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AN this is an alternate universe fic. What is Dumbledore had listened to McGonagall that fateful night when Voldemort attacked? Sirius and Remus are searching for Pettigrew, everyone knows the truth, and Snape is still being a bastard. Harry is living at Hogwarts- and Dumbledore's hair isn't real. Please read.

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Chapter 1

A man had just arrived in front of number four Privet Drive. He was very old, had an extremely long beard, and twinkling blue eyes, hidden by his half-moon glasses. This man was named Albus Dumbledore. Now, there wasn't really anything remarkable about Albus, besides the fact that he was wearing a long emerald cloak, and dragon hide boots. And the little detail, that he didn't happen to live anywhere near Privet drive.

A cat, who had been sitting on the opposite corner, twitched its tail, and got up- crossing the street and rubbing against Dumbledore's ankles in a friendly manner. He chuckled and pulled out what looked like a silver cigarette lighter. Flipping it open, he proceeded to point it at the street lights that were burning brightly. With a click, the lights sped from their bulbs and towards him, and the street was left dark, bathed only in light from the full moon. He nodded in satisfaction and put the lighter away. When he looked back up, the cat had disappeared, and a stern looking woman was standing next to him.

"Professor McGonagall," he chuckled, "I should have know that you would be here. This must be the first time in forty-five years that you canceled a class."

"Very amusing," McGonagall snapped irritably, "perhaps you could tell me why *you* are here, Professor. It seems to be an odd place for a hundred and fifty year old man."

Professor Dumbledore clutched his heart in mock hurt. "Oh Professor," he said, a twinkle in his eye, "I am simply meeting Hagrid here."

"And why would Hagrid be here?" she asked impatiently.

"He is bringing Harry Potter to live with his relatives, of course."

McGonagall cringed. "Do you mean those people at number four? Those are horrible people! Harry Potter come and live with these people! That is absolute madness if I ever heard such a thing!"

Dumbledore sighed, the twinkle leaving his eyes being replaced with sadness. "They are the only family that he has left. Could you imagine him growing up in an orphanage? Why- he might grow up to be just like Tom Riddle! There is no where else for him to go."

"But, surly," McGonagall protested, placing a hand on Albus's arm. "We could bring him to Hogwarts. I'm sure that there would be people there that would be willing to help."

"Minerva," Albus said firmly, "I do not like this idea either, but what choice do we have?"

"You remember Lily's sister?" Minerva questioned frantically, "She was awful! She hated her sister because of what she was! Her husband is even worse! And their child, they have the worst child imaginable! I've watched them all day- he was kicking his mother, demanding for sweets! Albus, can you imagine what would happen if we left him here?"

Albus sighed, and looked at the structure in front of him, then back over at his fellow teacher. He opened his mouth to answer her, but at that moment, a dull roar met their ears. It slowly got louder and soon the whole street was practically vibrating with the sound.

A minute later, a motorcycle dropped out of the sky, right in front of the two professors. Sitting on top of the motorcycle was an incredibly large man, and in the man's arms, was a soft bundle of blankets. As the man got off his bike, the bundle gave a sleepy sigh.

"Hagrid," Albus said with an air of relief. "You made it. And, where did you get the motorcycle?"

"Borrowed it, sir," the giant of a man said. "From young Sirius Black. Poor fellow, he was distraught about what happened to Lily and James."

"Was there anything that you could do?" Minerva asked, taking the bundle from Hagrid and gently pushing the blankets away from the little boy wrapped in them.

"No, Professor," Hagrid said, shifting uncertainly, "the house was in ruins- everything destroyed."

Minerva sighed, and turned back to Dumbledore. "Please," she whispered, "Harry Potter cannot grow up with this people. If it helps- I can take care of him until he is old enough to have his own quarters."

"What?" Hagrid said, catching on to what she was saying. "You want Harry to stay here? With these Muggle's- NO! Lily used to come down to me hut, crying about her sister- Harry can't stay here!"

Dumbledore looked between the two of them, and then down at the young face peering up at him from Minerva's arms. "Then we will take him back to Hogwarts with us. At least we know that no Death Eaters will get him if he is there."

