A/N: This story is AU set in Dalton but most will be the same age. Kurt Went for awhile in his sophomore year and returned to McKinley with Blaine in tow. Not Blaine friendly and Sebastian May seem more OOC. Also Mostly told from Sebastian's point of view.


Sebastian Smythe was never one to admit he had feelings. In fact most found him to be very cold in his interactions with others. He never had a problem with this assessment of him. His only concern was that he cared for his family. He had always had been close to his mother and siblings, His father not so much. His father he tolerated that was about the extent of it and his father treated him the same way. Has long has Sebastian didn't cause any scandals or other defamation of character.

His mother on the other hand knew the real Sebastian. The caring young man, who would do anything for those he loved. She just wished there was someone out there who would see this in her boy. He was always the first to come to the aid of his sisters; no one could get away with hurting them. He would make sure of that. He had gone after a few of their suitors after said suitors had broken his sisters' hearts. Abigail and Samantha knew that they always had Sebastian in their corner no matter what. Both girls were always trying to set him up with someone, to no avail no one could get past that wall that he had up. His family knew the reason why he had the wall. Why he never let anyone but them see his real self. It hurt that he had been hurt in such a way to think that love didn't exist.

If they had known at the time that this would happen to their boy they would have done all in their power to make sure that he would have never met that other boy. Henry Boyd had caused nothing but heartache for Sebastian. He was Sebastian's first everything. Sebastian was only 14 when he met the older boy; Sebastian was just figuring out that he was different than others, that he liked boys. And in walked the most handsome boy Sebastian had ever seen to that point. He has fallen immediately and would do anything to get the others attentions. Henry being who he was knew the look; he wasn't in it for the relationship. He just wanted the hero worship. He played Sebastian, pretending to love him and convincing him to give up something that should have been for someone special. Once Henry had gotten what he wanted he dumped Sebastian. Sebastian being the prideful person he was didn't really talk about it. He hid behind drinks and sleeping around. His Aunt finally had enough and sent him back to his family in Ohio. This brings us to the present.


Sebastian walked into Dalton in trepidation; he really didn't want to be here. He wished he was back in Paris. He felt welcomed there, he felt he could be himself, or at least the self he is now. He hated the fact that there were uniforms and that he would be boarding, the one good thing about boarding is he didn't have to deal with his father. He had looked up the school online and saw that they had a well known show choir; He was thinking about joining, at least it would give him something to do. He wasn't sure what the rules where for joining sports, since he was starting school two weeks late and most of the teams had already had tryouts. He wasn't sure how he was even allowed to start at this prep school late. Most didn't let you come in late. His dad must have pulled some strings to get him here. Well since he was he would make the most of it.

He sauntered into the office, leaning on the desk of the secretary he said with a leering grin. "I'm here to see Dean Wallace."

Miss Smith blinked owlishly at the tall young man before she paged the Dean.

"Send him in Alice." The Dean said in a clipped tone.

She waved Sebastian to the Dean's door, sighing with relief has it closed behind him.

Sebastian went in to find himself confronted by a tall surly man. He hesitated a moment before reaching out a hand to shake.

"Dean Wallace, I am Sebastian Smythe, I just transferred in." He said in his most confident tone.

"Mr. Smythe, I know who you are. I must say this is very unusual; it's very rare we get a transfer under these kinds of circumstances. Most that have transferred here has been because of bullying but that doesn't appear to be your case." He said a bit indignantly.

"Dean Wallace, I know this is an inconvenience and I am sorry about it. I feel it's pretty much my father's doing, He really can't stand the sight of me and would rather have me shipped off then home. If I had my way I would still be in Paris, but alas I am still a minor and not able to do what I would really like. I will try to be a model student for you. I want to be able to leave here with a diploma and options to go to any college I want. I hope there is enough of a challenging curriculum to do that. "He said in honesty. He decided coming in to this place that he would be honest up front. He had every intention of getting out of this state and doing something with his life. From his research of the school he had found it had produced many successful alumni and he had every intention of being one of them.

