn and would try to get out as much as possible.

"Age must be getting to me? Clearly you haven't looked in a mirror lately," Diana said, her own smirk stretching her lips. Despite the pain she was still able to think clearly. Anger was something she tended to avoid, but at this point it was something she had to rely on. Getting Circe angry could cause her to begin thinking irrationally, which could cause some things to backfire for the witch.

Circe huffed in annoyance. "I'll have you know that I don't age! In fact, I've looked this way since I was twenty-five!"

Diana grimaced teasingly. "Twenty-five? Are you sure it isn't fifty? Being an immortal being like yourself can cause you to lose track of time, which I'm sure you have."

"You little…" A spell was cast towards her way. She jumped over the beam and kicked the witch, sending her flying a few yards away. Growling, Circe landed on her feet and hastily sent another blast of magic towards the Amazon. She dodged it again, slamming her fists onto the ground. The move caused the ground to crumble around them. Circe was temporarily caught off guard, and during those few seconds Diana punched her hard enough to send her flying into a building.

Not long passed before the witch recovered, so angry that her magical aura was glowing. "That's it! I tired of playing games! This ends now!"

She pointed at the portal that was still open, chanting some sort of ancient incantation. Diana only had moments to react, and she did so by trying to knock Circe unconscious. However, the moment she made the final blow Circe faltered on a word, yet the spell was still fired. Clark was hit dead on, crying out in shock and pain.

"No!" Diana screamed, tossing Circe aside. She jumped through the portal, batting away the smoke that collected. She expected to see an animal version of Clark somehow, perhaps a tiger, or even more likely a lion.

But what she saw when the smoke cleared shocked her completely.

What was there wasn't an animal, but a small boy wearing an exact copy of Clark's uniform. Diana wanted to believe that it wasn't who she thought it was, but the blue eyes and spit-curl made it all too obvious.

The boy glanced up with watery eyes, sniffling as he turned to Diana. "…Mommy?"

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