Both faces broke out in joy. "Oh thank you, Professor," Minerva gushed, her face practically glowing, "thank you so much!"

Dumbledore laughed, "you thank me now- but little boy's aren't that easy to take care of." He pulled the put-outer out of his pocket. "Hagrid, you had best bring Sirius his bike back, and comfort him as you can. bring him and Remus Lupin up to Hogwarts. they know Harry- perhaps they could help Minerva."

Hagrid nodded, and sat back on the bike. Kicking it to life, he took to the skies and disappeared.

"Minerva, I shall meet you back at Hogwarts." He smiled at her, and watched as she apperated away. Then he clicked his put-outer and the light sped back to the street-lights, causing the street to glow orange. With a swish of his cloak, he had gone.


It was true that Minerva McGonagall wasn't a very motherly type of person. She was a very strict, no-nonsense type of person. But even she couldn't help falling in love with Harry Potter. She had transfigured a crib out of a spare quill for him, and then sat for nearly an hour, grading papers and watching him sleep.

A knock on the door jolted her from her work, and she walked over and opened softly. "Headmaster," she acknowledged, opening the door a little wider and allowing Albus into her rooms.

"There are no problems, I trust," Albus said, walking towards the crib in the corner and looking down at the sleeping child, a small smile on his face.

"None at all," Minerva said, moving to stand next to him and reaching down to stroke Harry's cheek. "But, Albus- I was wondering about that scar on his head. is that where-"

"Yes," Albus said, cutting her off. "Harry will have that scar for the rest of his life."

"Is there anything you could do about it?"

"Even if I could, I wouldn't. Scars can be useful things. I, myself, have one just above my left knee that is a perfect map of the London underground. But if I am correct, Harry's scar is a connection with Voldemort- and if he ever comes back, could be a way to destroy him."

"Who do you mean?" Minerva asked sharply, "destroy You-Know-Who. or Harry?"

Albus didn't answer.

"You should get some sleep," he said instead. "Tomorrow is going to be a big day. Sirius wrote- he said they will be here after Remus recovers from the full moon. They will be here around noon."

Minerva nodded and watched as he left. Pulling the baby-blue blanket a little tighter around Harry's sleeping body; she smiled softly and went to bed herself.

The next morning at breakfast, was in an uproar. All the students were demanding to know *why* there was a high-chair at the teacher's table. For that matter, most of the teacher's were demanding to know why as well.

"Headmaster," a grouchy black haired man said angrily. "Would you please explain to us why there is a high-chair next to your seat? And why a there were baby clothes in the teacher's lounge this morning?" He paused regarding the headmaster closely. "And why are you smirking like that?" he asked suspiciously.

"Severus," Albus said smiling widely. "If you would sit down and eat your breakfast, your answers will arrive soon enough."

Severus Snape, who was just out of school himself, scowled heavily and sat down.

A few minutes later, the double doors at the front of the room opened, and Professor McGonagall entered the room. In her arms was a small baby boy with slightly wet black hair and wide green eyes. He hugged the Professor tighter to him and looked at all of the people staring at him.

Almost immediately, every girl in the room starting 'Aww'ing over him, and all of the boys rolled their eyes.

Professor McGonagall walked up to the front of the room, and sat Harry down in his chair. Then she sat next to him and proceeded to feed him. Every eye in the hall was on the two of them, except Dumbledore's and Hagrid's. The hall was almost silent, except for Harry's occasional giggle and Dumbledore's chuckling.

At the end of breakfast the headmaster stood up to address the students. "As you might have noticed, we have a new face in our midsts. His name is Harry Potter, and he will be staying here at Hogwarts. Yes, it is true that young Mr. Potter has ended Lord Voldemort's somewhat mortal life. But that does not mean that he cannot come back. So, just bear that in mind." He paused, his eyes sweeping over the crowd of students in the hall, before a smile lit up his face. "If anybody would like to take care of our young friend on weekends and after classes, please talk to Professor McGonagall." He smiled at them all and sat back down.

