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Summary: During a battle with Allen, Tyki loses control of his Noah and Joido decides to make Allen his mate, by force. The Dark Order declares Allen a traitor, he has to find a way to be an expelled exorcist while being the pregnant mate of the third Noah, who is actually a very good lover, unlike Joido. How will this turn out? Even I don't know, read to find out! Lemons, non-con and Mpreg

Pairings: Tyki/Allen aka Poker Pair

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Warning: This chapter is MA rated and includes graphic rape.

Those who really love you don't mean to hurt you and if they do, you can't see it in their eyes but it hurts them too.

~Holly Black

"Allen Walker." Allen gasped in pain as the Noah of Pleasure yanked the teen's left arm backwards, the exorcist's nerves screaming in agony at the tightness in his muscles.

"Tyki Mikk…you bastard…Clown Belt!" The white haired teen bit out as strands of his white coat shot out in the Noah's direction.

"Oto…that was close~" Tyki chuckled as he easily danced out of the way, landing on a nearby pedestal. Allen panted as he gripped his limp arm, his left hand spasming uncontrollably.

Three days ago, he had been sent on a mission to retrieve an Innocence fragment that the Finders had found in Tibet. As usual, Link had come with him, dragging those horrid questionnaires along for the ride. It should have been an easy mission, the Order being careful not to take on anything too serious while transferring Headquarters. How did it turn out like this…Allen gritted his teeth, trying not to look at Link and the strung up Finders. He didn't even know if any of them were still alive.

"How dare you…all those Finders…HOW DARE YOU! TYKI MIKK!" Allen cried, glaring at the dark skinned man. Tyki grinned widely, bringing his blood soaked hand to his lips and licking the exorcist's blood off it.

"Still so naïve, Shonen…ah…your blood is so sweet, let me see you spill more!" Tyki's grin turned savage, his pupils dilating with madness as tentacles emerged from his back and his knight-like armour appeared, becoming the awakened Noah, Joido.

"Geh!" Allen choked as Joido rushed at him, pressing him against the floor with his tentacles, the awakened Noah's hand keeping his head pressed against the ground with a firm grip on his white hair. Allen writhed, trying to dislodge Joido's grip. He grimaced, turning his face away as the demonic Noah leaned in, his mouth positioned over the place where neck and shoulder met, fangs bared in a maniacal grin.


Pain blossomed in Allen's right shoulder as sharp fangs sank into his flesh, drawing blood and grinding against his bone.

"AHHHHHH!" Allen's shout echoed across the ballroom as his body seized up in pain. His breaths came in harsh pants as Joido's teeth released his shoulder, the teen's body going limp as the awakened Noah shifted over him. There was a ripping sound and Allen glanced at himself, taking his eyes off the bloody smile that Joido was sporting to find the source of the sound.

The exorcist felt a chill go down his spine as he watched the monstrous tentacles tear at his clothes, Joido's hands helping the process as the Noah gripped his jacket and ripped it open, quickly going for his undershirt as well.

"Stop! Tyki Mikk!" Allen cried as he struggled to move, his arms and legs straining against the strong grip of the Noah's tentacles. He gasped as he was completely revealed and several tentacles slipped around his body, the leathery texture causing goosebumps to form across his skin.

"Ah!" Allen's back arched as a tentacle curled around his exposed member, tugging harshly at his flaccid cock as two more circled and pinched his nipples.

"Guh…hah…" The white haired boy gasped and choked as his body was caressed roughly, the strange sensations causing his member to harden slowly against his will. His wide eyes fixed on the leering face of his violator as the tentacles around his ankles positioned him so that his knees were almost touching his shoulders. He tensed as he felt something hot pressing against his entrance, the folds of Joido's clothing parting to reveal the long and thick erection resting between his legs.

"Please! Stop! Tyki!" Allen cried out as tears gathered in his eyes, a physiological reaction to the fear he was feeling. The beast paused for a moment, surprising Allen as Joido caressed his face gently, as though apologizing. Unconsciously, the soothing touch caused Allen's body to relax and the moment the tension left the teen's body, Joido shoved forward, his hardness burying itself deep within the exorcist's body.

