Once, there was a man named Gol. D. Roger, a man of such ambition and power that all acknowledged him as the King of Pirates.

He had conquered all his enemies, seen all there was to see, and claimed all the treasures of the world for his own. But no amount of wealth and power will keep a man alive forever, and the man known as Gold Roger finally met his end in Loguetown, at the hands of the World Government Marines.

Yet though a man may die, a legend lives on forever, and into his legend, Gold Roger breathed the words that began an era. "If you want my treasure, you can have it all. I left everything I own in "That" Place."

With simple words, Gold Roger dealt the world a blow he could not with all of his former power. He created a new era, a new power to rival the Justice of the marines, a siren call of Freedom that would sink into the hearts of the people, and create an age of Pirates.

But there are many to whom Justice still shines bright; an ideal beyond the call of freedom and greed. We call these young hopefuls, who still believe that a just world can be made by human hands; Marines.

"Aahhh! What a nice nap that was, it looks like I'm saved!" Luffy said, stretching himself out from the barrel and surveying the room, finding three tough looking types and one wimpy one, with pink hair at that. "...Who are you guys anyway?" he asked with open curiosity.

"Who are we!? Who are you!?" He was answered; before the brighter of the three noted the white shirt he wore, sleeves ripped off at the shoulders, not quite high enough to conceal the rank insignia at his chest. His eyes bulged as he shouted out "It's a Mari-" Before the cabin was nearly knocked off the deck by the sudden entrance of a massive spiked iron club that sent timbers snapping and flying.

As they recovered, they heard the familiar question. "What is the most beautiful thing on the sea?" And answered the expected "Of course it's Alvida!" As their captain entered, bulk creaking the deck beneath her feet.

"In that case, why are you disobeying me and slacking off in here? I heard you enjoying your nap from right across the deck!" The enormously obese pirate demanded, the crewmen nervously swallowing, before the brains of the outfit felt something important rise up in his mind, that hopefully would end in his life being spared. "C-Captain! There's something you should know!" He stammered out, Alvida's greasy eyebrow rising in response.

"Umm... are you okay? You got knocked pretty far just then." The wimpy kid inquired, as Luffy levered himself out from the barrel.

"Ahha, I'm fine. Just surprised a bit. After getting sucked down a whirlpool, that wasn't very scary at all." he said, dusting himself off and standing up straight. "Marine Lieutenant Monkey D. Luffy, at your service." he said cheerily. "Do you know where we are by any chance?"

"Ahh, well, we're on an island claimed by Iron-Club Alvida. My name's Coby, I'm a-wait, what did you say you were?" the pasty kid answered with another question.

"I'm a Luffy."

"No, before that!"

"Monkey. But don't call me that, I'm not a monkey." he explained, as Coby's frustration mounted.

"Noooo! Before that, you said you were in the- That vest, you are a marine!"

"Well yeah, I already said that. Weren't you listening?" Luffy asked, before looking even more confused as Coby fell to his knees, breaking down in tears and gripping Luffy's knees tightly. "...Jeez. You're pretty wimpy and useless huh? I don't like you." Luffy informed him, as Coby looked up, the image of pathetic, before his eyes widened and he scrambled backward as a mass of iron swept treetops aside.

"So, you finally got word to the marines did you Coby? Well for all the good it did you, they sent only one!" Alvida taunted, lifting her club again. "Even so, I'll forgive you so long as you realize how pointless it is to do such stupid things... and when you tell me who the most beautiful thing on the sea is."

"Aahh... it.. of course it's-" he stammered as he crawled backward against a tree stump.

"...Who's this fat bitch?" Luffy asked bluntly, a pall descending over the impromptu clearing.

"L-luffy, quick, you have to repeat after-" Coby began, before Alvida let out a roar that made it clear that wasn't going to help, and with a bone-crushing blow, brought her hammer down onto Luffy's head, his straw hat bunching, feet digging inch-deep ruts in the ground, before he broke into a grin.

"Ahh, that's not gonna work miss Fat Lady. And now at the least you're guilty of something, which means..." He said, grinning wider.

"Th-that's impossible! My club should have-" She stared, as he drew his fist back.

"I get to do this! Gomu-Gomu no PISTOL! " He shouted, his fist rocketing forward... and extending, carrying the blow through ten feet longer than it would have into Alvida's face, knocking her flat onto her back and out cold. Luffy smirked as his fist retracted, working his fingers slightly and turning to the assembled pirate crew.

"Hey, you guys, I'm rekky- Err, rekwa..." he started, before Coby piped up in the smallest voice he'd ever used.


"Yeah that! Gimme a boat by order of the marines, or I'll kick your asses and arrest you like fat lady." Luffy noted with a smile, before the pirates began to scramble to obey, and he turned back to the quivering cabin boy.

"Say, you seem kinda smart, and you even know the big word that means stealing when it's okay! You wanna become a marine?" he asked, as Coby stood, stunned, and replied in surprisingly even, though quiet words.

"More than anything in the world."

Inspired by Aoi24's story "Those Damn Marines." I'll be taking a different route than he did, but he deserves credit for planting the idea in my head and encouraging authors to write for Marine!Luffy.