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I grabbed my coffee from the barista and made my way over to the table where Alice and Rose sat. I called them early this morning and asked them to meet me here. They knew that Edward and I had broken up, but this would be the first time I had seen them since. I wasn't really ready for the pitying looks they would surely give me, but I knew I couldn't stay away from them forever.

Edward texted me last night and asked if it was okay if he came by to grab the rest of his things this morning. Since I locked myself in the bedroom the night he left, he was only able to take with him what I had carried into the living room. I agreed and told him that I would make sure I was out of the apartment for as long as he was there. If I knew Edward like I thought I did, he would get Jasper and Emmett to help him out which meant the perfect time for me to meet with Rose and Alice.

"Hey sweetie," Alice said, as she stood up and hugged me. "How are you?" Rose reached over and patted my hand as Alice and I took our seats.

"I'm doing okay, I guess, considering the circumstances," I told them before sipping my coffee. I stared down at the table and fiddled with the napkin, wanting to avoid the looks they were giving me.

"What happened? I mean, I know you guys broke up, but that was all that you told us over the phone. What exactly went down?" Rose asked. I finally looked up at my friends and saw that they weren't looking at me with pity. Rose actually looked a little angry.

"It's been bad for a while. He's been coming home late, forgetting things we had planned, making promises and breaking them. We started to grow apart. I never saw him. I was more alone in a relationship and that's just not what I want. I miss how we used to be. I just…I don't know. I don't want to sound like a bitch or unsupportive, but I don't think I'm cut out to be the girlfriend he needs with his schedule." I took a breath to hold my tears back because what I was going to say next was not something I wanted to think about. "He needs to be with someone who can handle being alone, someone who won't hold him back all the time and as much as I hate to say it, that someone is not me. I love Edward, but not the Edward who puts everything first and forgets he has someone at home." Rose and Alice just stared back at me.

"Yeah, but he's always been like that," Alice said. It was true. Edward had always gotten home late since starting at the hospital and I always had to keep reminding him about plans we'd made.

"I was just tired of the broken promises. He'd broken plans with me over and over and I finally got tired of it. He never put me first in his life. It was always his job. He never, ever put me first and I got fed up. I might have overreacted in the moment, but now that I look back at it I realize that I did the right thing. We both deserve better. He deserves a woman that won't hold him back or bitch at him about his job and I deserve someone who will put me first above anything else," I said, shrugging my shoulders.

"Maybe this break up was the best thing for both of you," Rose said and Alice nodded in agreement. "You guys did move a little quick in the beginning. I mean, you only dated for a few months before you moved in together. Emmett and I have been dating for years and only just recently moved in together."

"Yeah, but just because it's the best thing doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt," I said, my eyes filling with tears. Alice and Rose both stood up and slid their chairs over beside mine. The each put their arms around me and hugged me tightly.

"We'd been together for years. I was actually hoping he'd propose to me soon. How stupid is that? I was hoping for some grand proposal and he couldn't even leave work to have dinner with me," I cried. "I should hate him for the way he just threw our relationship away. He didn't even try to fight for us. I should hate him, but I still love him. I love him and I don't know if I'll ever stop." The tears were now falling freely and the more I sat there with my best friends the more things hurt. I had to leave, I didn't want to cry. I wanted the pain in my chest gone.

"I appreciate you guys coming out here, but I need to head out. I have a few things I need to do," I lied. I just wanted to be alone. Rose and Alice looked at each other with concern, but moved away from me and let me go on my way. I picked up my purse and gave them each a quick peck on the cheek, thanking them for being there and walked out of the café.

The fresh air was chilly to my tear stained cheeks, but it felt nice. I walked a few blocks just trying to gain my bearings and figure out what I was going to do next with my life. The sad part about my thoughts was that they all ended up back with Edward. I had a life before him, but the only memories I could seem to conjure up in my mind to try and take away the pain were memories of us. The one that stuck out the most was his excitement to be in the running for Chief Resident.

"Bella! Bella!" I heard Edward yell through the apartment just as he walked through the door. Not knowing exactly what was going on, I tossed my book on the bed and rushed to the living room to find out. He was tossing his things onto the couch as I stepped behind him.

Quickly turning around, he finally set eyes on me and pulled me into a searing kiss. After a few moments he pulled away allowing me to catch the breath he had suddenly taken away.

"Not that I'm complaining, but what was that for?" I asked him once I could speak. He smiled widely at me and took my hands in his.

"I did it, Bella. I actually did it," he spoke quietly, as if he were afraid that if he spoke too loudly it would no longer be true.

"Did what, baby?"

"I am officially on the short list of candidates for the position of Chief Resident at the hospital," he said, barely containing his excitement. I squealed and pulled him into a tight hug.

"Oh Edward, I'm so proud of you. I knew you could do it," I spoke quietly into his ear as he caressed my back. He had been working so hard lately at the hospital and finally it had paid off. He deserved this so much. I just wished I could show him how proud of him I was.

I pulled away from him and gently pushed him down to sit on the couch. He wrinkled his brow as I slowly knelt before him.

"What are you doing, baby?" he asked me. I smiled at him as I tugged at the elastic of his scrub bottoms.

"I'm gonna show you just how proud I am of you Dr. Cullen."

He was so excited that night and I was so proud of him. I woke up the next morning and found a note on his pillow saying that he had gone in to the hospital early and that he'd see me that night.

That's really where it all began. He didn't come home that night. He finally showed back up the next day.