"GAHHHHHHH!" Allen released a scream of pure agony as he felt his insides rip, the hard rod within him entering him so deep that he imagined that he could almost feel it in his throat. The Noah paused for a moment, his body shaking with pleasure as he savoured the feeling of being buried in Allen's warmth.

He gasped in pain as he felt the Noah pull out slightly, his movement made easier by the blood flowing from the wounds in his rectum. He relaxed slightly, thinking that Joido was going to stop, when the Noah slammed back into him.

"HIAAAA!" Allen shrieked as Joido began to thrust in and out of him at a desperate pace, the Noah groaning in pleasure as he ravaged the exorcist's body. The teen cried out repeatedly, tears running down his face as his virgin entrance was rubbed raw from the friction, his shaft completely flaccid in his agony.

Allen gasped for breath, gripping the tentacles holding his wrists down as Joido began moving even faster, the Noah's pace erratic as he neared completion. The white haired teen clenched his eyes as he mentally begged his assaulter to finish faster, barely feeling anything save for the all consuming pain that pulsed deep within him.

"AHHHHHH!" Allen screamed again as Joido suddenly bit down on the previously inflicted bite wound, pressing deep inside him causing his entrance to hurt even more as a fiery liquid gushed inside him, coating his insides with the Noah's seed.

"Hah…gah…kuh…" Allen gasped and choked, writhing as Joido bit down even harder on his shoulder while carefully easing his hard blood coated member from the exorcist's entrance. The white haired teen panted as a lukewarm sensation began to spread from the bite in his shoulder before the Noah retracted his teeth, giving the bleeding bite mark several licks with his long tongue.

Allen moaned, feeling the wound on his shoulder close as Joido's tentacles pulled his legs even higher, bringing his entrance to Joido's eye level. A deep fire surged through Allen's veins when Joido held his bottom up, his fingers spreading Allen's ass cheeks to reveal the bleeding entrance.

"Ah!" Allen gasped as he felt something wet and warm lapping at his sore entrance, his eyes closing as pleasure surged through his body. His back arched as the fire in his veins quickened at the sensation of Joido pressing his tongue deep inside him, coating his wounds with the Noah's saliva.

"Hah…ah…nng!" Allen's eyes snapped open, horrified that he had made such an erotic sound, his face reddened as he could practically feel the smugness radiating off the Noah of Pleasure. Joido grinned in triumph when his tongue encountered no traces of his ejaculation, feeling pleased that his chosen had accepted the initial planting of his seed.

"Ah! Ahn! Mmng!" Allen gasped and moaned as the tentacles that had stilled when Joido entered him began to move along his flesh, the movements of leathery tentacle around his rising hardness causing him to writhe and arch in pure pleasure as his internal wounds gradually stopped hurting.

"Ah…hah…Ty…ki…" The exorcist moaned deliriously, pleasure surging through him, driving any other thought from his mind as his hips gyrated, searching for more contact from the Noah above him. Joido grinned, tightening the tentacle around the exorcist's shaft, preventing his release as he revelled in the begging in Allen's voice, feeling pleased as the teen called the name of his host.

Allen sighed as the tentacles around his wrists and ankles loosened as the Noah repositioned him so that he was sitting in Joido's lap. The white haired teen groaned as he felt the Noah's hardness rubbing along the crack of his ass, the feeling strangely pleasurable as the tentacles rubbed along his body, leaving a trail of fire everywhere they touched.

"Tyki…hah…mumph!" Allen moaned as Joido captured his mouth, his long tongue stroking the inside of his mouth, rubbing along his gums and dipping into the back of his throat. His hips bucked against the Noah's hard abdomen, moaning like a bitch in heat as Joido caressed his hot body.

"…please…Tyki…" Allen gasped, drops of pre-cum leaking from the tip of his shaft as the Noah stroked his wet entrance with a damp finger. Joido grinned as he pressed his thumb into the slit of Allen's weeping length, collecting the liquid and bringing it to his lips with a groan of pleasure.

"Ahn!" Allen cried out as the Noah lifted him slightly before lowering him onto the hard rod with slow precision. His back arched as he felt the heat of Joido's rod enter him, slightly surprised when he felt no pain at the intrusion. The exorcist moaned as he was filled, pleasure engulfing him as he clung to Joido's shoulders, his eyes wide with ecstasy from their joining.