There was a slight buzz of talking in the air, before the students stood up and headed to their first class of the day. Dumbledore picked up the small child and watched as the teachers left the room as well. "It looks like it's just you and me until Mr. Black and Mr. Lupin get here." He commented lightly, standing up and heading to the Entrance Hall and then up the stairs to his office.


At three minutes and seven seconds past noon, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin arrived in Hogwarts' very large Entrance Hall. Nine minutes and twenty seven and a half seconds later, they arrived at Dumbledore's office. Twenty seconds after that, they were sitting in front of the headmaster's desk, cooing over their dead best-friends' son.

"I know this is going to be an odd question," Dumbledore said, quietly, jolting the two men from the child. "But, which of you two were the Potter's Secret Keeper?"

Remus frowned, "it wasn't me, and I thought that they had named Sirius the Secret Keeper."

"No," Sirius said quietly, a fire burning in his eyes. "I persuaded James to make Peter it at the last minute. I figured that it would be the perfect bluff. I was going to go after him- but there was the full moon last night, and then Hagrid showed up and told me that Harry was here." he trailed off, glaring out the window.

"Peter?" Remus breathed, "Peter was the secret keeper? So- he was the spy." His eyes suddenly burned with fire. "HOW COULD HE?! THAT SODDING TWO FACED BAST-"

"Mr. Lupin," Albus said softly, placing his hand on Remus' arm. "Getting angry will not help at this time. What we need to do, is track down Peter- get the truth out there, so that people know to report him."

Sirius and Remus shifted uneasily, exchanging glances. "I suppose that you should know something else about Peter that only the four of us knew." Remus said quietly.

Dumbledore's eyebrows went up in a surprised manner.

"He's an unregistered Animagus," Sirius said quietly. "Me and James too. We learned so we could keep Remus company at full moons. It might be a bit harder to find him, because his form was a rat."

Dumbledore sighed. "That does make things a little harder, although, I must admit. that is quite an achievement for a group of fifth year boys to achieve." His eyes were twinkling again.

"You knew?!" Sirius exclaimed, flushing heavily, "why didn't you say anything?"

"Mr. Black," Albus chuckled, "I know much more about the school and the students in it then you could ever dream. For example. the Astronomy tower is only the second most popular student get away for the middle of the night. There is another tower, down near the dungeons that most Ravenclaw and Slytherin student's prefer much more. It is much closer to the dormitories." He winked. "But, that is not why we are here. Do you think that you can find Mr. Pettigrew? Where would you first look?"

"Somewhere with information," Sirius answered immediately, "and with wizards or witches willing to protect him."

"I have a feeling," Dumbledore said seriously, "that if we manage to catch our traitor- we could get names of other Death Eaters. Would you two be willing to-?"

"Say no more," Remus said, standing up, "we're on it. Come on Padfoot- we've got work to do."

Sirius nodded and handed Harry back to Dumbledore. "Be a good boy, Harry," he said softly, "we'll come back to see you again, we promise."

Harry waved somewhat clumsily as the two familiar people walked out of the room.

"Now," Dumbledore smiled, "how about some lunch. Then we can go and bother Severus a little down in the dungeons."

Harry gave a tiny giggle. He liked it here with all these kind people. They were all nice, especially the lady with unmovable hair. He knew it was unmovable because when he had poked at it last night, nothing had happened. It didn't move, it didn't fall off, or fall out. To tell the truth, he was sure that a piece of it had cracked. He giggled again, tugging on the white mass of hair dangling in front of him. Boy did he get a shock when it came off.

"Heh heh," the man whose hair had just fallen off said; unclenching Harry's fingers, flicking his wand to reattach it. "Let's just pretend that didn't happen."


Bringing Harry Potter down to Severus Snape's last class of the day, which happened to be a group of first year students, was probably one of the more stupid things that Albus Dumbledore had done in his very long life. For some reason, the Potions Master didn't seem to like it when half his students were cooing over some infant child that had just saved the world.

Finally, after about twenty minutes, he snapped.