Dean Wallace was floored at how upfront this young man was being. It was sad that he felt the need to do that, that his father was basically dropping him off and forgetting him. He hoped that at least his mother cared for him. There was way too many of his boys who had uncaring parents. There seemed to be a lot of them who never went anywhere for holidays or who had someone to come for any of their extracurricular activities. It saddened him at how many there were. He wished they all had parents like a past student of his. Kurt Hummel was one of those rare students that had been an emergency transfer due to bullying. That boy was one that Dean Wallace would never forget. Kurt had made an impression on all here and most of the teachers and students alike talked about him in fondness. He knows most of the Warblers kept in contact with him on a regular basis and he was happy to hear that he was doing well back at his old school. He noticed that Sebastian had a bit of that same fire that he saw in Kurt. He thought it was too bad that Kurt wasn't here now. They would be unstoppable.

"Mr. Smythe, Well I thank you for being upfront with me. I hope you do have a successful career here at Dalton. Feel free to come to me if you have any problems or concerns in the future. May I ask though, and you don't have to answer, but is your mother at least supportive of you?" he said his voice laced with concern.

"Actually Sir she is very supportive. Why do you ask?" He said taken aback

"Well Mr. Smythe in my time at Dalton, I have come across so many of you boys who have parents who don't seem to care. I just wanted to see if you had at least one. I am Happy you do. I wish more of the boys did." He said sadly.

"Th…Thank you Sir. I don't know really what to say not many seem to care." He said holding back the few tears that were threatening to fall. He was flabbergasted at the sincerity and concern this man was showing. He thought that maybe…maybe he could start over here.

Dean Wallace gave a small nod in acknowledgement. "It's not a problem. I hope you enjoy your time here. Again if you need anything or just to talk my door is open. Here is all your information you will need. Your class schedule and dorm assignment is in there as well. You will have your own room since you are a new transfer. If you have any problems you also have a head boy in your house go to him for anything immediate. Classes will start for you on Monday. You have the rest of the week to get settled. You might have some make up homework or some of the teachers might require you to test to see where you are at. I am sure you will do well here Sebastian. Have a nice day. "He said with a shake of the hand.

Sebastian took the papers from the Dean and headed out of the office. He looked over them to find where his room was at and that there was a key within the packet. He walked down the corridor into the hall that he entered. He heard faintly, music coming from further in the building he decided to investigate.

He followed the sound until he came to a set of double door. They stood open and he saw a few boys dancing and singing. They seemed to be enjoying themselves and were very good at what they were doing. He watched a few minutes more before heading out to find his Dorm and his room. He would have to look further into the choir here and see if he could maybe get a place on it.

Upon finding his dorm, which seemed to be across campus, he went out to his car and got the few things he had brought with him. He had decided at first to just bring the necessities and once he saw how things went would bring the rest of his stuff next break. He looked around his room after unpacking what little he brought. Throwing himself down on the downy comforter, he stretched, popping a few muscles in the process. He sighed with relief before turning onto his side and slowly falling asleep.

He had only intended for a short nap, but when he woke up hours later it was to find that it was now dark. He dug around for his phone to check the time and noticed that there was still about an hour before dinner was over he hurriedly got up, checked his appearance then made his way to the dining hall.

He passed a few others on his way there. He chose, for now to remain silent. Once entering the hall he went straight to the line and looked over his choices, He wasn't sure how good the food was, but decided that a salad and tea would do for now. He found a spot close to the door to sit down and quietly ate his food. He looked up from his meal when he heard the scraping of chairs. He was startled to see two boys one blonde, one brunette. They almost seemed to move has one entity.

"Hello I am Jeff Sterling and this is Nick Duval." He said has he indicated the brunette, who nodded in greeting. "Is this your first day here?" he asked in curiously.

Sebastian looked at both boys in astonishment before replying. "Yes it is my first day, Sebastian Smythe." He said with a grin, leering at the blonde. The brunette noticed and pulled the blonde closer to him giving Sebastian a glare in the process. "Dude, back off he's taken. " Nick said in annoyance.

"My bad I am sorry. So what brings you lovely boys over to my table? My dashing good looks my outstanding sex appeal. "He said with a smirky grin.

The blonde rolled his eyes. "Your aura of modesty, perhaps?" He deadpanned.

Sebastian grinned at the comment. "Well you know I try," he said in mock sincerity "but that still doesn't answer my question." He leaned forward bracing his elbows on the table, looking at the boys intensely.

"Well, we were curious about the new boy, we wanted to see if the rumors were true, Also to welcome you to Dalton." Nick said in honesty

"What rumors might those be?" Sebastian asked hesitantly watching has both boys began to fidget in their seats.

