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On the lawn-deck of the sunny. "I don't know what your problem is, nosebleed," Zoro said to Sanji as they stood by the railing. "You're really bad with women."

"Marimo, you better watch your mouth, you shitty bastard!" the cook hissed, defensively.

"No, I take that back," Zoro continued. "Your problem is that you're too weak. You always have this big mouth around the guys on the ship, but the women manage to knock you out by just showing up. You're really weird, dartboard." The swordsman rested his elbow on the railing, his eye on the navigator, where she sat by the foremast.

Jealously, Sanji followed his glance. "Fine, you cocky bastard, you got Nami-san. I still don't know why the hell she's with you but, what do you...suggest?" he asked with a cringe. Sanji had somehow found himself listening to Zoro for relationship advice. The swordsman, now, supposedly, knowing something about the topic as he and the navigator had been together for two years and two months, even though they had spent the two years apart, thanks to what had happened at Sabaody. So, technically, they were only a couple for two months. But winning the navigator's heart was considered to be a big achievement in the jealous cook's eyes.

"I suggest...you go after Robin," Zoro simply answered, indicating the raven-haired woman sitting next to Nami.

Sanji gasped with wonder as he pictured chasing a happy and giggling Robin across a green field of beautiful flowers. "What would I have to do?" he asked, his heart eye throbbing, his tongue dangling from his mouth, like a dog.

Zoro noticed and punched him on the head like Nami would when he'd loose control of his senses. "Snap out of it, nosebleed,"

Sanji snapped out of his stupor and his shoulders slumped, his whole demeanour suddenly showing despair and hopelessness. "It'll never work, it never does," he whined.

"Yeah, it never worked on Nami, but that's cause she wanted more and I was around and she saw what a real man was," the very arrogant Zoro said.

"Ugh." Sanji glared at his confident green head. "You wish, you lousy swordsman."

"But you stand a better chance with Robin," Zoro said more seriously, ignoring Sanji's insult.

"Why?" Sanji asked with a side glance and Zoro shrugged.

"She puts up with you. I think, she likes your attention. I don't know why the hell she does."

Sanji's eyes widened and he seemed to have hope again. "But how would I go after her?" he asked.

"Well, there's your way and then there's my way," Zoro said. "Your way would be to run after her and offer her things and throw yourself at her feet and make a complete idiot of yourself – " he announced.

Sanji gave him a threatening look and balled his fists, "I'm not an idiot when I'm taking care of a lady, you dumb moss-head!" he hissed, but then, he relented. "What would your way be?" he asked with a grimace.

"Grab her," Zoro suggested.

"That's it?! That's your advice?! Are you out of your stupid mind, you caveman?! I can't grab Robin-chan!" he exclaimed. "Robin-chan is a beautiful, gentle being who deserves to walk on a sea of rose petals, every day of her glorious existence," Sanji said adoringly.

"Gah, grab her," Zoro scoffed. "If you keep throwing crappy rose petals at her feet then she'll just trample right over you and end up with someone else. I'll show you how it's done." Zoro pushed himself off the railing and Sanji watched the swordsman cross the lawn.

In the corner of her eye, Nami noticed Zoro coming over. She had seen the way he and Sanji had been watching her and Robin and had wondered what on earth that was about. "See this part here, Nami-san." Robin caught her attention again and Nami looked to where she was pointing in a magazine but suddenly, Nami found herself enveloped by Zoro's body. She turned her head from the book and the side of Zoro's face appeared in front of hers, his familiar scent and the warmth of his neck took over her senses before as she felt her body lifted up and cradled in his arms. She leaned into his exposed chest and wrapped her arms around his neck with surprise. Zoro turned away from the mast and dropped her to her feet, rather roughly, leaving Nami standing, stunned. Then he grabbed her by the arms and kissed her feverishly. Without any questions or protests, the surprised navigator joined in in the kiss, her hands touching his chest.

Robin smiled with amusement and back by the railing, Sanji bit on his flaming cigarette, waiting for the torturous performance to come to an end. Zoro abruptly stopped the sensual kiss then he took Nami's hand and lead her to the aquarium. The dizzy navigator, not protesting. Zoro made eye-contact with Sanji and nodded his head in Robin's direction.

