The words are: Height, homicidal, halloween, haphephobia (fear of physical contact)

A tall man with brown hair and green eyes in an Australian warrior costume entered a nicely furnished room yelling, "Come on, Jack!"

A short, lean boy with shimmering white hair and crystalline blue eyes in a shining, dark blue suit and a crown followed behind the man saying, "But Bunny! It's the roof of a 125-floor building! I won't even go near the roof of 3 floors! Plus look at all the people in here! One of them might accidently touch me," while waving his hand around, indicating all the people in the room.

"It's not that bad," responded Bunny.

"It is! They are all standing so close!"

Turning around to face the boy, he said, "Jack. You'll be fine."

The boy crossed his arms with a "hmph."

Bunny walked towards a row of elevators knowing the boy would follow and waited patiently for one to be available and not too full, knowing Jack would leave the building and not look back. Finally, one arrived and they got in. Bunny watched Jack closely as the elevator went up.

The boy's arms were crossed and he stood with a slight pout with his eyes focused on the digital numbers that told what floor they were passing. As they got closer to the top, Bunny saw the boy stiffen slightly and stand taller. FInally, they reached the top floor and the doors opened. Stepping outside the elevator, Jack stood there, not moving and barely breathing.

Bunny gently gripped Jack by the elbow and led him away from the elevator as the boy's eyes glanced back and forth quickly with obvious fear in them.

"Jack, you're fine. There is nothing to worry about. The ledge is half my height plus it has the fencing and there are very few people. You'll be fine," he said firmly with a hand on each elbow.

Slowly, Jack was calm enough to go stand by a table on the other side of the elevator. Bunny left him to go dance but he kept a close eye on him. After a few songs, Bunny joined Jack at the refreshments table and poured himself a glass of the red punch.

Once Bunny was done with the fruity drink, a line dance came on and Bunny grabbed Jack's arm and dragged him onto the dance floor with him. Smiling, Jack danced in the back but then a fast whooshing sound was heard near him followed by a disgusting, squelching sound.

Jack looked to his right and noticed that the man that was dancing next to him was now laying on the ground with an arrow lodged in his neck, the blood already starting to pool.

A man is first to scream followed by many others. The people on the roof start running around in chaos and Jack freaks out when all the people begin to surround him. He panics and runs to an area with a relatively few amount of people. He tries to slow down as he approaches the ledge but SkyRoof's preventions weren't enough and he topples over the ledge. He falls a short distance but manages to grab the edge with his hand.

The pale boy screams and Bunny, aware of the chaos and amount of people, tries to locate Jack from the scream he heard. He sees a hand on the ledge and desperately hopes it isn't Jack but already knows that it must be him for a scream to come out as horrified as that.

The Australian finds him hanging onto the ledge with one hand. "BUNNY! Please! Help!" Jack said desperately.

"Don't worry Jack! I've got you," Bunny said with the calmest voice he could muster.

However, as Bunny reached over the ledge to help pull Jack help, a sickly sweet voice was heard behind him.

"Aw. Isn't that sweet! The warrior is saving the prince in distress. It's like a fairy tale," said a short girl with green, blue, and purple hair wearing fairy wings.

Bunny turns around, forgetting about Jack for a brief moment as he responds, "Tooth? What are you doing! Put the bow down." Bunny said in a commanding voice..

Below, Jack had his eyes closed and was whispering something to himself. Bunny quickly looked down and was immediately hit with guilt and despair as he heard the words the boy was saying. "There is nothing down there. You are fine. You're fine. Nothing can hurt you."

The girl, Tooth, put a finger to her mouth in thought and said, "Hmmm. I think not!" She nocked another arrow and shot it randomly through the still chaotic crowd. She hit someone on the leg and they fell immediately, causing more screams to erupt.

"Tooth! Please stop. This is unlike you! You were our friend."

"I was never your friend! It was a lie! A ruse. I was a fake!" she yelled angrily.

"I don't believe you! None of us have ever believed this! Please stop this madness. This isn't you!"

"BUNNY!" A distressed yell came from below them. Bunny took a quick glance down and saw Jack's fingers slipping, slowly but surely. Quickly, Bunny bent down again and grabbed Jack's hand just before it was off the ledge completely. The warrior began to pull Jack up, but he felt a piercing pain in his back just below his shoulder blade and he bent over himself with an arm at his abdomen,but the momentum caused him to fall, Jack's hand still in his.

They seemed to fall slowly and with an apparent grace. Thier bodies curved in the rushing breeze and the hair flowing everywhere gave both an ethereal appearance.

Jack's eyes were wide with fear and Bunny's were closed with pain but they held tightly to each other's hands.

They were already gone before they hit the ground, whether it was from true fear or loss of blood.

On the roof, Tooth reveled in the screams she heard from the ground. She grabbed a walkie-talkie, and spoke into it, "The targets have been annihilated. I was unseen. On my way down. Over."

A crackling response was heard, "Roger. The van is in back. Over."

"Be there soon. Over. Out."

Smiling, the colorful girl walked through the chaos, unnoticed and entered the elevator, with no one knowing she was ever there in the first place.

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