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Pitch held the axe in mid-air and stared down at the coffin, his eyes wide and his body was tense and so was everyone else's. "Did you hear that?" Tooth whispered but the others could barely nod. The whole workshop was in dead silence and even a pin being dropped could've been heard.

Suddenly without any warning whatsoever, a huge crack split down the ice and more cracks appeared on the side of the coffin. Pitch could only watch in horror as a blue glow started to come from inside the coffin and a pair of eyes shot open, glowing a brilliant blue. Before Pitch could strike, the case burst apart, causing Pitch to be flung backwards and the Guardians had to huddle together to protect themselves from the chunks of ice that shot everywhere.

A brilliant blue light was beaming out from where the coffin once rested. Pitch, who had been flung near the Globe, looked at the light to see a figure with a staff in hand standing there, eyes still glowing. In fact, the light seemed to be coming from him. The Guardians watched from the side, their eyes wide at the figure. All the nightmares had fled seeing their master down and the amount of light was burning their skin. The cold was in the room but not as fierce as Jack's anger.

"Jackie?" Bunny said, his green eyes wide with shock.

"I cannot believe it" North breathed.

True, it was Jack, alive and certainly EXTREMELY angry. The staff in his hand wasn't letting out any light but he slammed it down on the ground. Nobody thought anything happened for a moment but then icicles, sharp as knives, poked up from the ground around Pitch, surrounding him so even if he made the slightest movement, he would get skewered.

"Pitch, you have no idea who you're dealing with" Jack said. When he spoke, his voice sounded the same but it had an echoed tone to it, making it sound menacing and threatening. Jack then started to step forward, ice coming out of his feet as he went. The wind seemed to sense to the return of its rider so it blew in through some open windows and swirled around Jack, seeming as angry as him and it added a scarier effect to Jack's rage.

"Is that so?" Pitch asked, trying to hide his fear.

"Yes it is so! How dare you try and hurt my friends! My new family!" Jack yelled. "You should be thankful that I am holding my temper back and not to kill you now!"

"You don't have the guts" Pitch sneered and before he could take that back, Jack had him by the shoulder and pulled him up so some of the icicles stuck into him. He yelled out in pain and from the tight grip Jack had on his shoulders.

"I do! But I am not like you! I don't kill for fear! I want you to listen to me very closely and then spread it to any low life such as yourself. If you want to come after me, then fine!" Jack shouted, the walls vibrating as he spoke and the Guardians nearly covered their eyes but they wanted to hear what Jack was going to say.

Pitch let his fear take over him so he closed his eyes and looked away in fear. He admitted it. He was afraid of the frost child before him. "Pitch! I am talking to you so look at me!" Jack shouted, his grip tightening so frost started to spread over Pitch's shoulder.

Forcing himself against his will, Pitch looked back to see Jack, his eyes glowing brighter and his skin seemed to be blue now and his hair seemed to have gone even whiter. His eyebrows stood out against his blue skin and so did his teeth that stood out in his snarl. This was Jack's pure rage and it was now unleashed.

"Now listen up! My family is off limits! And that goes for my other family! You are not to tamper with time and try to use them both against me because it won't work! You got that?! Off limits!" Jack shouted again.

Pitch let out a gasp of fear and his breathing was short due to the terror he felt all over him and he even started to tremble. "Please" he whispered but Jack didn't even listen.

"If you ever attack my family, hurt them or even touch a hair on their head, then this is what awaits you and this is the last thing that you will ever see!" Jack screamed. Pitch was practically yelling out in terror now and tried to squirm away, even risking himself getting spiked to death if it meant getting away.

The Guardians were quite scared too but were really touched at what he said. He cared. He really cared. "That a boy Jackie" Bunny said with a smile and Sandy was smiling the biggest smile. Tooth was nearly crying with joy and North wanted to hug Jack but he wasn't when he was like this.

Jack then found himself smiling but his frown remained. "And this, is for my little sister and her family, who were victims of your fear that they did not deserve!" Jack shouted, then throwing Pitch up in the air like a rag doll and then jumping up after him, like a bouncy ball full of light.

Jack then conducted all of his power to his staff and a huge amount appeared on the crook of the staff. He then took a swing at Pitch's helpless body and like a bat to a baseball, he whacked Pitch with every ounce of his strength and like a homerun, Pitch was smashed right through the wall of the Pole, with him screaming all the way.

Jack then landed back on the ground, a smile now plastered upon his face. Bunny got up and started to edge towards Jack but slowly. "Jack?" he asked, the others then following him close behind. Jack turned to them, the blue skin fading back to its usual pale colour as did his hair. The glow vanished from his eyes and the rest of the light died out from around him and the wind went too.

Jack grinned sheepishly at the sight of their faces. "Did I overdo it?" he asked. Without warning, Bunny literally tackled him into a hug and Jack was shocked but he hugged Bunny back.

"Oh God Jack, we thought we lost you for good" Bunny said, his whole body shaking.

"Can't get rid of me that easy" Jack replied. He then tried to shift out of Bunny's arms. "Can you let me go now, I feel embarrassed" Jack added.

"It's my job to embarrass you" Bunny replied but he did let go but soon after he was tackled by Tooth, Sandy and North into a bone crushing hug.

"Oh sweet tooth, please don't leave us again!" Tooth said, tears coming down her cheeks.

"Oh I missed you so!" North said, followed by Sandy's images.

"I missed you too but I do need to breathe!" Jack wheezed. The others finally let go of him and he placed a hand on his chest.

"Jack, this is all my fault, I am so sorry for what I said. I know I don't deserve to be forgiven but I truly am sorry" Bunny said.

Jack smiled. "It's fine. I should be thanking you. If it hadn't been for the fight, then I wouldn't have seen my little sister and her family. It made me realize how lucky I am to have you since some people don't have any family to cherish" Jack told them.

"Oh Jack" Tooth said, hugging him again and Bunny ruffled his hair. Sandy playfully punched him and North placed a hand on his shoulder. A breeze then made them all, minus Jack, shiver and they turned around to see they yetis and elves staring up at the huge gaping hole in the wall.

Jack rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "Yeah, I think I need to watch my temper" he said as he saw everyone's faces. He expected an angry outburst but then North laughed.

"Well, I have been complaining to the yetis that I wanted a better view for a while!" he said and everyone laughed expect for the yetis, who knew they had to clean the mess up. That didn't matter to the Guardians at the moment. They were an odd family, one with a six foot Pooka, a mute man, a crazy Cossack, a tooth lover fairy and a prankster. But they were a family. And that was all each one of them wanted. And that is what they would have for the rest of eternity.


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