Clark woke up early the next morning, the sun barely up over the horizon. He yawned and glanced at Diana, who was sitting in a chair next to the bed. Her head was resting on the edge as she slept, clearly exhausted. From what, he didn't know.

He grabbed the sheet off of the bed and covered Diana in it. He thought about pushing her onto the bed but didn't want to risk making her fall to the floor or waking her up. Instead he pushed the chair a little closer so that her head wasn't completely on the edge.

When he finished that he suddenly felt his stomach growl and headed towards the kitchen, which was right next to the living room. Going in the fridge, he saw a tray of pasta and a large pitcher of juice sitting on one of the shelves. That's all Mommy has? She needs to eat more, he thought as he pulled the pasta out.

Deciding to make some for Diana and grabbing a couple plates, he shoveled about half of the pasta onto them and put it in the microwave. He then grabbed two cups and poured majority of the juice into them before sitting them at the table.

Clark, instantly bored, went to living room to watch TV. As he turned to watch a cartoon, he glanced back at Diana, who was still asleep. I wonder why she's so tired, he thought as he turned back to the TV. I hope she's fine. He looked at the clock; 6:30 AM. If Diana wasn't up within an hour he would wake her up himself.

He didn't understand why he'd rather have Diana with him than anywhere else. Several times during the night he would rouse into a semiconscious state and check to see if she was still there. The moment he saw her he relaxed and fell back asleep.

The dream he had didn't help matters at all, either. That night he dreamt that he lived on a large farm with an elderly couple. They were so kind to him, so caring…and then he woke up. It confused him to no end. Just who were they? And what did they mean to him? He had absolutely no idea who they were, or why he had even dreamt of them. So why did they appear in his mind?

Diana sighed, staring at Clark from her open bedroom door. She'd been watching the boy ever since he had woken up that morning, and she had to admit it was similar to the time he'd usually wake up. To be honest, she didn't sleep at all last night, only pretending to in order to keep him calm whenever he moved around.

Whenever she saw him about to look her way she would close her eyes, opening them when the feeling of someone was looking at her was gone. She watched with mirth as Clark raided her fridge and made himself a plate. Since the kitchen was off to the side, she could only see a part of it and could no longer see him when he moved more to the left. Then she depended on her ears, listening to him.

Now he was in the living room, a half-filled cup sitting on the table while a plate of pasta rested on his lap. The same cartoon from the night before was on again, and although intrigued by the show's nature, found no actual interest in watching it, although Clark's laughs of delight were pleasant to listen to.

The next time she glanced at the clock in her room it was nearly 7:00. She decided to get up, pushing the chair back over to its original spot. The moment she walked out of the room Clark turned around, smiling at her. "Morning!" he called happily, a grin on his dirtied face. Bits and smears of cheese and sauce covered his mouth as the vast majority of it appeared on his teeth.

Diana couldn't help but chuckle. "Good Morning, Clark. How are you feeling today?"

"Fine." He quickly resumed eating.

He didn't see her smile falter slightly from his answer. She was hoping that he'd at least have some sort of recollection of his "past" life, but evidently he didn't since he only gave her that answer. Turning her head slightly, she noticed a plate and cup sitting in the kitchen. He still has his thoughtful heart, she thought, resting a hand in the boy's hair. "Since I have no clothes for you, I'm going to go out with you today and buy you some. Is that fine with you?"

Clark turned back to her, nodding. "It's fine. When are we going?"

"Around noon. "

He nodded again before facing the TV again, giggling every few seconds. It reminded Diana of her husband's laughter, in fact being nearly identical save for the obvious differences.

Just thinking about that made her miss him even more. Yes, he was absolutely adorable now, but she longed for the man that would give up everything just to make his wife happy. In fact, numerous times he said that if she were to lose her powers and only be able to be Diana Prince, than he'd be right there alongside her, being Clark Kent whenever he could. More than once he stated that he would even give up his powers just to be with her. Every time he said it she would laugh with joy, happy that their love was still strong.

And now it seemed to exist still, but in another way.

Clark now thought of her as his mother, or at least a mother-figure. As cute as it was, she didn't want that. If she was being honest she'd admit that the thought of having children hardly ever crossed her mind. As stated before, yes she and Clark occasionally discussed it, but she never really thought about it. She was twenty-six and young, internally young. She'd look this age forever, no matter what year or physical objects she'd come across.

That was one reason why she didn't want to have children. She was immortal; Clark was Kryptonian. Though it was proven that he'd live as long as there was a yellow sun, he'd eventually age within time. By the time they were in their thousands he'd look to be like the average thirty five—forty year old man, and millenniums after that he'd look like the average middle-aged man. Several more after that he'd appear as the average elderly man.

All the while she remained in her prime.

And as with everything mortal, Clark had a time where he'd finally leave the Earth for another plane of existence. She couldn't join him, no matter how hard she tried. She was immortal, always remaining youthful and alive. She still wasn't used to death, and in fact was certain that she'd never grasp the concept of it as much as the others could. They all knew just how fragile a human's life could be; she on the other hand was the living proof of everlasting life, remaining for thousands, millions, billions years to come.

Whenever she engaged in a battle that threatened someone's life, her demeanor would change greatly. She'd go from a woman going only by justice and peace to a woman that would do anything to preserve as much life as possible. She nearly killed Darkseid once over her anger at how he was determined to eradicate all life on Earth. She had to witness countless deaths at the hands of the warlord, and it slowly became too much for her to bear. Like the incident with Circe, majority of the Justice League were unable to help, either from dealing with their own missions having to do with Darkseid or too injured to attempt to. Darkseid had Batman and Superman in his clutches, threatening to kill both of them with a single blow if she had so much as moved from her spot.

