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"Finally, some peace and quiet," April said as she plopped down on the bed next to Jackson, "It's 9 o'clock and I'm ready to go to bed. How lame is that? What happened to hanging out at Joe's with everyone after work. I wonder what they are doing right now."

"Alex is out with Alice. He's gonna…" Jackson answered before cutting himself off realizing he was saying too much.

"Wait what is Alex gonna do?" April asked, feeling Jackson was keeping something from her, "What do you know?"

"It's nothing. Forget I said anything." Jackson responded, evasively.

"It's not 'nothing'. I'm your wife and there is something you aren't telling me!" April exclaimed, causing Jackson to roll his eyes.

"Alex," Jackson began, clearing his through, "is going to ask Alice to marry him," Jackson answered, anticipating the wrath of April.

"What? Why didn't you tell me?" April asked, stunned at his revelation, "How long did you know?"

"Alex told me about a week ago," Jackson answered, "He asked me not to tell you because he didn't think you'd be able to keep the secret from your sister."

"Really?" April responded, to which Jackson nodded. "Well, he has a point; I probably wouldn't have been able to help myself!"

"Assuming she says yes, I'm sure you get to celebrate with her plenty," Jackson added, with a chuckle.

"We'll we should probably get some sleep while it's quiet. It won't last long," April suggested as the couple got ready for bed.

April was snapped from sleep by the cries of, Jayden, her baby boy.

"Go back to sleep. I'll go get him," April whispered to a stirring Jackson as she got up and left the room.

April walked in to the twins' room and picked up the crying five month old in her arms. She rocked him in her arms and carried him out to avoid disturbing the little girl in the nearby crib.

She returned to her bed and sat down on her side of the bed, lifted her shirt, and began to nurse him. She leaned her head against the headboard while he ate. This wasn't the most comfortable part about being a mother but she loved it anyway.

She loved the closeness with her children she got to have by nursing them. She loved the quality time she got to have with them that no one else got to have. It was special to her because she knew they wouldn't be this small for long so she was gonna savor every minute.

Jackson rolled over, almost instinctually, and smiled at his wife. Motherhood made her even more beautiful, if that was even possible.

"Life's pretty good, isn't it?" Jackson asked April, smiling before kissing her and then their little boy lightly on his head.

"Yes it is," April agreed. Within moments, Amelia started to cry as well.

"I'll get her," Jackson said, "and you can finish nursing him."

"Thanks Jackson," April smiled as he left the room.

"Life is good, J.J." she cooed at the wriggling little boy in her arms.

She continued to nurse him as he fell asleep as he ate. She wanted to make sure she fed him enough so he wouldn't wake up again. When the falling asleep part was happening more often than the eating part, she pulled her shirt back down and just rocked him as he slept.

"I wonder where your daddy is," April whispered to her son when she noticed how much time had passed and Jackson hadn't returned from the baby's room. She's wasn't worried, but she was curious as to what he was doing.

After a little while, she got up to take him back to his room. As she walked down the hall she realized how quiet it was. Quietly, she stuck her head though the doorway and peeked into the room. She smiled at how Jackson was able to sooth their little girl.

The sight before her just about brought her to tears. Jackson was sitting in the rocking chair sound asleep as he held their little girl in his arms. April couldn't help but marvel at how good he was with their little girl. Amelia had Jackson wrapped around her finger and much to Jackson's chagrin, J.J. was definitely a little bit of a mama's boy.

As a child, April had a very happy life. Her parents had a very happy life and she had been close with sisters. As they grew up, her sisters made friends, went on dates, and had the type of lives she envied.

There were times she never thought someone would love her, that she'd get the marriage her parents had, or all of the other dreams she had.

Then Jackson happened. First they were coworkers and then the odds were stacked against them, they became best friends, relying on each other when they felt they didn't have anyone else.

In San Francisco, everything changed and almost as quickly it fell apart. She failed her boards and lost her job which caused her to move back to Moline, bringing a swift end to any potential relationship for them. She ended up returning to Seattle and they tried to pick up where they left off, which led to more chaos.

April wasn't sure it would ever be the same for her and Jackson. Eventually they found their way back but it wasn't easy. It was worth it however. Everything that had felt like it was the end of the world was now nothing but a memory.

Standing here now with one child in her arms and one in his, she'd gotten everything she could have ever dreamed of and so much more. She had the most wonderful man in Jackson and together they had built a family.

She stood there smiling for a moment, lost in thought, not realizing that baby in her arms was fussing a little and woke up Jackson.

"What are you smiling about?" Jackson asked snapping her from her thoughts.

"Oh nothing," April replied, "just marveling."

"Marveling at what?" he inquired.

"How perfect everything has turned out to be," she answered.

Jackson stood up and put Amelia down in her crib. He then when over to April and took Jayden to his crib as well.

"It will be more perfect if we get some sleep," Jackson said putting his arms around her from behind as he took it in for a moment, before leading her by the hand back to bed.

"Sleep would be good," April chuckled, leaning against his shoulder as they walked down the hall together.

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