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Summary: This is an alternate universe fic. What if Dumbledore had listened to McGonagall that fateful night when Voldemort attacked? Sirius and Remus are searching for Pettigrew, everyone knows the truth, and Snape is still being a bastard. Harry is living at Hogwarts- and Dumbledore's hair isn't real.

AN FINAL CHAPTER! There's a fork in the road. When Draco is gone to be taken from the French orphanage, will they take Jem? Or will they return her to her home in the forest? Will Narsicca get out of her new prison? And just how often does Snape wash his hair now?

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Chapter 6

"What do you mean, you know where Draco is?" Severus demanded, after Albus had walked into his rooms.

"Exactly what I said." Albus said, rolling his eyes before he started to explain. "I gave him and Harry necklaces the day we went to Florida, after Draco's birthday. . . they had locating charms on them, so all Draco had to do was touch it and say I'm lost and I would know where he was. It seems that our young friend is in Nimes, southern France. Hence the reason we didn't find him before. We were all in northern France."

By now, Harry had taken notice of what was happening, and was tugging on Albus' canary yellow robes.

"So we're gonna get 'im back?" Harry said eagerly.

"We're going to get him back," Albus affirmed, picking up Harry and swinging him around in a circle.

Harry laughed and when he was put back on the ground, ran over to Severus. "Can we go get 'im /now/?" He wheedled, "please?"

Severus looked up at Albus.

"By all means," Albus said, his eyes twinkling. "We need to get him back here and away from that orphanage as soon as possible. Besides, it's only seven, I'm sure you three will be back by lunch time."

Harry squealed happily and jumped into the air. "Let's go, Seberus," he yelled, "let's go now!"

Severus smiled at the energetic child. "Okay," he said, "we're going. . . I just need to-"

"NO!" Harry yelled. "NOW!"

"How can I ignore that kind of a plea?" Severus muttered sarcastically. "Geeze, I feel like a bloody slave." But when he saw Harry's excited green eyes trained up at him, he sighed and took the little boy's hand. "We'll go now," he relented softly.

Harry smiled and held on tight as Albus handed Severus a port-key. Next thing they knew, they were standing in the edge of a small forest that was by their designated town. With a much more uplifted heart, Severus led the quickly found a Muggle and asked where he might find the orphanage. He was pointed in the right direction and quickly hurried off, Harry just barely holding on.


Draco woke up when Jem jumped onto his bed and threw her thin pillow at him. He grunted, and tried to push her away, but the small elf wouldn't have any of that.

"Oh no you don't, Draco Malfoy." She said mock sternly. "We have the whole day to explore these lovely halls, and I want to get started."

"I hope your joking," Draco said, whimpering as Abby tugged on his now much shorter hair.

It was shorter, because the woman in charge of the orphanage didn't like boys with long hair. So now, it was cut more like Harry's. And Draco completely /hated/ it. It was always falling in his eyes and never stayed the way he wanted it to.

"I'm not joking," Jem said smiling grimly. "We have to show these French people that they can't push us around. I mean, we /are/ six years old after all! I figure the best way to do that is to beat them at their own game. No more tricks on us! I saw we set a few tricks up on them, while they're all still asleep."

Draco thought about that for a moment. The other children had been playing loads of tricks on them. The other kids had placed plastic bugs in their mushy soup and dying their soap green. And then there was the time they had switched the salt with the sugar. Draco didn't particularly like salty oatmeal. Not only that, but they had started to place spider's in his and Jem's beds.

Draco nodded. "What did you want to do?"

Jem smiled and evil smile that reminded Draco painfully of Harry. "I saw we add a bit of magic to their everyday lives."

Draco smiled just as evilly. "I say, why didn't we think of this 'afore?"

The two children laughed and quickly exited their rooms, heading towards Jacques room. Jacques was one of the worst pranksters in the whole orphanage. And he seemed to be the leader of them all. Jem silently pressed her ear against his door and nodded to Draco.

