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Clove Sevina was not in the mood to go to bed. Her eyes kept continuously and involuntarily fluttering open, disturbing her state of 'not sleep'. She sighed to herself, letting her eyelids fall closed once again as she shifted to her other side, curling up a little bit. Of course the one night she was in bed at a semi reasonable hour she was completely restless, she seemed to have that sort of luck. Her mind was filled with an abundance of 'if's' and a number of impossible scenarios, the kind that would only ever play out in her head. Within a matter of moments her eyes popped open again and she groaned to herself. She flung her head to the side in an irritated matter, glancing at the silver clock perched on her bedside table. 12:48, cool, she thought angrily. Instead of forcing her eyes shut for the millionth time that night she propped herself up on her elbow, contemplating her options. Normally, she'd just go downstairs and have a snack or something to drink, but she was hesitant to do that as her brother Max was having a sleepover. The last thing she needed was some hungover high school boy walking in on her clad in pajamas and a messy bun scarfing down cereal at nearly one in the morning.

She sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose as she tried to make a decision. She could always just ignore her hunger pangs, read a book maybe, perhaps she'd even test her luck at drawing just incase the middle of the night brought out an increase in creativity. As if to come to a conclusion for her, her stomach rumbled suddenly, reminding her that the last time she'd eaten was approximately six hours ago. She sighed, sitting up a little bit more in her bed, rubbing her eyes faintly as she glanced around her dark room. Her stomach made a noise again, demanding food. "Fine," she grumbled, as if to reassure it that nourishment was on the way. Swinging her legs over the edge of her queen sized bed she stood up, stretching her arms backwards before returning to a slouched over position, ambling towards the door with quiet footsteps.

She did her best to keep quiet as she flung her door open, trotting down the carpeted staircase quickly and sneakily, or so she thought. As she peered into the living room where the boys were sleeping she forced herself to bite back a laugh. Judging by the sound (which closely resembled that of a freight train) she had a sneaking suspicion that all 5 of the boys Max had over were sound asleep. Her heartbeat slowed as she was now fairly sure no one would disturb her midnight snack. She tiptoed into the kitchen and towards the refrigerator . Pulling the stainless steel door open revealed a fully stocked fridge to Clove's surprise. There was hardly ever anything she wanted to eat, but tonight she had the opportunity to choose anything she wanted.

She paused for a moment, eyeing the choices before finally selecting a vanilla yogurt from one of the clear bottom drawers. After pulling it loose from its packaging, she walked to the silverware drawer, retrieving a spoon before peeling off the lid and discarding it. With a sigh she leaned against the granite countertop, glancing out the window above the sink into the warm summer night. It was a shame she wasn't one for sneaking out, it would be all too easy, she thought to herself. Just pop out the back door and disappear into the sticky night, no one would ever know.

She was so lost in thought, imagining a braver version of herself she didn't notice a large blonde figure suddenly appear in the doorway to the hallway, leaning against the door frame.

"Clove," his deep voice rang out across the kitchen, filling every crevice of the room, startling her out of her near day dream. She whipped around quickly, placing her yogurt cup on the counter and crossing her arms instinctively over her chest.

"Who is that?" she asked suspiciously, although she thought she had a pretty good idea of who it was. The figure only laughed, stepping out form the shadows, offering no other explanation.

"Cato," she said breathlessly, rolling her eyes a bit. He let out a soft chuckle, taking another step closer to her, not that it made much of a difference, the kitchen was huge after all.

"What're you doing up this late, Clover?" he asked as he peered at her, a lazy quality to his voice. She flinched at his usage of her nickname, very few people knew it and she hadn't expected some guy that she hardly knew to use it.

"I'm a night owl," she replied, almost without hesitation. "What's your excuse?" she asked, narrowing her eyes a bit at him. Normally Clove had an easy time figuring out what someone wanted from her, but with Cato, it was different. His deep blue eyes seemed vast and unreadable and as much as she hated to admit it, no matter how hard she tried, she could not read Cato Hadley.

"I was worried there'd been an elephant invasion," he replied almost as quickly as she had, moving closer again so that they were on opposite sides of the kitchen island. "I mean...I heard you coming down the stairs," he said with a satisfied smirk, looking up at her, staring into her green eyes. She turned away involuntarily, uncomfortable with the way his piercing gaze made her feel vulnerable, an emotion she wasn't used to.

"Are you calling me fat?" she hissed, turning back around to glare at him angrily. He laughed, shaking his head faintly.

"You're not fat, and you know it." he said, rolling his eyes in reply to her.

"Thanks for that," She snapped, trying to keep her voice calm. His confidence was starting to irritate her and she'd just about had enough. She wished he would just go away so she could enjoy her yogurt and go back to sleep. He laughed coolly, leaning on the counter so he was directly across from her.

"Don't tell me it's that easy to make the Clover Sevina angry," he laughed, toying with her terrible habit of wearing her emotions where everyone could see them.

"I'm not angry," she replied, adding an eye roll for emphasis. "I just wish you would go away so I could eat in peace," she said, shooting him an icy glare.

"Well I wish I had a million dollars, but I'm not getting that any time soon," he murmured, leaning forward across the counter a little bit, rocking on his arms. She exhaled sharply, reaching for her yogurt and pretending to seem calm. He eyed her carefully, looking her up and down. He'd known Clove since she was born but they weren't close by any means. To him, she was just his friend's little sister, however something about the way she acted at 12:54 at night made him think that there could be more to her than that.

"I find it hard to believe that you have nothing better to do than eat yogurt," he said suddenly, returning his eyes to hers.

"Well what would you expect me to be doing?" she asked, sticking the spoon back in her mouth.
"I don't know...Hanging out with friends or a boyfriend or something interesting," he shrugged, averting his gaze for the first time that night. She laughed, shaking her head as she took another bite.

"Here's the thing, you have to have a boyfriend to hang out with him," she replied, smiling to herself as she turned away from him towards the trashcan, tossing the now empty cup into it.

"Oh," he said, suddenly at a loss for words, a problem he never had.

"What about you?" she asked, turning back to him. "Don't you have some hot girlfriend you could be talking to, or wait," she stopped, putting her hands on her hips. "Perhaps I mean some one night stand you could be busy with?" she said with a smirk. Yes, she knew his reputation and she wasn't about to fall for his tricks. He laughed, nodding his head at her.

"You're right, hookups are more my style," he countered, flashing her a lazy smile. She sighed, standing up a little bit straighter, she was done with this conversation.

"Because anyone would have to be positively crazy to date you," she hissed at him, effectively letting him know she wasn't interested. With that, she pushed up and off the counter, striding past him towards the kitchen door, confidence in her step.

"Oh, and Cato?" she called in a sickeningly sweet voice as she turned around. "Don't you dare mistake me for one of your playthings," she finished before spinning on her heel, disappearing into the shroud of darkness that cloaked the hallway.

"Oh Clove," he murmured, standing up. "I don't make mistakes."