I'm sorry but this is not a new chapter, this is an important announcement.

First, my two of babies have been removed by FanFiction due to explicit content. They are 'That Boy is a Monster' and 'Junjou Laven'. T^T

Second, because FF is an anal ass, I'll be reposting these two stories on my new account in Archive of Our Own, along with copies of all my other stories. Isn't it such a good thing that I keep a soft copy of all my stories on my laptop and in a thumbdrive? Yes, it's so painfully sad for me to think that I may one day loose all your wonderful reviews but all I can do is prepare for it and make sure that my stuff is still accessible to readers.

The link to my account on AO3 is on my profile and for my regular reviewers, please leave reviews on AO3 with your names so I know it's you. (yes, I mean you lovely ladies Mikitsu Kisa-chan, Kithren, AliceXxX, Satu-chan, wooooooooooxj and all the rest of my incrediable regular reviewers.) To Kiari Walker, I'm really sorry that Ren'Ai Laven is taking so long and that you'll have to go to AO3 to read it when I finally finish polishing it and posting it. I'll send you a PM when it's up, along with a link to the page. Again, I'm so sorry! ToT

Thirdly, I will still be posting updates for my incomplete stories on FF as well as AO3. At least, until it gets taken down, which is very possible and makes me really really upset when I think about it.

I hope this move doesn't discourage all you wonderful readers because that would break my heart. I love you all and I would suggest praying that my this doesn't get taken down but I don't think God would approve. XD

Oh, and one more thing. To Guest, first, if you write a review telling me that I should respond directly to reviews, you shouldn't be reviewing anonymously. Second, I chose to reply to reviews in chapters because if one person is asking this, there may be someone else who needs the same explanation and it's smarter to explain where everyone can see it rather than answering the same question multiple times. I also so this to show readers that I appreciate them. I myself enjoy reading other authors' review replies during the chapter because it gives insight to the author's personality and answers questions that I may not have bothered asking myself.

And lastly, I don't really care about taking up character space. My recaps/summaries are to make things easier for readers who may not have a very good grasp of English so I simplify the chapter, not because I don't think I wrote clearly in my story. My purpose is not to write an info text, but to write something in a way that my readers can enjoy the mystery and feelings of the characters without losing understanding.

I myself have read some beautifully written stories but it's hard to read when I don't really understand what's going on due to overly fluffy language. I would have appreciated a summary for those stories so I organized my writing this way and I have received a few reviews telling me that my summaries are appreciated so I rest my case. Thank you for your review and I hope this explains my decisions regarding my writing style.

Till next time, ciaossu~!