The cook zoned in on Robin, who by now, had returned to her magazine. But the raven head was very aware that something was going on. And could tell the cook was hovering, awkwardly. Sanji straightened his tie and jacket and wanted to step forward, but then turned to the railing, removed his cigarette and threw it overboard. He ran his fingers through his hair, took a deep breath and walked over to Robin.


"Jeez, what's with the tiptoeing, can't he do it faster?" Zoro said, spying through the porthole in the aquarium.

"Uh, Zoro, are you sure you should be handing out relationship advice?" Nami asked, also spying.

Zoro gave her a dangerous glare. "What's that supposed to mean, I got you, didn't I?"

"Don't think you're suddenly this romance expert just cause I chose to give you a chance," Nami said.

"Romance had nothing to do with it, woman. You had no choice. You couldn't resist me," he announced.

"Well, you wore me down cause we happened to be living on the same ship. Who knows what I could have found on land."

Zoro groaned. "Shut up," he said.

"Oi," a voice suddenly said behind them.

They looked over their shoulders to find Franky standing behind them. "Franky, how did you get here so quietly?" Nami asked.

The shipwright smirked. "Maybe you guys didn't notice 'cause you're too busy spying. What's up?" he asked, entertained with their antics.

Nami huffed. "Not much. Zoro thinks he's a relationship expert," she said, unimpressed.

"I never said that, woman," he growled. "I'm just sick of that cook always having too much time on his hands and running after you! It's been three weeks we've been back together and it's been non-stop drinks and dumb nosebleeds."

"So, bro, how you solving it?" Franky asked, interested.

"He's rubbing Sanji-kun off on to Robin," Nami offered with a sigh as she and Zoro spied again.

"What?" Franky said.


On the lawn-deck, Sanji finally reached Robin. "Robin-chan," he muttered, his voice weak with exaggerated breathing. Sanji could feel himself getting light-headed.

"Yes, Sanji-san?" she responded, sweetly.

"Robin-chan,...forgive me." Instantly, Sanji bent down and with the swiftest moves, lifted Robin up into his arms.

"Sanji – ," she gasped, her magazine falling to the grass as her hand dangled at her side, but her words got cut off as Sanji just as swiftly laid his lips on hers, ensuring his kiss was soft and gentle – as romantic and dreamy and sensual as he could possibly make it. Robin's lids fell closed and Sanji felt himself drifting in space as he felt her softness against him. Her female body, pressed against him, but not too tightly.


"About damn time," Zoro muttered.

"Not bad, Sanji-kun," Nami said with obvious admiration, earning herself a frown from Zoro.

"Oi, out of the way," Franky ordered, physically pushing Zoro aside and he peeped through the porthole, himself. Franky's top lip lifted into a visual growl. His breathing turned into hissing. Nami and Zoro stared at the shipwright, never having seen him that livid.

"What's wrong, Franky?" Nami asked. Zoro only glanced, quietly.

"Swordsman, this was your idea?" Franky asked in a dangerous tone.

"Hmph." Zoro nodded. "I would have been more aggressive. Ero-cook is so fluffy, but at least he got it done."

Unlike the oblivious Zoro, Nami sensed danger coming.

"What makes you think you can just have Robin grabbed like that?" the cyborg demanded, his tone turning into a soft growl.

"Oi, what's it to you, Franky?" said an irritated Zoro. Behind Franky, Nami cringed.

"What's it to me?" Franky asked, his voice going more quiet now. "Robin's my lady. We have a thing going that you lot don't seem to know anything about."

Zoro's good eye widened with surprise. Finally understanding exactly what rage was boiling inside of the cyborg and knowing he had made a very big mistake. "Oi, but Franky,...it's not that serious. It's just ero-cook. So he's getting in one kiss. So what?" he droned, able to make light of the situation as the girl in question wasn't Nami but Robin. With a sigh, the navigator slapped her palm against her forehead.

