Summary: Just a short drabble that shows Aomine can be cute too

Genre: Romance/Humour

Warnings: College!AU

Since having moved to Kanagawa, his parents and two elder sisters settled in well. They made friends, enjoyed their work and were generally happy.

So when Kise finished high school, and decided that he wanted to pursue a career in aviation and was accepted into a Tokyo University, his family supported his move back to Tokyo by himself.

He was lucky that when his family allowed him to move back to Tokyo that one of his close friends was moving out of home because they wanted to... What was it again? Now that Kise thought about it, he never actually found out why Aomine wanted to move out.

He first heard about it when he mailed everyone from his Teikou days as well as Kagami about his return to Tokyo. He got a prompt reply from Aomine saying he was already looking for houses and asking if they wanted to live together.

Needless to say, Kise jumped up at the chance. They even agreed to meet up later that day to decide what area they wanted to move into, what kind of rent they were looking at and a few other details. When they met up, the two kept laughing at each other as they told the other person what they wanted in terms of a living area and ground rules. They also told anyone who asked that they didn't make public nuisances of themselves when they were compromising.

It had taken them just over a month before they settled on an apartment that was close to both Kise's school and Aomine's. It was a couple minute walk from the closest train station, and the truly best part of the location was that there was a basketball court across the street. Aomine felt that he was happier than Kise about their two person apartment, because unbeknownst to Kise, Aomine actually had the bigger room.

With their living together, both Aomine and Kise became closer than they thought they would. There were lingering touches, and nights that were resembled a date night more than it resembles a boys night. Their relationship was becoming an increasingly bigger patch patch of gray, and neither minded it at all.

Kise was happy with the quiet, homely support Aomine was giving him. Because, despite what Kise originally thought about having to be the neat freak out of the two, Aomine tidied up quite often. And he was thankful for that because with him moving back to Tokyo and him now being dependent on an income, his modelling gigs started filling up his schedule more and more.

One night when Kise came back from a late night shoot. He found Aomine asleep in the genkan, with a bucket of soapy water next to him. A quick look at their apartment and Kise knew that Aomine had been cleaning the floors that day as well as having done a major clean-up.

Kise managed to sit himself into an empty space beside Aomine and change into his house slippers. He was quiet for awhile as he observed his sleeping Aomine. It was one of his guilty pleasures watching Aomine sleep because the sounds his breathing made were cute. And Kise would take that secret to his grave thank you very much.

He pulled Aomine so that Aomine was predominantly resting between his legs with his back lying atop Kise's torso and the back of his head lying just under the crook of Kise's neck.

"Aominecchi, I'm home. You're going to get a cold if you sleep here." Aomine began to grumble at that. "Come on Aominecchi, I'll walk you to bed if you want." Aomine let out a yawn and stretched his arms. One had returned to where it was seconds before, the other had stretched itself around Kise's neck. It was a bit uncomfortable, but he liked it all the same.

Without opening his eyes, Aomine mumbled, "welcome back Kise, your work went well?"

"It was about the same as always."

"That's good. I cleaned up the house a bit, so it should be pretty good for awhile."

"I saw, you did a good job of it. Thanks Aominecchi." Aomine let out a small sigh in reply. "Are you going to move anytime soon, or were you planning on sleeping out here tonight?"

"Just a couple more minutes. You're comfortable, so I like it when you're next to me."

"Is that right? I suppose I could spoil you a bit since you look after me so much lately."

"Damn right I do."

"Or you know, we could just go to your bedroom now. I'm pretty tired, and I'd like to think you're more comfortable than I am." Kise didn't have to finish the sentence before Aomine started pulling him towards his bed.

After that night, Aomine knew that the best way for him to fall asleep was with Kise in his arms.