"Fifty points from Hufflepuff!" He barked, "And any student that so much as looks at Potter will get detention with Mr. Filch. Is that clear?"

It was clear.

Dumbledore took the hint as well; he picked up Harry and quickly left the room. As he passed one of the Hufflepuffs bubbling cauldron; he hid a wide grin under his long facial hair.

"Fifty points to Hufflepuff," he said loudly, causing Severus to choke and all the students to smother snorts, "for a perfect potion."

Then, with a cheery wave, he left the dungeons and went up the stairs to the teacher's room. Knocking on Minerva's door, he deposited Harry for a nap and went on his merry way. "Minerva's right," he said to himself, "this is a much better place for Harry to be than with his relatives."

About an hour after Minerva had placed Harry in his crib; there was a knock on her door. Thinking that Albus wouldn't be back so soon, she put on her 'stern face' and went to open the door. Sure enough, a girl and a boy were standing there. Both of them were second year Gryffindor students, the boy, looked somewhat bored, and the girl was practically hopping up and down.

"Yes?" She asked crisply.

"Professor," the girl, Blade Feslin, said eagerly. "We wanted to know if we could take care of Harry for a while. Maybe after classes and this weekend?"

Minerva studied her for a moment, before her face softened somewhat. "Harry is sleeping right now," she said, "but seeing as today *is* Friday, I will give him to you after dinner. If there are any problems, please tell me."

Blade gave a happy squeal, and Bill's eyes light up somewhat.

"But," Minerva said, a twinkle in her eyes, "Only you two, alright? And Mr. Weasley, seeing as you have five siblings, please keep Miss Feslin in order."

Blade frowned slightly. "Thank you Professor," she said, before seizing that boy's hand, Bill Weasley, and dragging him down the hall way.

"By the way," she called after them. "Twenty-five points to each of you, for taking care of him." Minerva smiled, before heading back into her room and shutting the door. She went to her desk and finished grading her forth year Transfiguration essays. When she had finished, she picked up Harry, and headed for the great hall.

After dinner, she left him in the care of Blade and Bill, before heading towards the faculty lounge to chat with the rest of the teachers. Needless to say, Severus was pacing the room, waiting for Dumbledore to arrive, and give him the chance to tell the headmaster off. The rest of the teachers were talking amongst themselves. The talk of the room was indeed, Harry Potter.

Finally, Dumbledore arrived.

"I have news," he announced, before Severus could being his rant. "Sirius Black and Remus Lupin were over today. It seems that Peter Pettigrew had been the Potter's secret keeper. They are out trying to find him now."

"That nasty little boy?" Professor Sprout, the Herbology teacher said with a frown. "Never did like him, tagging along with those three- being a nuisance. And he was always mistreating the plants."

"Why would the Potter's make *him* the secret keeper?" Professor Flitwick, the charms teacher, squeaked, from his high backed chair. "It is such a complex spell- that boy had trouble with Wingardium Leviosa!"

"And he was hopeless at potions," Severus spoke up.

"Yes, well," Dumbledore said impatiently. "It seems that we might have another small problem finding him. It seems that he is an unregistered Animagus. A rat, if you will. So, don't go around killing any rats just yet. We do not know if Pettigrew will be around the school- but better safe then sorry. Also, when we do find him, we must be ready. Poppy, if you would have some sedatives ready. Severus, do you think you could brew a truth potion? I think that should cover it. Except- Argus, maybe some of your chains to hold him down in the sedatives aren't working."

"He's an Animagus?" Minerva said her eyes wide. "How do Black and Lupin plan on finding him?"

"That," Dumbledore said softly, "is one mystery that will remain unknown until they come back with him."

After that, they went back to their usual talk, such as students that were out of bed more then they should be. And whether of not they should punish them. And books in the restricted section of the library, if they should be removed or not. And if they could spare some money for newer Quidditch equipment. Around eleven o'clock, most of faculty went to bed. Albus, Minerva, Severus and Argus Filch, the caretaker, were left to wander the halls, sending any students out of bed, back to their dorms with detention.