Together they slipped into the room that was slightly larger then their own. Draco quietly snuck towards Jacques bed and muttered a small spell that Sirius had taught him. It was a silencing spell, and would cause the boy's vocal chords to become almost inaudible. Then Jem snuck up next to him and added an Elven spell to dye the boy's skin green. They silently left the room and scurried into another room, nearly identical to the last.

Except the walls were painted in a sickly pink, instead of the depressing blue of the boys rooms. Jem kept watch by the door as Draco placed the same spell on Margo, Jacques partner in crime. Then Jem added the skin dyeing spell and they slipped back down stairs to their own rooms.

That morning at breakfast, many of the children's breakfasts were hovering four feet out of their grasps. And those who could eat their meals ran shrieking when large toads jumped out of the oatmeal.

Before they could be targeted for the mishaps, Jem and Draco hurried outside and towards their corner. However, before they got there, Jacques and Margo stood in their path.

One look at their angry green faces sent Draco and Jem into peals of laughter. Jacques opened his mouth to say something, but all that came out was a tiny gurgling noise. The same happened to Margo.

"That'll stop you from messing with us," Draco laughed at them. "You have no clue who you are messing with."

Jem smiled and took his hand, leading him around the two green kids and towards their corner. There was a commotion on the other side of the orphanage, but they paid no heed to it. It was probably just Jacques and Margo, trying to yell or something.

"Tell me more about Harry," Jem said, lying down in the shady grass. "What he looks like."

"Well," Draco said hesitantly, not knowing where to start. . . "Harry's got, um, a scar on his forehead and he's got-"

"And," a voice above them said happily, "I've got black hair, green eyes and a best friend named Draco."


Harry was overjoyed. They had found the orphanage without difficulty- and while Severus talked to the ugly woman in her office, Harry was able to wander around, looking for Draco.

He had just walked outside when a soft type of playground ball came hurtling towards his head. Harry batted the ball away impatiently, and scanned the grass covered lawns carefully. What he saw surprised him; two green children, maybe about the age of ten were glaring and shaking their fists at two smaller blonder children. Harry's pulse quickened and he hurried after the blonds.

He didn't recognize the girl, but the boy. . . the boy was Draco.

When Draco saw Harry, he sprang up from his seat on the ground and threw himself into Harry's arms. Then he introduced Harry to the blond girl.

"Harry- this is Jem," Draco said, pulling Jem to her feet. "Jem, this is Harry."

Before Harry or Jem could say anything, Draco's whole facial expression intensified with joy and he ran into the arms of Severus Snape.

"Seberus!" He yelled, hugging the man around his middle. "I misseded you so much! Why did it take so long to find us?" He pulled back slightly and pouted.

"I'm sorry, Draco," Severus said, picking him up and throwing the child into the air, before catching him and placing him back on the ground. "We have been looking for you ever since we discovered you were gone- but I guess we were just looking in all of the wrong places."

Draco nodded and tugged Severus' hand. "I want you to meet my friend!" He said happily. "This is Jem- she's an elf, like me!"

Severus smiled. "It's nice to meet you Jem," he said.

Jem looked confused and said something to Draco in Elvish that caused Draco to burst into peals of laughter. But suddenly, his laughter stopped, and he looked somewhat scared, looking between Jem and Severus.

"What's going to happen to Jem?" he asked softly, "is she going to come with us? Or stay here?"

Severus looked startled. "Why isn't she at her own home with her parents?" He asked, hesitantly.

Draco bowed his head. "Her mummy and papa died, just before we ran away." he said, staring at his shoes. "We were staying with this grumpy elf lady, and we didn't like it there at all!"

Jem nodded her agreement.

"Can she please come to Hogwarts with us?" Draco wheedled suddenly, looking up at Severus with watery gray eyes. "I don't want to leave her, she's my fwiend!"

