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The day was grim. The skies were a murky grey as were the wispy clouds. The wind whirled and whipped about, knowing that its friend wasn't out and about like he usually was. In fact, the wind seemed just as upset and distraught as the Guardians were. The wind was taking its anger out on Burgess like knocking down the trees and ripping off the roofs of the houses. Jamie was sitting in his room watching the weather. He could only wonder what was wrong with Jack and where he was now. He was completely unaware that Jack's funeral was being prepared as he was thinking.

In the Pole, it had been eleven hours since the death of the winter spirit and the Guardians had shed much more tears since then. They had taken him back to the Pole and as much as they hated the thought, they started to prepare him for his burial.

The yetis and even the elves were in shock when their master returned with a dead body in his arms with blood dripping everywhere and it covering the inside of the sleigh. Not to mention it was covering North's coat, Tooth's feathers, Sandy's hands and Bunny's chest.

One or two of the yetis had fainted at the sight and this had made the Tooth Fairy cry even harder. Sandy could see how upset she was as was he but he had to calm her down. He had slipped some dream sand into her eyes when they were in the sleigh so she was sleeping sound but the tears were still coming down her cheeks. Bunny had been silent the whole journey back and didn't even complain when getting in the sleigh.

The yetis offered to take Jack into the infirmary to clean him up and for this, North was glad. Without being mean, he didn't really want to clean up Jack, mostly because he couldn't face him anymore. He was like a son to North and now he was gone. He had failed him as a father.

North's eyes were so wet and filled with tears, he had to re-carve Jack's ice coffin three times before getting it right. He had used a bit of magic with this coffin, so it would never melt. He had carved in beautiful snowflake patterns on the side and the stood out like white markings against the crystal clear ice case. After making the inside base of the coffin where Jack would rest fairly deep, he had put soft furs on it as he knew when Jack used to come to the Pole to stay, he would sleep in his room on a pile of snow along with a few furs.

Sandy had picked the appropriate place which was obviously Burgess for him to be buried since it was his birth… and death place after all. Not to mention in his past life too. Now Sandy was waiting in the old man's office with Bunny and a still sleeping Tooth, for North and the yetis. It had been at least three quarters of an hour and they weren't back yet. Bunny sighed and looked at Sandy.

When the Pooka spoke, his voice was soft and quiet. "Sandy… if I didn't shout at Jack then none of this would have happened" he said and Sandy glared at him. Bunny may have said some hurtful words but he had known what he had said was wrong and he had gone to apologize. But even he couldn't put those words into his sand pictures and he could only made a few sentences with his sand as they were meant for pictures and not words.

Instead, he took Bunny by the arm and made an image of Pitch above his head and spelled out a few sentences.

'It wasn't your fault and Jack wouldn't want you to think that. It was Pitch. He shot that spear, not you. Jack died loving us all as a family. You were there when he died and I know Jack is glad that he wasn't alone.'

"He is right Bunny" a voice said. Bunny turned his head to see Tooth who was now awake, sitting up on the couch she was on and looking at him straight in the eye. "Jack loved you as a brother. Don't ever forget that" she said.

Bunny nodded as he saw their points. He had known that Tooth wanted to be called Jack's mother for quite a while and when he had said that in his dying moments, it had broken her heart. It was the same with North wanting to be his father and with Sandy being an uncle. Bunny hadn't realized how much he cared until it was too late.

For some reason, he felt that somewhere Jack was laughing at him for thinking that he cared. Like the time where he had pretended to fall off the sleigh. And the time when he blasted Pitch away when he had supposedly killed Sandy. Also the time when he had made Jamie Bennett believe in him again when he thought it was all over. Bunny had cared when Jack had done all those things. He just never showed it. Tears started to come to his eyes again and Tooth saw this.

She fluttered over gently to him and pulled him into a hug in which he gratefully received. He hugged her back tightly, "I want him back here Tooth… I want him to be here teasing me and freezing my ears" he whispered.

Tooth smiled and shushed him, "I know Bunny. I know. I don't know how I am going to tell my fairies. They loved him so much and it wasn't just his teeth they cared about. Especially Baby Tooth. She seems to have a close bond with him more than the others" she said. Baby Tooth hadn't told her what had happened in Antarctica as she thought it wasn't best to without asking Jack first.

Sandy smiled tearfully as he watched the pair and he really wanted Jack back too. Everyone did. The door of the office then creaked open and the three turned their heads towards it. North and Phil the yeti appeared with sad faces. "Ready?" North asked with a choke in his voice.

Bunny stood up holding Tooth's hand and he held out his hand to Sandy who took it immediately. Bunny sniffed, "Time to say goodbye to our little ankle-biter" he said sadly, his heart breaking with his hope at the very words.

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