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Opening Theme: Velonica

Bleach 2: The Second Vasto Lorde

"Saturday at last..." Ichigo said as he walked into his room.

"Hey Rukia, you here?"

"Yeah, I'm here." she said coming out of the closet.

"We have to got to Urahara shop." She added.

"What why?"

"Its about that guy, Hizashi Takao." Rukia said.

"Oh, alright then, let's go."

A Few Minutes Later - Urahara Shop

They walked into Urahara shop and went into the room where everyone was waiting.

"Hello Ichigo, Hello Rukia." Orihime greeted.

Orihime, Chad, Uryuu, Yoruichi, Urahara, Tessai, Jinta and Ururu were there.

"So what do you know about this Hizashi Takao guy..." Ichigo asked as he sat down.

Song: Nothing Can Be Explained

"Well for starters he's one of the most powerful Vasto Lorde." Urahara said.

"A few centuries ago when Hizashi tried to take over the Seretei, Head Captain Yamamoto fought him but they we're on par with each other. In the end the only way the Head Captain could defeat him was by sealing him away." Yoruichi said.

"So how was he sealed away?" Rukia asked.

"The Head Captain used his Bankai to create a seal. You see Hizashi Takao's Zanpakuto is also a fire type like the Head Captain's. The Head Captain opened up a portal to Hueco Mundo and created a seal so that Hizashi Takao wouldn't be able to leave Hueco Mundo, instead he would just stay there in an eternal sleep." Yoruichi continued.

"And now it looks like the seal has been broken." Urahara said.

"Yes, we're guessing that yesterdays attack was an atempt to kill everything that might be a threat." Yoruichi said.

"So why are they coming to Karakura Town of all places?" Ichigo asked.

"Because of all the strong Reiatsu and the amount of Soul Reapers here." Urahara said.

"Great..." Ichigo sighed.

"So what do we do if he shows up?" Chad asked.

"There's no use in running away, you'll just end up getting killed anyway. The best thing you can do is fight." Urahara said.

"But the Vasto Lorde are said to be stronger than the Captains of the Seretei" (Court Of Pure Souls) Uryu replied.

"And that's why we have to stop them, even if it means us dying in the process. I'll go to the Seretei and tell the Head Captain about out situation. Hopefully he'll send us some re-inforcements." Yoruichi said and stood up.

"We're going to need them..." Orihime said slowly.

Yoruichi dissapeared and everyone started exiting Urahara shop.

"So it looks like we're going to have to pretty soon." Uryuu said.

"Sooner then you think, a Garganta has opened up at the park." Rukia said checking her Soul Pager.

"Is it the same park that we we're fighting in yesterday?" Uryuu asked.

"Yes and the Garganta is in the exact same spot too." Rukia said.

Rukia used her Mod Soul and Ichigo used his Badge. Rukia's Mod Soul picked up Ichigo's body and walked into Urahara Shop.

"Let's go!" Ichigo shouted and they started running towards the park.

Ichigo and Rukia used Flash Step, Uryuu used Hirenkyaku and Orihime and Chad ran as fast as they could.

They reached the park in a few minutes and saw the Garganta. 6 Adhucha started coming from the Garganta.

The Adhucha crashed into the ground in front of them.

Song: Frenzied Battle

"Hadou Number 4, Byakurai!" (Way Of Destruction 4: Pale Lightning)

Rukia released the Lightning Bolt from her right hand. It hit an Adhucha and exploded. The Adhucha flew backwards and crashed into some trees.

"Haarrgghhhh!" The Adhucha's roared and charged at them.

A green one jumped into the air.

"Koten Zanshun" (Sacred Solitary Cutting Shield) Orihime released Tsubaki in the form of a Triangular Bolt.

Tsubaki hit the Adhucha and sliced it in half. Ichigo ran towards the closest one and brought his Zanpakuto down on it.

The Adhucha tried to block with its arm but it got sliced off. Ichigo swung Horizontally slicing it in half.

Another Adhucha spritnted towards Ichigo from behind. Ichigo used Flash Step as soon as it tried to attack. Ichigo re-appeared behind it and sliced off it's head.

The Adhucha Rukia blasted into the trees got up and ran towards her. Rukia ran towards it. It punched towards her face but she moved to the side. Rukia jumped up. She spun around in the air and kicked it in the face.

The Adhucha crashed into the ground. It got up and ran towards her. Rukia sliced it in half.

Uryuu started shooting arrows at a purple Adhucha that was running towards him.

The Adhucha dodged some of the arrows but most of them hit killing it.

Chad punched a red Adhucha into the air then released a Blue Blast of Spiritual Pressure. It destroyed the Adhucha completely.

"Looks like that's all of them." Ichigo said and rested his Zanpakuto on his shoulder.

An Adhucha suddenly jumped out from a tree.

"Tobiume!" Hinamori shouted and released a fireball at the Adhucha. It hit and destroyed the Adhucha.

