Prompt: Sakura sees Sasuke standing in front of her when he arrives on the battlefield

Rating: K+


Engrossed in the process of healing Naruto's wounds and distracted by the Kages battling, she hadn't sensed him coming at all.

He dropped in front of them, his clothes thrashing around and hair whipping in the wind, caused by the sheer speed of his arrival. Her body went into shock, disbelieving of the scene happening in front of her, concentration now broken. Her healing chakra vanished. Her wide green eyes were frozen onto the figure all but five feet away from her, trying to take in the reality of the situation.

She trembled. Is he… Is that…

"Fashionably late… eh, Sasuke!?"

Her hands lowered lightly so she was touching Naruto's back. She couldn't believe it. She couldn't take it in. How was he here—no, why was he here? And was he… was he still gone?

Her fingers curled in the blonde's shirt firmly, trying to anchor herself to reality.How can this be happening? she thought, shell-shocked. How can he be here?Her fingers tightened their grip. What does he want? Is he… is he still lost in his anguish?

"Sasuke… kun…?" She was hesitant, and it was obvious in her tone. She wasn't sure this was the Sasuke who tried to kill her the last time he saw her or if this was the Sasuke who still had some sense left in him.

Or perhaps, she thought, this was a whole new Sasuke.

She could see his body tensing a little, almost imperceptibly. She found a strange comfort in the reaction, but she didn't know why. Then Sasuke shifted his body to face hers, tipping his head down a little as he caught her gaze carefully.

Her heart skipped a beat. Could it be…?


And with that simple acknowledgment, she was certain. A gasp slipped past her lips, head reeling back in utter shock now that she realized, This is Sasuke-kun, I know him. This is the Sasuke-kun I am familiar with. She was shaking and tense and nothing else could have been more surprising because he has found his sanity and he is here and oh my god what happened to make him turn around

"Sa-Sasuke-kun!" she exclaimed, certain of his state of mind, yet utterly flabbergasted as to why that was. "Eh?! Why?!"

The others were taking notice now, but she hardly registered this. There were a millions questions swimming through her head and a cacophony of feelings swirling through her. She felt so confused, scared and weary, wondering why in the world he would ever be here without the intention to hurt them, angry, sad and hurt by their last encounter, and her swelling heart didn't help as it proved how much her affections hadn't changed towards this man. Hope fluttered in her tummy but she shoved it down, refusing to give herself any delusion so as not to be so utterly crushed in the end.

She needed to be careful. She needed to be suspicious.

(But god, she wanted it, she wanted him so much to be back with good intentions.)

She needed to ask him.

"…Why are you here, Sasuke-kun…?" She knew that her weakness was showing, that the tone of her voice spoke crystal clear of her weariness towards his presence. She knew she was demonstrating her complete lack of trust in this man, and she hoped dearly that he would not hold it against her.

(silly, a voice whispered, so silly. why would he ever hold this against you if he doesn't care?

but maybe he does, a hopeful side of her thought. maybe that's why he's back, maybe he misses us)

He meets her gaze again, his dark eyes suddenly full of determination and something else that she can't quite pinpoint. "A lot has happened…" He's looking at everyone else, now, moving to speak to them as well. "And I've decided to protect Konoha."

And with these words, she knew her heart never once soared higher.

Sasuke was back.

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