These Characters from Howl's Moving Castle do not belong to me. Just to get that out-of-the-way so everyone can enjoy this story with anyone getting mad about copyright issues. The Powers used by Sophie are used in a lot of mermaid stories out there so they don't belong to me either just to be clear.

Another day in the the life of Sophie Hatter. Wake up, eat breakfast, get to work making hats, light lunch, run the hat shop, bed. A dull but productive life. At least that's what her family and customers thought whenever they saw her but Sophie, for as long as she could remember, had a secret. One that no one knew but her. She was a mermaid. Yes a mermaid, with a tail and scales the whole fairytale. Not possible right? Well that is what Sophie would have thought if she suddenly sprouted a tail for no reason, but as previously stated she had been a mermaid for as long as she can remember and she has been keeping that little fact a secret from everyone (her sisters included) for even longer. She just knew that no one would understand. So when no one was watching and all had turned in to their homes for the night. Sophie would go outside of town towards the mountain to a secret lake inside a hidden cave. There she would no longer have to feel her heavy burden. As she entered the crystal waters lite up by the moon through the cave's open ceiling, She felt the familiar sensation of powerful magic coursing through her veins. Her brown hair turned silver, her chocolate eyes a shining blue, and her legs changed into a powerful tail decorated with deep sea blue scales that also covered her breasts.

She felt at peace in her special place, her lost sea, she would spend hours on end playing in the lake or simply lying beneath the water gazing up at the moon. More often though she would practice using her powers, yeah that's right powers as in the magic kind. She has so many that it is hard to remember them all but here is a list of the powers that she knows she has.

Hydrokinesis is the ability to move water with your mind, as well as expanding it and molding it into a variety of shapes.

Aerokinesis is really an enhancement of my Hydrokinesis - it is the power to control wind - to create breezes, strong gusts of air that can knock people off their feet or updrafts strong enough to lift hundreds of pounds. It can also been used to levitate objects books or and even people.

Telekinesis is the ability to move objects without touching them.

Hydro-Cryokinesis is the ability to freeze water.

Cryokinesis is the power and ability to manipulate generate and control ice and snow, create unusually strong blizzards, snowstorms and snowfall, and freeze an entire area with solid ice and create a variety of ice sculptures.

Hydro-Thermokinesis is the power to heat and boil water.

Pyrokinesis the power to start, control and put out fires (even on water)

Electrokinesis the power to create lightning

Gelidkinesis is the power to turn water (and any liquid substance or moisture of any kind) into a jelly-like compound. And it can be used to explode moisturized objects, like drains, drinks, and turn other chemicals solid or jellied.

Substanciakinesis the ability to harden water into a substance similar to glass or crystal.

She also has the power to create small earthquakes but she doesn't have that power figured out yet.

So that has been her life since she was a little girl. Since she didn't feel the need to sleep (since forever), she could live with being a small town hat maker by day, mystical mermaid doing magic by night. This had continued to be her life in the small town of Market Chipping. Until...