"Just ero-cook?!" Franky repeated. "Swordsman, I don't think you'd be standing here, right now, if that was Nami out there being felt up by swirly! You better get Robin out of his grubby hands, right now!" Franky growled. Zoro hesitated for a moment before he slipped out the door, not too fast as to keep his pride in tact. Franky watched from the doorway as Zoro headed Sanji and Robin's way, the two still caught up in their lingering kiss.

"Oi, cook," Zoro called, in a low, scraping voice, walking faster now.

Sanji looked up in a daze, his heart eye showing and Zoro grimaced. "Put her down if you don't want trouble," Zoro warned, glancing over his shoulder.

Sanji's heart eye vanished and he glanced at Robin but the raven head was focused on Franky, where he stood in the doorway. An amused smile showed on her lips. Franky didn't like the teasing look and Nami heard a groan rumble in his throat.. "Really, Franky? You and Robin?" she asked, with no response from the angry shipwright.

"Put her down," Zoro insisted and stopped close to Sanji and Robin, glancing over his shoulder again.

"Go away, marimo," Sanji said but realised something wasn't right.

"Dartboard, you're messing with stuff you don't know about." Zoro nodded his head in Franky's direction.

"What?" Sanji asked.

"Um, Sanji-san, Franky and I..." Robin started but trailed off as no more words were needed.

Sanji stared at her face with shock before turning his glance to an obviously fuming cyborg. "Robin-chan, no," he whispered with pain. The cook couldn't fathom that the only single female left on the ship was also taken and by whom he saw as just another, if not more, unworthy male.

"Put her down, swirly!" Franky demanded with impatience.

Sanji gently lowered Robin onto her feet. Then turned to the fuming shipwright. "Oi, Franky, Robin-chan doesn't need a metallic shithead telling her who she can and can't be held by!"

Zoro looked at the cook with disbelief. "You dorky cook, don't go starting a fight," he growled.

"Stay out of this, marimo, you don't wanna get in my way too," Sanji warned.

"Hey, I'm involved here too. He already blames me for the whole thing!" Zoro pushed.

"Why do shitty bastards like you get beautiful gems like Robin-chan and Nami-san?" the cook asked.

"What was that, swirly?" Franky asked, storming down on the cook. Robin backed away with a sigh but Nami moved closer, shaking her head.

"Zoro," she said. The swordsman looked her way and she showed him to come to her to get him away from a potentially explosive situation but just then..

"Shitty bastards!" Sanji yelled and leaped into the air. One swiping kick flew passed Franky and Zoro's faces as they were quick enough to avoid it. Then Zoro unsheathed his swords and Nami groaned.

Franky lifted his left arm. "Swirly, you want a fight, I'll give you one but I'm not damaging sunny," he said.

A livid Sanji leaped at Zoro who blocked his forceful kick with two swords. "Dammit, you idiot!" he growled. Then Sanji went at Franky's legs but the cyborg grabbed the cooks leg in his large hand and with one swing threw Sanji to the ground.

The dishevelled cook glared up at the shipwright. "Bastard!" he hissed as he sat up and with a swift spin of his body and legs, Sanji swept his legs against Franky's, this time hitting the target, causing Franky to loose his footing and he landed on his back with an audible thud. Franky made it to his feet again and was ready for a fight. He balled his large hands into fists, preparing to pummel Sanji as the cook went at Zoro again, throwing kicks, blindly, and Zoro blocking, trying not to make the situation more volatile but soon his own hostility towards being attacked took over and he started swiping back just as fiercely. Muffled thuds against shiny black shoes happened and large metallic hands aimed for a blonde head, missing each time as Sanji managed to hold both Zoro and Franky back. But suddenly, Franky's own blue head got struck, instead, as Nami leaped in the air and gave him one firm whack with her clima-tact. With amusement, Robin threw a hand over her surprised mouth. Nami dropped her clima-tact to the grass and angrily headed for the still fighting pair.

"You idiots, stop fighting!" she demanded but the fighting continued. The swordsman and the cook caught up in their usual rivalry. Then only stars were visible to the swordsman and the cook as Nami's determined fists aimed accordingly and met with their stubborn skulls. For a moment they lost all coherence and landed on the grass in two limp heaps. Nami put her angry fists on her hips. "Honestly, you are a bunch of jealous, immature morons!" she scolded.

