"Why do you have to leave, Mommy?"

Diana sighed, turning her attention to Clark. She had told him earlier that she had to leave for some time, but didn't tell him why. "I just have to. I promise I'll be back."

He pouted. "So why do I have to stay with Barry?"

"I would let you stay with Bruce, but I think he has a grudge against you now. Vic's always busy, Arthur's alternating between the ocean and here, and I'm afraid to leave you alone with Hal. Besides, Barry likes kids, so it won't be too bad."

Clark still didn't look interested. "But I want to go with you."

"And you can't. Something can happen to you while I'm there, and that's something I'd rather not happen. I want you to stay with him until I return. Will you be good for me while I'm gone?"

There was a pause. It was as if Clark was pondering whether to misbehave or not. Diana repeated what she said, and he reluctantly nodded. "Good," she said, picking him up. She spoke into her comlink, and moments later they were both in the Watchtower, right in front of Barry's room.

He answered the door before she could even knock. "Hello," he greeted. "I see you brought Clark. Getting ready to go so soon?"

Diana nodded. "I have to, Barry. The sooner I can get the spell the sooner things will be back tomorrow." She handed Clark over and turned around to leave.


It was Clark. "Yes?" she asked, not bothering to face him. She heard his footsteps get closer and closer before feeling him hugging her legs.

"Don't get hurt," he said into her legs. "Promise you'll come back?"

This time she did look at him, and she was smiling while doing so. "Of course," she said, kneeling down and hugging him back. "I promise I'll come back." She parted. "Be good for Barry, alright?"

This time Clark nodded without any hesitance. "That's my boy," she found herself saying. She blinked; where did that come from?

Brushing it off, she thanked Barry again and waved the pair goodbye before walking throughout the Watchtower, going to an airlock. Since discovering that she could at the least hold her breath long enough to travel deep into space, she found it unnecessary to be teleported back to Earth when there was certainly no rush (although she wanted to get this over with as soon as possible). Going out of it, she flew towards the planet, heading straight towards her apartment.

As she drew closer, her mind wandered to the previous days she had spent with Clark. Over two weeks had passed since he had been changed into a child, and to her utter surprise she wasn't as upset over it as she had been when it first happened. In fact, she almost felt like regretting having to do this, but her love for her husband would always push it away. She had only one goal, and it was to return him back to normal.

With that in mind, though, she couldn't help but think of the nights she spent with Clark recently, how comfortable and relaxed she felt with him. Yes, she enjoyed children, but never actually spent time with one and therefore was somewhat reluctant to actually raise one of her own, although the prospect of it was enticing, thrilling, and scary at the same time. With Clark, she realized just how much joy a child could bring to one's life, and with each passing day her desire to have her own child grew.

We must have another discussion about this, she thought. The mere thought of one day raising her own son or daughter excited her, and she realized that she was smiling. No, we ARE going to have another discussion about this. However, whatever decision we come to I will stand beside it. If he is uncomfortable with having a child, I will respect his wishes. Or perhaps he will want to wait…

Excited or not, Diana still always thought of others before herself. She would rather have everyone happy while she was miserable, hence the reason why she and Clark took so long to get together in the first place despite knowing each other for a while. He was happy with his own life, and she saw no desire to ruin it. To this day it's the only thing that has made her close to death, for the stress she had to deal with combined with the increasing insanity she had undergone during those long, torturous months it took for her to descend to her unstable state. Although she had sworn she would never let herself reach such a position again, she knew that if it meant sacrificing her own joy in order to let others experience it she'd do the same thing again.

In a matter of minutes she was in her apartment again. She went straight for her bedroom, grabbing the staff that her half-brother Hermes had given her as, what he called it, a "very, very, very late birthday present". It gave her the ability to travel between the real world and the Greek gods' realm, and had the ability to disappear and reappear at will there so that she didn't have to carry it everywhere she went.

The staff glowed to life as its light surrounded Diana, and she felt lighter and lighter until realizing that she was no longer in London, but in Olympia, the home of the Greek gods. To say it was beautiful is an understatement; there was no sign of human marks, such as litter strewn around everywhere or any sort of pollution. It was one of the purest types of places to ever be, and yet she wouldn't trade living on Earth for this for anything.

Now, to find Hera, she thought with a grimace. The goddess never really liked the fact that she had yet another stepdaughter from her husband's infidelity, and Diana knew that it didn't help that Hera had begrudgingly acclaimed that she was the closest to their true strength and wisdom. Even without the gods' blessings, she had said upon their last meeting, she is significantly stronger than her older half-brother, Heracles and rivals her half-sister, Athena in wisdom, and these two alone fuels her hatred for the demigoddess. What made her so special from Zeus' other demigod children?

Diana knew what it was, though. She was naturally gifted with her brute strength from her Amazonian background. The Amazons were already much stronger than the usual human, and she adopted her talents from intense training, all of which started when she was a mere child.

As she moved through Olympus, she detected a presence nearby and spun around to face it. Nothing was there, so she kept walking, this time more cautious of her surroundings. I could have sworn someone was right behind me, she thought, occasionally glancing around. Maybe this realm has an effect on my mind. It may have when I first came here…

A surge of alarm swept through her when a blinding light flashed in front of her, causing her to shut her eyes. She felt herself being lifted into the air by something warm. Opening her eyes, she found herself face to face with the most menacing and dark expression she'd ever seen.

Hera glared at her, her eyes practically burning a hole through the demigoddess. "What are you doing here?"

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