Summary: Aomine feels frustrated and all he can do is turn to Kise.

Genre: Romance/Humour

Warnings: College!AU

Aomine had been feeling frustrated, and he knew exactly why. So when he came home later than usual that night, he picked up the ball that he left by the entrance and threw it at Kise whom he could see was relaxing on the couch in the living room. "Ouch, what the hell." Kise looked up at the doorway and uttered, "Welcome back Aominecchi. What's with the shitty greeting?"

"Get up Kise. We're going one-on-one." Kise who had been suprised about Aomine's abrupt change in demeanour slowly got himself off the couch and was looking into Aomine's hardened expression. He passed the ball back to Aomine and said, "I'll meet you down there. I'll need to change, these clothes are hard to move in." Aomine who had gotten what he wanted made his way back out of the apartment slamming the door on his way out. Kise couldn't help but be worried.

Before Kise made it to the court Aomine had managed to kick everyone off the court. For Aomine, such a feat wasn't too hard. Since having moved into the area, the regulars that would use the court had come to look up to his skills with respect and admiration, and because they were able to get to know him, they knew to be wary of his temper.

Aomine only went to university not because they offered him a full scholarship, but because they persuaded him with their training equipment, coaches and the opportunity to play on an international level.

His university had just hosted a basketball match with one of it's overseas sister school's, and he was disappointed. He wanted a game that was going to challenge, exhilarate him. Not bore him to tears the moment the team walked on to the court. At the end of the match, his opponent were sore losers. Glaring at him, and yelling at each other. He didn't understand what they were saying to one another, but he knew they were talking about.

He ran across the court at full speed and made a dunk while he was waiting for Kise.

"Aominecchi. Didn't you have a match today? Shouldn't you be tired by now." Aomine didn't even voice a response to that. He just slammed a ball even harder into the same goal. "OK, OK, I get it. The first person to make 10 shots wins. And just because you had a game earlier today, I'm not going easy on you."

It always felt good playing with Kise. After all, Aomine knew Kise best, and was still pleasantly suprised by his moves. Kise's playing style was flexible and unyielding. And when Kise was serious, he was an even bigger monster than Aomine was.

Because it was only supposed to be a short game, with the winner being decided when they made ten shots. It still took 15 minutes. Not because they were defending. But because Kise knew that Aomine kept missing his shots. And Kise wasn't insulted because he thought Aomine was going easy on him. He knew it was Aomine needed to work something out. And Aomine always thought best when he didn't have to think, but when he relied on instincts.

Kise who was tired from his lack of sleep the previous night and intense game fell to the floor when Aomine decided to make his tenth goal. Kise was lying on the court sprawled out and panting by the time Aomine walked up to him carrying his basketball. He sat cross legged just behind Kise so that if he bent down, he would be look down into his slightly sweaty face. "I'm happy you know."

"About what Aominecchi?"

"You, me, us." Kise could only let out a big grin when he heard that. "We make each other happy pretty well I think." Aomine smirked at that. "Hey come over here, lying on me would probably be nicer than lying on the floor." Kise shifted backwards so that the back of his head was lying against Aomine's shoulder and that he was essentially sitting in Aomine's lap. When Kise stopped fussing, Aomine wrapped his arms around him and in a low voice said, "I don't think there's anyone out there for me anymore."

"It's because you're a monster Aominecchi. We all are."

"That's depressing idiot. Say something better." Kise laughed a little at that.

"We're miracles Aominecchi. No one should be able to touch us," as Kise said that, he reached his hand out to the night sky, "because we're supposed to shine brighter than the closest star." Aomine laughed at that, but he did the only thing he could do. He reached his hand towards Kise's and held it. "Being a miracle or being a monster is not as lonely as it could have been, you know?"

"I know Aominecchi. It's because we make each other happy pretty well." Kise lowered their hands and they were quiet. Simply enjoying each other's company until they fell asleep.

Idiots should at least know not to sleep on a basketball court at night.