"Hey, I wasn't jealous!" Zoro threw back.

"Yeah, baka, the immaturity was all you!" she yelled. "Now get up." Nami grabbed his sash and pulled, impatiently, as Zoro used his sword wielding hands to help him on to his feet.

Franky was still lying down, resting on his elbow and Robin, teasingly, shook her head at him before moving over to Sanji. She sprouted hands to lift the dazed cook into a sitting position. "Robin-chan," he said as she crouched by his side. She smiled into his face. "I'm sorry, Sanji-san, I didn't know it was a secret. I'm almost sorry I'm taken," she said. "You are a wonderful kisser, Sanji-san."

Sanji inhaled deeply, a boyish smile forming on his lips even through his sadness, and he blushed under her gaze. The sadness over her being claimed already being pushed aside by her flattering words. "Oh Robin-chwaan, am I really a wonderful kisser?!" he cheered for all to hear before he leaped on to his feet to twirl around, holding his hands under his chin. "I'm a wonderful kisser, I'm a wonderful kisser," he cheered, over and over.

Zoro grimaced as Nami dragged him away. "Think twice before you try and play match-maker again, baka," she muttered with a sigh.

"Oi, how was I supposed to know. They should have just told everyone."

"Oh come on, Zoro," she said, stopping. "You know they had to leave room for figuring things out first and of course for some sneaking around," she said with a cheeky smile and Zoro smirked back, knowing exactly what she was referring to what with their month long sneaking around before exposing their own relationship to the rest of the crew and a very livid cook. "I wonder when it began," Nami added as Franky went to Robin's side and Sanji, who was now known as a 'wonderful kisser', happily flew up to the galley to make some drinks.

"Hmph," Zoro agreed.

"Maybe they only got together after we reunited," Nami said.

"Yeah, then it's just three weeks we didn't notice anything," Zoro said.


One night, on the lawn-deck of the sunny. "Swordsman-san, if you want her, then you should just take her," Robin said to Zoro.

"What?" the swordsman responded with complete horror.

Robin smiled and looked up at Nami where she stood on the upper-deck. "Navigator-san wouldn't be too unhappy if you just...grabbed her," she said, having noticed the swordsman staring at the navigator from where he stood by the railing.

Zoro couldn't believe what he was hearing. For some reason the gloomy woman had suddenly come over and talked to him where he had stood by the railing, in the dark, just minding his own business and before he knew what was happening, he was getting romance advice from someone he would never confide anything to. "What are you talking about, woman?" he growled.

"Oh come now, swordsman-san. I know your are attracted to navigator-san. You were just staring at her now."

Zoro flinched, not having known he'd been watched. He had always been good at keeping his eyes off Nami but then, day by day, his offence at being attracted to her had waned, somewhat, as his attraction grew to uncontrollable levels and he couldn't keep himself from looking at her, watching her, wondering about her. Wanting her.

"You can't tell me you've never imagined just grabbing her and kissing her. Making her see you in a different way," Robin continued. "I do believe you would want her to fall into your strong arms. To succumb to your manly ways."

Zoro didn't know what to say. The woman was throwing all these ideas at him that he had secretly fantasised over a thousand times in the dark bowels of his mind but would never act out. Never! That would mean he would have to give up his pride and show the domineering witch he wanted her. Something he would never do. Never! And besides, he didn't bother with crappy romance. So why would he waste his time on it and with the resident witch of all people. "I'll never go after her! Never!" he ranted.

Robin chuckled. "Never is a very, very long time, swordsman-san." she said. "Especially when you're around her, each and every single day, for as long as you'll be part of this crew. And who knows what could happen. That kind of unsatisfied longing can only cause you unending suffering. Especially if navigator-san were to end up in someone-else's arms, instead." Robin saw Zoro's eyes shoot up to the upper-deck. "It would be too late then," the raven head added. "We meet many men on our journey. Strong-willed men, handsome men. Powerful men. And navigator-san is very smart as well as beautiful. There are so many opportunities. But she could just as easily fall for someone who's very close to her. Someone like...cook-san, for instance?" she said, enjoying using the cook as bait.