Severus was in a fix. Both Draco and Jem were staring at him with wide eyes and pouting mouths. Even Harry was mirroring their expressions.

Finally he cracked. "We'll take her up to school with us, and see what your grandpapa has to say."

Draco jumped up and hugged Severus tight. "Thank you!" He squealed, "thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Severus smiled and detached himself from Draco's grasp. And Draco immediately went to Harry's side and grasped his hand tightly.

In less then five minutes, they were all ready to leave the orphanage for good, take a short walk to the edge of town and take a port-key back to Hogwarts. . . when Jem suddenly cried something in Elvish, ducked under Severus' arm and ran back inside the cursed building.

She returned a moment later, tucking something in her pocket. She said something to Draco, who explained. "She said she forgot something," the little boy said, smiling at his friend.

Severus sighed and took her hand. Harry's hand was in Severus' other, and Draco was holding on to Harry. They walked for about fifteen minutes before ducking into an empty alleyway, and moments later, they arrived back at Hogwarts.

A high pitched shriek greeted them, and the next thing Draco knew, he was being hugged- very, very tightly.

"Grandmamma," Draco choked finally, "I can't bweeth. . ."

Minerva flushed slightly and pulled back. She was gushing all sorts of things along the lines of 'Oh, we missed you!' and 'don't you ever let anyone take you away from us again, you precious, precious child!' When she finally stopped talking she stared at the little boy.

"Draco," she gasped after a moment. "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU HAIR?!"

Draco touched his hair with a tentative hand and frowned. "The mean lady cut it," he pouted.

Minerva sighed. "Let's get some food in your tummy," she suggested, reaching for his hand. That was when her eyes landed on Jem, who was still holding Severus' hand.

"Her name is Jem," Severus said before the woman could blurt out anything stupid. "We don't know what we're going to do with her yet."

Minerva nodded blankly and led the three children into the Great Hall, where a feast was waiting to welcome Draco back.

And when Draco walked into the room, a big smile on his face, the whole school started cheering. The cheers were deadened, however, when Jem followed him into the room and took his hand tightly in her own. Draco smiled at her, used his other hand to take Harry's and the three of them walked up to the teachers table. Harry and Draco sat in their usual seats, while Jem fidgeted under the intense stares of nearly one thousand students.

"Why are the all staring at me?" She asked finally, her strange language echoing through the room. She ducked her head and his behind a curtain of hair.

Draco shrugged and pushed her into a chair. "Eat something," he said, handing her a fresh baked scone. "It's lots better than that other stuff."

Jem sighed and took the offered pastry fro him. She bit into it and watched as Severus and an old white haired man shared a heated discussion. After about fifteen minutes, Severus sighed. The man shot an unnoticed look of pity over at the three six-year-olds and finished his meal.

After Harry, Draco and Jem had finished their meals, the two boys gave Jem a tour of the castle. Jem was fascinated, and when they got to the potions dungeons, she actually jumped up and down in her excitement.

Her excitement, however, was short lived.

The next morning, Albus summoned the three children into his office and handed each of them some sweets. While Harry and Draco munched happily on their licorice wands, Jem stared out the window.

"^^This is about me,^^" she whispered finally, looking up at the old man. "^^You want me to go home, don't you?^^"

Albus sighed. "^^Jem,^^" he said softly, "^^Although everyone here may not know exactly who you are, I do. And I made a promise to King Ailsa long ago, that if he ever needed it- I would help him and his family. He needs help now. Help getting his daughter back home safely.^^"

Jem hung her head, "^^I know,^^" she said softly, "^^and I love my home, it's just that I'm so alone there. I'm not allowed to have any friends other then Abby,^^" she pulled said fairy out from under her cloak and sighed, looking over at Draco. "^^Draco was my first friend who I could talk to- and share secrets with. Abby is great- but she's pretty moody.^^"

Draco frowned. "I don't want Jem to go away," he whined, staring at his grandpapa, "she's my fwiend! And she's Harry's fwiend too!"