"Ah…hah…uh?" Allen blinked as the Noah stayed still, his hands moving slowly over Allen's back and thighs. The white haired boy squirmed, feeling a strange desire curl in his belly as he eyed the sadistic grin on the Noah's face.

A moment passed before Allen caved, the lust in his body could not be denied and he found himself pressing his lips to the Noah's as his hips began to move on their own. With a needy moan, the exorcist coaxed Joido's grinning mouth open as he shyly pressed his tongue against the Noah's, moans escaping him as he rode the large shaft within him.

"Ah! Ty…ki…let me…please…" Allen begged as he rolled his hips erotically, trying to reach completion despite the tight grip of the tentacle around his erection. He tugged at the tentacles keeping his hands on Joido's shoulders, wanting to release himself from the blissful agony of not being able to cum.

The Noah grinned triumphantly at the sound of his little one begging for release as he wrapped his fingers around Allen's thighs, lifting the boy slightly as he began to thrust into the tight hole, groaning as the boy's walls clenched and pulsed around his shaft.

"HIYAAA!" Allen shrieked as he felt the rod within him press against something that made his ass clench and his member to harden even more. The Noah's grin widened as Joido began to thrust against that bundle of nerves, taking pleasure in the teen's cries and moans.

"Ah!" Allen cried out as Joido's thrusts slammed against his erogenous spot at an erratic pace, the Noah's panting filled his ears and he felt an uplifting sensation knowing that he was affecting the Noah so strongly. The exorcist moaned loudly as Joido slammed deep within him before a warm feeling oozed into his body, the strange feeling of being filled with the Noah's seed bringing immense pleasure to the aroused teen.

"Hah…ah…Ty…ki…please…let me cum…" Allen gasped, his hardness throbbing with the desire to ejaculate. The Noah simply licked the tears flowing from Allen's face before flipping the boy over so that he was on all fours on the floor before continuing to thrust into the teen. The Noah's hardness having never left the exorcist's body, keeping the semen trapped inside the boy as he slammed into him repeatedly without pause, filling him over and over again with his seed.

~Poker Pair~

Allen could only breathe harshly as heat poured into his insides yet again. His slender legs were hitched over the Noah's shoulders as Joido pounded into the exorcist's exhausted body. Allen groaned, wondering how he still had the strength to roll his hips to meet the Noah's thrusts. He had lost track of how many times the Noah had cummed inside him, his abdomen slightly rounded with the Noah's seed.

"Hah…ahgn…Ty…ki…please…" Allen rasped, his hardness throbbing with an unhealthy looking shade of purple, straining against the tentacle still wrapped around it. The Noah lapped at the perspiration on his neck with a low whine of apology as Joido continued to thrust, the exorcist moaning at the feeling of the Noah's semen squishing and sloshing within him.

Allen felt his strength weakening as he arched against the Noah, his ass greedily taking the large shaft that never seemed to deflate. The exorcist moaned as he felt Joido speed up again, a strange feeling beginning to spread through his body from the large bite mark in his shoulder. Joido grinned through his exhaustion, tipping his head to the side, baring his neck for the exorcist.

Allen cried out as the tentacle around his swollen shaft loosened abruptly and he suddenly surged forward to sink his teeth into the Noah's right shoulder just as Joido did the same to him, large fangs sinking deep into the bite mark he had earlier. The exorcist groaned around his mouthful of blood as his erection spurted semen across his abdomen at the same moment when the Noah emptied his last load into the white haired boy.

Allen jolted a few times, gripping Joido's shoulders as he shot load after load, feeling a sense of relief as his hardness deflated and the strain in his abdomen ease as the bump that had formed in his lower abdomen slowly deflated.

"Hah…hah…" The teen panted as he pulled his teeth from the Noah's shoulder, the black blood trickling from his lips as he swallowed the mouthful of blood he had taken in. Barely noticing the ripples moving over the place where he had bitten the Noah as he gradually lost consciousness. The exorcist's body went limp as Joido gently pulled out of his damp entrance, the Noah panting from the exertion of the many rounds they had done, feeling satisfied when none of his seed escaped the opening.

Joido gazed at his little one, admiring the sated and exhausted expression on the boy's face as his seal formed over the bite mark he had made. The awakened Noah grinned in satisfaction as it finally retreated, allowing his host to emerge.