"Hinamori, what are you doing here?" Rukia asked.

"When Miss Yoruichi informed the Head Captain about your situation he sent a team to the World Of The Living to come and help." Hinamori said with a smile.

Toshirou, Rangiku, Renji, Izuru and Hisagi appeared behind Hinamori.

"I think they should have sent more Soul Reapers. We are dealing with Vasto Lorde here." Uryuu said.

"That's what I thought and then the Head Captain said that if needed Yoruichi, Urahara and Tessai would help us in our fight." Toshirou replied.

"Good, Yoruichi is strong enough to take on a Vasto Lorde by herself." Rukia said.

The sky started getting darker, like it was about to rain.

Flames started shooting out of the Garganta. Everyone sensed an extremely strong Spiritual Pressure coming through it.

"That Reiatsu...what is it..." Ichigo asked.

"Can't you tell, that's the reason we're here. Its a Vasto Lorde" Izuru said.

"Great..." Ichigo sighed.

Song: Never Meant To Belong

A pale white figure floated down from the sky.

He had pale white skin and a muscular build. He had a Red and black open jacket and long shaggy black hair with red streaks. His pants were black.

He had a red flame tattoo going down each arm. He looked like a teenager or someone in their twenties.

"I see the Adhucha weren't able to Kill you...I'll just have to do it myself then..." He said.

"What? Who the heck are you!" Ichigo shouted.

"My names...Hizashi Takao, I'm the Secon Vasto Lorde." He said.

"What do you mean 'second'" Toshirou asked.

"The Vasto Lorde, just like the Espada, are ranked by their power. I am ranked number 2 and there are currently 6 Espada who are awakened and willing to fight." Hizashi said.

"Well aren't we lucky..." Ichigo said.

"Bankai!" Toshirou and Ichigo shouted.

"Tensa Zangetsu" (Heavenly Chain Cutting The Moon)

"Dai Gyuren Hyorinmaru" (Great Crimson Ice Ring)

Ichigo flew towards Hizashi. Before Ichigo could swing his sword Hizashi grabbed him by his throat.

"Damm...it" Ichigo let out and tried kicking away from Hizashi.

Toshirou slashed Hizashi in the back but nothing happened.

Hizashi let go of Ichigo and flared his Reiatsu making Ichigo and Toshirou fly back.

They regained their balance.

"Hyorinmaru!" Toshirou shouted and a huge Dragon made of Ice flew towards Hizashi.

"Getsuga Tenshou!" (Heaven Shocking Lunar Fang) Ichigo released the dense energy wave.

Both attacks hit Hizashi head on and exploded creating a strong wind.

The smoke cleared to reveal Hizashi with blood coming from his cheek and left arm.

He wiped the blood away. He dissapeared.

"Where did he go?" Ichigo asked.

Hizashi re-appeared behind Ichigo he drew his Zanpakuto which had a Red Hilt and Purple Guard.

He swung his Zanpakuto down on Ichigo. Ichigo turned around and blocked. The force pushed Ichigo a few meters back.

Ichigo flew towards Hizashi and started slashing. He swung to the left then right then in a slanted direction. Hizashi dodged all the attacks, not that he needed to.

Ichigo swung his Zanpakuto towards Hizashi's head. Hizashi caught Ichigo's Zanpakuto.

"Getsuga Tenshou!" (Heaven Shocking Lunar Fang) Ichigo released the dense black energy while Hizashi was still holding his Zanpakuto.

Hizashi flew back a little but regained his balance.

"Sennen Hyoro!" (Thousand Year Ice Prison) Toshirou said and turned his Zanpakuto.

Ice Pillars formed around Hizashi and started moving around him.

Hizashi swung his Zanpakuto once. It didn't touch the ice but the pillars around him fell to pieces.

Toshirou floated there in shock.

Song: Nube Negra

Hizashi raised his left arm towards Ichigo. A Huge Fire Coloured Cero started forming in his hand.

He released the giant cero blast. Ichigo and Toshirou dodged it.

The Cero blast split up into hundreds of normal sized Cero Blasts and targeted them.

"Shit!" Ichigo shouted and started deflecting the Cero's. It was too much and they started hitting Ichigo. The same thing happened to Toshirou.

The Cero's hit them and exploded. Ichigo and Toshirou crashed into the ground.

Song: Senna

"Dance, Sode No Shirayuki" (Sleeved White Snow)

Rukia touched the ground with her Zanpakuto 4 times making snow shoot out of it.

"Tsugi no mai, Hakuren!" (Next Dance: White Ripple)

Rukia released a giant pure white blast of snow from her Zanpakuto.

It hit Hizashi and froze him. Hizashi flared his Spiritual Pressure and the ice exploded making ice shards land all over.

"Growl, Haineko!" (Ash Cat)

"Snap, Tobiume!" (Flying Plum Tree)

"Reap, Kazeshini!" (Wind Death)

"Raise your head, Wabisuke!" (Apology)

Song: Frenzied Battle

They flew towards Hizashi. Izuru used Flash Step to get behind him.