Harry nodded vigorously.

"I'm sorry, boys," Albus said, sincerely meaning it, "but she shouldn't have left her home in the first place. I have to take her back."

Draco's eyes filled with tears and he ran over to Jem. "I don't want her to go," he whispered.


When Albus and Jem entered the forest of Jem's people, they were both surprised that their visit went unnoticed. They made it all the way to the palace without having any elves asking why they were there. Albus dismissed it as he was traveling with the princess. But Jem was extremely worried. The warriors were to question everyone- no matter if they were royalty or not.

When they entered the Kings council room, they were both surprised to find it completely empty. There wasn't anybody sitting at a meeting, standing guard, there was actually a layer of dust on the ground and the small tables throughout the whole room.

The two wandered back outside and finally spotted somebody. They hurried over and Albus knelt down by the person in the street. It was indeed an elf, but he was sick- dying to be precise.

Jem cowered behind Albus and Albus sighed before looking around again. The whole city was deserted. The old man finally knelt down by the dying elf and laid one hand on him- restoring some strength, and removing the fatal illness.

The elf lay in the street for a moment longer. "^^Thank you,^^" he said finally, standing up and smiling weakly, one hand over his stomach.

Albus smiled. "^^Could you tell us what happened here? ^^" He asked, gesturing to the deserted courtyard around them.

"They all left," the man explained softly. "^^After the king and queen passed into darkness, an outbreak of illness went through our home. Everyone who was still healthy lived, while those who were still sick, stayed. It was awful- nearly all the children died, many of the elders remained sick as well. There were only a small number of people who managed to stay healthy enough to leave for another home. ^^"

Albus sighed and looked down at the little girl behind him. She was staring at the elf in shock and dismay.

"^^The king and queen died?^^" she whispered hoarsely. "^^DIED! THEY'RE NOT ALLOWED TO DIE!^^"

The elf looked over at Jem with recognition on his face. "^^Princess?^^" he whispered, "^^where have you been? You're parents have been frantic- nobody knew where you went. . .^^"

"I was helping my fwiend,^^" Jem said, as though that was the most obvious thing in the world.

The elf didn't say anything, except look back at Albus. "^^And I suppose you're Albus Dumbledore?^^" He asked finally.

Albus nodded.

"^^The king left a message for you,^^" the elf said, "^^he wanted you to follow up on your promise. He wants you to take care of his child. He announced this to all of us before he died. 'If any of you see a man by the name Albus Dumbledore, he made me a promise. He said he would take care for my family. When my daughter returns, please send her to him. He is at Hogwarts School, in Brittan.' I suppose that's her fate then.^^"

Jem's face lit up. "^^I get to go stay with Draco?^^" she asked excitedly, jumping up and down in glee. "^^YAY!^^"

"Trust a child to be more excited about her friend then her family," Albus muttered so that nobody could understand him. But he smiled at the child none the less. "^^We'll head back to school immediately,^^" he told her princess. "^^Right after we get your things, I know that you must own more then the simple clothes you are wearing now.^^"

Jem nodded the affirmative and led the way back into the palace. About twenty minutes later they once again left and headed back the way they came. The lone elf was nowhere to be found, but neither Albus nor Jem minded.

They returned to Hogwarts, where Minerva was waiting for Albus.

"Albus," the woman gasped in surprise when she saw the little girl with him. "Why isn't Jem with her family?"

A squeal cut off Albus' answer, as Draco ran down the grand stairs and threw himself into Jem's arms.

"I think," Albus said softly, so that only Minerva could hear him. "That she's home now."


Far away, in the dark, cold and wet Elven undergrounds- Narsicca Malfoy sat in her dirty musky cell. Every one had left. Nobody had been able to get her out of her cell, because only one of the royal family could open her cell door.

Narsicca kicked at the door and screamed loudly. But nobody ever heard her. And nobody ever came.

The End

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