"Oi, Blade!" Bill Weasley said, turning to his best friend while they were walking up towards the Gryffindor dormitories. "I forgot to tell you- mum's pregnant again. So- guess what that means."

Blade laughed. "You're going to be spending the majority of the summer holidays at my house again. How many kids do your parents plan on having?"

"Who knows," Bill shrugged, "after having Ron around- I'm surprised anybody would want another kid." He glanced down at the baby nestled in his friend's arms. Hiding a small smile, he continued. "But, they say this time it's going to be a girl, so it shouldn't be too bad."

"Poor kid," Blade teased, "Not even born yet, and already such high expectations are placed on the poor soul."

Bill didn't have a chance to reply because at that moment, they entered the Gryffindor common room and the room was immediately silenced. Then every student from first years to seventh were crowding around them, trying to see Harry. Harry, apparently didn't like being stared at, and expressed his opinion about it. He opened his mouth and started crying- loudly.

"Oi you morons!" Bill snapped, "take if from me, babies don't like being stared at, so just give the poor kid some space."

Most of the students looked at him with disbelief written across their faces.

"I'm serious," Bill growled, pulling out his wand, "any of you come within three feet of Harry, and I will hex you."

"This is coming from the hex lord and his jinx lady," a fifth year boy joked, "come on you guys, we'll have plenty of chances to see Harry. I'm sure he'll be around the common room often enough."

Bill sent the boy a grateful look, before following his friend over to their favorite corner of the room. Blade had sat down on their over stuffed couch and started trying to calm Harry down- or at least make him stop crying.

"Let me," Bill said, taking Harry and gently rocking him in his arms. "It always makes Ron shut up. there." He smiled as Harry slowly stopped crying and gave a tiny hiccough. Moments later, there was a broad smile on the infants face and he started pulling on Bill's longish red hair.

"He's so cute!" Blade giggled.

"So says you, he's not pulling on /your/ hair."

"That's why he's so cute!"

Bill rolled his eyes and handed Harry back to his friend. "I've got to get my potions homework, I'll be right back." He ran up the stairs to his dorm, grabbed his potions homework, and darted back down. Leaving Blade with anybody was obviously a mistake, and he was actually fearing for Harry's life.

"Oi!" Blade was yelling at some forth year when Bill reentered the room, "back off!" Her wand was out and her eyes were narrowed in anger.

"You can't hog Harry!" The other girl was shouting back, "Professor Dumbledore said that anybody could help take care of him!"

"He said anybody who asked," Blade growled, narrowing her eyes even more. "You go and ask, and next time you can help."

Bill sighed and dumped his homework on a table, before approaching the two of them from behind. "Excuse me," he said, "the lord of hexes must have a word with his lady. We need to know which hex to use on you."

The girl's eyes widened.

"I say the 'Slug Belching' curse," Blade growled, flipping white blonde hair away from her face and twirling her wand expertly through her fingers.

"Next time," Bill promised. "for now, we have to finish potions- and get started on Astronomy."

Blade shot him a look before nodding.

Two hours later, Harry was getting a little fidgety. His green eyes were wide and tearing, and he looked ready to start wailing again.

"What's wrong with him?" Blade asked, throwing down her quill and looking at him with concern.

"I would say he needs a diaper change." Bill said dryly. "A bath, and then he should get some sleep."

"Okay, Mr. I have fifty siblings, you change his diaper, and I'll give him a bath and put him to bed."

"Deal," Bill said, his eyes gleaming. He pulled out his wand. Pointing it at Harry's diaper, he muttered something that Blade couldn't pick up and smiled widely. "Your turn."

Blade shot him a dirty look. "I'll get you for that," she muttered, picking Harry up and leaving for the dorm bathrooms. Bill chuckled and packed up their work. He left it in their corner, nobody went there anyway, and then he headed up to his room.

With a deep sigh, he flopped down on his bed and pulled out a spare piece of parchment and quill. He then proceeded to start writing a letter to his mother.

/Dear Mum and Dad/

Bill wrote, before stopping and chewing on the end of his quill.