She was torn between saving the world, and saving her best friends. Of course she was dead-set on saving Earth, but they were her closest friends, the first friends she'd ever made. Despite whatever anyone thought she was just as human as everyone else. She was still human, she still had feelings just like everyone else. The only difference between them and her was that she hid it behind her warrior persona, which was to leave feelings behind. There was no need for them. That was what she was taught growing up.

Darkseid tortured all three of them, hurting Bruce and Clark while forcing Diana to watch in horror. Bruce passed out minutes later and was tossed aside, and Darkseid's complete attention was turned onto Clark. After what seemed like forever, he got bored with him and started to burn a hole in Clark's abdomen, intent on killing him.

That's when Diana snapped.

She sped forward towards the two so quickly that Darkseid was taken by surprise. She landed a barrage of punches and kicks on him, her anger controlling her movements. She couldn't have stopped herself even if she wanted to, and she didn't want to in the least.

It was when a hand grabbed her wrist that she finally ceased her one-sided fight. It was Clark, bruised and bloodied. His tired eyes were silently begging her to stop before she did something she'd regret, and after a long moment she released the New God, flying away.

"…Mommy? Mommy, are you okay?" A small hand gripped Diana's tightly. She jumped slightly, roused from the depths of her mind, the part where she stored all of her cold, unrelenting memories.

"Yes, Clark?"

He was hugging her leg again, trembling. "I kept calling you, but you didn't answer me. You stood there, but you said nothing."

She realized that she was quite literally standing in the same spot she was before and was like that for over twenty minutes. Hera, I have got to stop doing that, she mentally scolded herself. "I'm fine, Clark. I was just thinking again."

"Can you tell me what it was?"

You already know what it is. "…No, I can't. It's…personal."

"How? Am I a part of it?"

Oh, you have no idea. "Somewhat."

"So why can't you tell me?"

"I just can't, Clark." She started to move, but he tightened his grip on her, a familiar look of determination in his eyes.

"You're upset, aren't you?"

Diana quickly shook her head. "What would give you that idea?"

"You. You keep spacing out and staring at nothing, and when I ask you about it you say it's nothing. It is something, so what is it?"

It was her husband all over again. Nobody else could pinpoint her distress, but he'd notice it spot on. Whenever he did he would pester her about it until she confessed what was troubling her, and then he would comfort her. The miniature version of him was a striking image to what she remembered vividly.

She found it harder and harder to deny the child and had to close her eyes in order to say, "Clark, I'm fine. Honestly, I am. There is nothing wrong."

Lying made her feel all the more guilty. But Clark accepted her answer, backing away. "If you say so!" He was back to his cheery, childlike behavior now and bounded back to the TV, laying across the couch.

Diana looked wistfully at him, a sad smile on her face. If only you knew…

A few hours later, Diana was walking down a street, carrying a few bags of outfits for Clark. He walked beside her, eating an ice cream cone she brought for him after she was done shopping.

In order to further distill the thought of her being Wonder Woman, she hid her eyes behind a pair of false eyeglasses, had her hair pulled back into a ponytail, and wore a black jacket, a purple shirt, dark jeans, and dark boots, as well as a brimmed hat to hide her comlink. Everyone usually pictured her as wearing almost nothing, so the more she wore the less thought anyone would have of her being even remotely similar to the heroine.

The morning had been hell for her, starting with giving Clark a bath. She had told the boy to take his time in the tub, but then discovered after five minutes that he had absolutely no idea how to not make a mess. In five minutes half of the bathroom was covered in suds, and he was sitting in the middle of it, giggling at all of the bubbles and blowing them everywhere. Despite her slight annoyance she found it funny and ended up laughing along with him.

What happened afterwards was something she'd rather forget, and thanks to her memory she won't. She had no idea how Clark managed to drain an entire supply of soap, so she had to use an old trick from Themyscira and make her own soap. The thing was that, if not used properly, it could cause burns, so she had to wash him.

Kal, you owe me greatly for that, she thought, a deep blush across her face. She'd never seen Clark naked before, and this was pushing boundaries.

Afterwards, she had to dig around her room again to find him something to wear. She was very tempted to sew something for him but decided against it. Gifted hands she may have, there were some things the gods did not bless her with, and sewing was one of them. Once, during an injury that required constant bed rest, she, out of complete boredom, attempted to sew a shirt. She ended up with something only a demented alien could be proud of.

She eventually found a pair of baggy jeans that when cut could, somehow, fit him, and cut a shirt so he'd be able to wear it. Then they took off to the stores.

That was a mistake.

Clark had been so mesmerized by the entire experience that whenever he saw clothes he'd yank them off of their hanger or hook. Within a half hour he had demolished majority of the clothes, and whatever wasn't touched was fiercely protected by the people that worked there. Diana ended up paying for everything after sheepishly apologizing, saying that he merely got excited.

A few more hours passed before they were done. As they walked, her comlink went off, and she heard Vic's voice. "Diana, can you hear me?"

She glanced around. Noticing nobody around them, she whispered low enough so that Clark couldn't hear, "Yes, I can. What's wrong?"

There was a long pause. "…It's Circe. She's awake."

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