"Please don't be offended. We had heard that you were a late transfer and very few of those had been for good reasons. We wanted to let you know that if you needed someone to talk to or anything like that we are all here." Jeff said nervously

Sebastian was yet again surprised at all that was going on. "OK have I been dropped into the Twilight Zone or something, I have never been shown this much kindness. I am not sure what to do. Don't get me wrong I do appreciate it, I am just not sure how to handle this." He said a hand scrubbing his face in confusion. Not looking up at the two boys across from him.

Nick looked at Jeff in sadness before getting up to round the table. He sat down by the taller boy, pulling him into a hug. At first Sebastian stiffened up but then he realized that these boys meant him no harm and he sank into the embrace. It had been so long since he let himself go like this. He began to sob. He wasn't sure why such an act of kindness was doing this to him. He was embarrassed that he was letting himself show such emotion. He didn't realize that at that moment, more of the Warblers came in. Wes and David looked at the scene that they came into in shock. They had all heard about the new boy. Most knew that it was his father who had left him here. They hadn't been told anything about bullying, so Wes and David didn't know what to make of what was before them. Nick looked at them with sad eyes.

They all sat around the table quietly in silent support. No questions asked. Most knew that if Nick and Jeff were supporting the stranger then they saw something more than the tall boy was showing to others. They all sat there until Sebastian began to quiet down. He looked up from Nick's embrace and saw the other boys around him. He flushed with embarrassment. He stiffened up and tried to pull away. But Nick was having none of it. "Its ok, they are here for you there is no need to be embarrassed."

"But why…Why would they want to do that. They don't even know me." He said quietly into Nick's chest. "You don't know me."

"That may be true, but it is our intention to change that. Some of us know what it's like to have things go wrong in our lives. We won't question but just know that we are here to listen if you need it." Wes said kneeling down in front of the two of them trying to catch Sebastian's eyes. When Sebastian looked up he saw how sincere that Wes was.

"Thank you; I don't really know how to tell you how much I appreciate all this. I still am not sure why you are doing it, but Thank you. I…I really should get back to my dorm and finish unpacking." He said has he slowly got up. He nodded sadly at the others gathered around him. "I will see you around I am sure." He said has he tried to head to the door. Nick stopped him. "Give me your phone." He said, holding out his hand. Sebastian looked at him in surprise before handing over his phone. He watched in fascination has Nick entered his phone number, then passed it around to the others. "If you need us just text, most of us are probably in your dorm, but even if we aren't we will come over if you need us to." Nick said once the phone reached him again, he handed it back to Sebastian who had noticed that in the process most had sent their phones a text while entering their numbers so they would have his as well.

"Thank you again. Talk to you later." He said has he headed out.

Nick looked at the rest of the Warblers as they watched the tall boys retreating back. He smiled that these boys, who he had begun to consider family, took the new boy in right away. It's not like this was the first time. Kurt who most still talked about in fondness was another. In fact this boy reminded him a lot of Kurt and how set in his ways Kurt appeared to be. Kurt had always tried to be strong. But when he came to Dalton, he felt that he could let that wall down. Which after talking to him, most had found that Kurt needed to feel like he could go to someone for much needed guidance and support, unlike a lot of the boys. Kurt did have a very supporting father and Stepmother and a stepbrother who was slowly coming around, Kurt had a few friends in his old school has well who would go to the ends of the earth for him. But Kurt, before coming to Dalton had felt that he needed to handle things on his own, which in retrospect was not a good plan. After the threat on his life Kurt came to Dalton. The boys took to him right away, always wanting to protect him and be there for him. Once he let you in Kurt would be one of those that would give his life for you. Nick thought how interesting it would be for Sebastian and Kurt to meet. He knew that Kurt and Blaine were having some issues. Which all of the Warblers were sad to hear about, most had taken Kurt's side in the matter. Others were on the fence, Kurt was supposed to come over for the weekend maybe by then Sebastian would be settled enough that Nick could introduce the two of them.

Nick just hoped it would be only Kurt. He really didn't want to deal with Blaine and how he thought all the attention should be with him. He still couldn't believe how he had taken the part that Kurt had wanted so desperately in the play they were doing and then to come here and invite the Warblers. Most of whom only went because Kurt had a small part in it. Nick was also aware something had happened the night before the play. But Kurt wouldn't discuss it. He hoped to find out when Kurt came over.