/I hope that you're all well, and that Ron has stopped his little 'Running around the house naked' problem. And that Fred and George haven't actually blown anything up lately. Please tell Percy to get his nose out of whatever book it's in, and ask Charlie not to set fire to anything, especially my stuff. Everything is fine here, we got our Charms tests back, and I got a perfect score./

Bill paused again, thinking.

/Today, Professor Dumbledore announced that Harry Potter would be staying at the school. Professor McGonagall is taking care of him, apparently. But me and Blade are taking care of him this weekend, and I was thinking, since all of his toys and stuff were destroyed- that we could give him some of our old things. Please write me with your answer. Love, Bill/

Bill reread the letter and folded it up. He'd visit the Owlry tomorrow morning with Blade and Harry. Then, with another sigh, he changed into his pajamas and collapsed in his bed.


Molly Weasley had a good heart. The moment she received her son's letter, she started going around the house and going through all the old things she had placed up in the attic. She placed everything she decided Harry would need in a box enchanted so that it would weigh next to nothing and sent it off to Hogwarts, with the recently acquired owl, Errol.

Up at Hogwarts, Bill was delighted. So was Blade. and so was Harry, although- Harry was perfectly happy running around the Gryffindor common room naked.

"We'll have to adjust them to make them fit of course," Bill said, holding up a pair of overalls and a green shirt. "But, this is better then wearing the same clothes over and over."

Blade nodded and pulled out her wand. "I say we dress him first, and then adjust them."

Bill agreed, and moments later, Harry was happily running around the common room in perfectly fitting clothes, a clean diaper, and little shoes.

Blade's eyes lit up for a moment. "We have Harry until breakfast tomorrow, right?" She asked.

Bill nodded.

"How about we make him an honorary Gryffindor until then? We can shrink an old robe or something. Transfigure something into a Gryffindor patch."

Bill thought about it for a moment. "Do you have an old robe? I know you had a growth spurt since last year."

Blade nodded and ran up to her room. She came back down a minute later and collected Harry. Two minutes after that, Harry was once again running happily around the common room, except this time he was wearing a tiny black robe with a red and gold patch on the side.

"Come on, Harry," Bill said, scooping up the little boy and heading for the portrait hole, "let's go get some dinner."

The rest of Hogwarts wasn't exactly pleased when they saw Harry Potter wearing a Gryffindor robe. Actually- the Gryffindor's were happy, but the other three houses sat scowling at Bill and Blade, until they saw Harry happily running around the room and up to Dumbledore. The little boy squealed happily and climbed into the man's lap. All around the hall, there were murmurs of 'oh, how cute!' and 'he's so adorable'. Blade smiled and stood up, retrieving the little boy and bringing him back towards the Gryffindor table.

Harry was happily mashing up different types of fruits with his spoon when he saw it. Black hair, like his, and it was sitting up where he had run up to before. But, how could he get there now? The white haired girl had forcibly sat him down next to her, and was watching him with an eagle eye. Suddenly, a plan formed in Harry's head. He dropped his spoon on the ground, and tipped his mashed fruit onto the girls lap. She said some funny word before turning and picking up the spoon. In time her eyes were off of him, Harry disappeared.

He ran right up to the head table and towards the man with black hair. He climbed into his lap and offered a big smile up at the man, who scowled down at him. Harry shrugged off the scowl and sat down in the lap, eating the food off the plate in front of him. Everyone in the hall was laughing, except the man.

"I think he's taking a liking to you, Professor," McGonagall said, hiding a snort behind her hand.

Harry smiled happily and looked up at the man, who was staring down at him in disbelief. Harry offered a sausage to the man and pouted when he didn't accept it. Then his eyes filled with tears, and seconds later he was crying.

"Nice going," Minerva snapped, taking Harry and softly cooing at him. "He's just a baby! And he's lost his whole world in one day. Give him some credit will you?" She stood up and motioned for Blade and Bill to follow her down to her rooms.

*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- *-*-*-*-*-*

To be contined.?

Ps. I got the hex lord and lady thing from this story. 'Not Myself' by Saerry Snape. It's really good.