~Poker Pair~

Tyki groaned as his body was suddenly struck with a feeling of sated exhaustion. A disoriented moment passed before the man realised that he was straddling an unconscious and clearly fucked out Allen Walker. His eyes widened before he shot backwards as though the boy had a highly contagious infection.

Tyki only made it a few metres however, before he crumpled to the floor, feeling as though he had just run a marathon. The Noah panted for a moment, trying to regain the energy that he had clearly used up fucking the brains out of a certain white haired exorcist. He ran a hand through his hair, his memories were broken up as they usually were when Joido took over.

Tyki grimaced, remembering how the taste of Allen Walker's blood had done something to him, it had unleashed a wave unexplainable emotions, causing Joido to take control of him without his consent.

Searching his memories from when he was suppressed, he realised that his awakened Noah had clearly gone bat shit crazy and basically raped the young man who started behaving like a bitch in heat when Joido had bitten him. The Noah wondered what had happened to the copious amount of semen in the boy's body, the bulge created by his fluids in the boy's body had disappeared and it clearly hadn't left the boy's body though his exit. Tyki frowned, pushing it out of his mind before crawling over to the naked boy to examine the bite he had given the exorcist.

Tyki's eyebrows shot up as he studied the butterfly style mark that had formed over the healed wound. Wondering why Joido had marked the boy and what it meant, his eyes inadvertently roved over the exorcist's slim figure that he had secretly admired every time they fought.

A strange feeling of possessiveness overtook the Noah and Tyki quickly removed the long white vest-like coat he had been wearing to cover the boy, not wanting anyone else to see what belonged to him. Tyki groaned as he sat back on his heels, trying not to think of the soft skin and tight heat that he remembered from his sketchy memory of Joido's deed.

The Noah stood shakily. Either way, he should probably bring the teen back to the Earl. It looked like quite a few hours had passed since their battle started and he needed to get back before he passed out from exhaustion. As he leaned down to pick up the boy, the door of the ballroom burst open.

"Allen!" Three voices simultaneously cried out. Tyki jumped a few feet back narrowly dodging the large hammer swung his way. The Noah frowned in irritation as the pretty female exorcist rushed over to protect his boy from him, the red haired bookman junior and the blue haired exorcist charged at him with hammer and katana raised.

"Che." Tyki glared as he saw the girl begin to touch his white haired boy. His distraction and exhaustion however allowed the two exorcists to land a hit, the katana slashing him in the arm while the hammer slammed him into the floor.

Knowing that he was too weak to fight, Tyki grimaced and he activated his Choose. The shirtless Noah quickly sliding through the floor, escaping through the dark Ark entrance that the Earl had opened for him earlier, the glowing piece of Innocence clutched in his fist.

~Poker Pair~

"Kanda! Lavi!" The two exorcists stopped in their pursuit of the fleeing Noah at the sound of Lenalee's panicked voice.

"Lenalee! It Allen okay?" Lavi panted as he rushed to the white haired boy's side, Kanda following at a slower yet brisk pace that conveyed his hidden concern. Lenalee simply gestured at the shredded remains of Allen's uniform peaking out from under him. Lavi gulped as he reached for the fabric covering Allen's body.

"Lavi! We shouldn't…"

Lavi ignored her, pulling back the Noah's coat like he was possessed, Lenalee's expression was of pure horror as Lavi revealed the multiple dark bruise marks and pale fluid covering Allen's body. One glance was all it took for the three to realise what had happened to their friend. Lavi gritted his teeth as he gently placed the coat back over their friend, shielding his body from their view.

"Allen…" Lenalee sobbed, covering her face as she cried. Kanda's eyes were filled with rage and his grip on Mugen tightened till the veins in his hand showed.

"…shit…I'm going to kill that bastard…" Lavi cursed quietly, his hand shaking as he gripped the edge of the Noah's coat. The three stared silently, each consumed in their thoughts before Kanda wordlessly removed his own coat and passed it to Lavi.

Immediately understanding, the bookman-in-training took the coat and replaced the Noah's garment with Kanda's long red-trimmed coat, wrapping the Allen in the uniform before effortlessly lifting the small teen. Kanda held the door open as the three headed to the Ark gate that in a nearby chapel, each praying that their precious friend would recover from this.

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