Izuru quickly slashed him 6 times in the back.

Hizashi turned around to face Izuru.

"My Wabisuke should have multiplied your...-"

"Weight by the number of times it cuts something." Hizashi finished Izuru's sentence.

"How did you know that?" Izuru asked.

"We Vasto Lorde have been around for centuries, we know of every Zanpakuto in existence. The only one we haven't seen is the guy with the orange hair's Zanpakuto." Hizashi said.

Song: Storm Center

Hizashi swung his Zanpakuto down on Izuru. Izuru blocked but Hizashi was too strong. Izuru was sent flying backwards.

3 giant Ice Dragons came down on Hizashi. Hizashi released a Cero to destroy the first one, he flew towards the second one and slashed it. He deflected the third one back at Toshirou. Toshirou held out his Zanpakuto and regained control of the Dragon.

He made it spin around him then launched it as fast as he could. The Dragon hit Hizashi in the back and exploded sending ice everywhere.

Hinamori sent a Fireball towards Hizashi and it exploded. While there was still smoke surrounding him Rangiku attacked.

Rangiku extended her arms. She moved both of them to her right creating an Ash Tornado. She sent it towards Hizashi and it hit. Hizashi sent a Cero at it and it exploded.

Hisagi threw one of his blades at Hizashi. It hit him in the chest and made a scratch.

Uryu started shooting hundreds of arrows at Hizashi, but they didn't hurt him at all.

Uryuu charged Reishi in his hand and released a huge arrow. It hit and exploded but only damaged his jacket.

"El Directo!" Chad released a giant blast of Blue Reiatsu at Hizashi.

Hizashi deflected the blast towards Ichigo.

"Getsuga Tenshou!" (Heaven Shocking Lunar Fang)

The 2 blasts hit and exploded. Hizashi appeared in front of Ichigo and kicked him down into the ground.

"Bakudou 61, Rikujōkōrō!" (Way Of Binding 61: Six Light Rods Prison) Rukia performed the Kidou and 6 beams of light slammed into Hizashi's midsection.

Hizashi flared his Reiatsu and the beams exploded releasing him.

Ichigo put his hand in front of him and materialized his Hollow mask. Ichigo Hollowfied.

Ichigo released a Getsuga Tenshou and used Flash Step to get behind Hizashi. Hizashi deflected the Getsuga Tenshou but got slashed in the back. This time Ichigo's attack didn't just damage his clothes. It caused a small stream of blood to flow down his back.

When Ichigo uses his Hollow mask he's strong enough to do a little damage.

Hizashi turned around and slashed Ichigo so fast across the chest that Ichigo didn't realize what was happening until the blood started flowing.

"Koten Zanshun! I reject!" (Sacred Solitary Cutting Shield) Tsubaki flew towards Hizashi in the shaped of a Thunder Bolt.

Hizashi caught Tsubaki but his hand started getting cut. Hizashi threw Tsubaki back towards Orihime.

"Hadou 33, Sōkatsui!" (Way Of Destruction 33: Blue Fire, Crash Down) Rukia, Hinamori and Rangiku released their Sokatsui at Hizashi. They hit. But the only thing they damaged was his clothes.

"Bakudou 9, Hourin!" (Way Of Binding 9: Disintegration Circle) Hinamori released the giant orange and yellow rope from her right hand. It wrapped around Hizashi. But before she could slam him into the ground he flared his Spiritual Pressure making the ropes evaporate and everyone fly back.

"No..." Rukia said as she felt the energy in his Zanpakuto rise.

Hizashi extended his Zanpakuto in front of him. He got ready to release it.

"Fall, Itai Namida" (Painful Tears)

To Be Continued

Closing Theme: Hanabi

Character Introductions

"Konichiwa, today we'll be looking at the Vasto Lorde Hizashi Takao." Tobiume said.

"His Zanpakuto: Itai Namida (Painful Tears) Is a fire type Zanapkuto." Sode No Shirayuki said.

"It has 3 powers when it is released. Its powers are released through a punishment number and command." Haineko said excitedly.

"The first is: "First Punishment: Cry" Which sends fire droplets towards a target. The longer it takes them to hit something the bigger it grows." Tobiume said.

"The second is: "Second Punishment: Burst Into Tears". A giant stream of fire that flows like water is blasted out of the Zanpakuto." Sode No Shirayuki said.

"The third one is: "Last Punishment: Eternal Suffering". Ropes made of fire wrap around the victims hands, legs, waist and neck so they can't move. The ropes burn them and bind their movements" Haineko said.

Haineko looked at them with a Devious


"I think the last one should be used in the bedroom." Haineko said and laughed.

A/N: If you read my other Story: Bleach: The Bount Revolution you will realize this segment from there. I originally made it for this story but ended up using it in that one. I made it to introduce the Vasto Lorde and their Zanpakuto.