"She'd never bother with ero-cook!" Zoro growled, rather defensively.

"If you say so, but what if cook-san finally won her over? He cares for navigator-san and makes it clear to her, every chance he gets. He does try, doesn't he?"

Slowly, Zoro's mouth fell open. An unhappy frown embedded on his brow. Sanji had always been a threat but Zoro had never seen signs of Nami being interested in the cook's constant attention. She always seemed only interested in using him. Suddenly that 'never' bothered the swordsman with Robin laying the future out that way, making it sound like a place of torture. A dry, never-ending desert he'd have to walk, his body filled with an unbearable suffering because that one oasis would remain a mirage and never be in his reach to ease his suffering, to quench his thirst as it would be too busy sheltering some other man or a stupid, curly-browed fool. Maybe lots of other oasis's would show up but not the one that could save him. Not the one he needed – craved. Zoro groaned as he felt the suffering touching his insides, his mouth going dry with dread. If Nami ended up with someone else, he could see a cold, grey wall building up between him and the navigator that he would never be able to break down. A little grey wall of stubbornness already existed between them. But one that could easily be climbed over. If he stopped being stubborn, that is. Zoro felt himself going crazy with all the strange images popping up in his head – barren deserts and grey walls. "Look, why the hell are you telling me this?" he demanded.

"She likes you, swordsman-san," Robin happily informed him.

"No she doesn't," he scoffed. "she hates me."

Robin chuckled. "That's what you think. That might be what she wants you to think. That might even be what she thinks."

Zoro's breathing turned shallow, his eyes focused on Robin's eyes, wanting her to say more about how Nami liked him. "You're talking nonsense," he said. Robin only shook her head. "Why the hell would she – ?" he started saying but then Nami appeared by the railing again.

Robin followed his glance."There she is, swordsman-san, she's waiting...for you. She wants only you, not cook-san. Not yet, at least. Don't waste time. Stubborn pride will get you nowhere. Just do it."

"Will you cut it out," Zoro said.

"She's already yours, swordsman-san, but you just don't know it. All you have to do is snatch her up," said Robin, making it sound so easy and then she threw the cook in again for good measure. "And cook-san is safely tucked away in bed," she said. "unaware of what is happening. Helpless to stop you." Like someone being given an order by his superior, Zoro faced Nami, the target. Could he climb over that wall and claim her? Did she really feel the same way he did?

"Are you sure she wants...?" he still asked but trailed off. "Gah, what does it matter? I don't care about such things," Zoro scoffed and turned his back on Robin, gripping the railing with both hands.

"But you do when it comes to navigator-san," Robin said, narrowing her eyes. Zoro didn't respond or look her way. "I wonder," she went on. "I don't think navigator-san is up there just to look at the sky. Maybe she's stealing glances at you, just like you are at her. Wouldn't that be nice, swordsman-san?" With that, Robin backed off and patiently strolled over to the other end of the deck. Zoro was determined not to look at Nami, to find out, and through a few panting breaths, he didn't. But then...he did.

He looked up and Nami swiftly looked to her right, suddenly removing her eyes from where they had been plastered – on him!

The frown on Zoro's brow lifted when that happened and he watched with surprise, as Nami, hastily, disappeared from view. Then he glanced at Robin. The raven head, who was also watching, turned away, as if giving him privacy. Zoro didn't know what to do. Suddenly, the ever brave swordsman was considering doing the most scariest thing in the world – show the navigator he wanted her. But he didn't just want her, he sort of liked her too. Not her thieving, lying side. That flaws, he had accepted, would never be fixed – but her domineering side, her bossiness, her ego actually appealed to the swordsman. He wasn't proud of it. He detested her. Yes he did! But at the same time he was attracted to her, drawn to her. Her intelligence, her determination, her cheeky attitude,...her beauty. He wanted to dominate her too. To have her want him too. To have her see him as more than just an idiot and a lazy moron. And now the gloomy woman was telling him it was possible. That showing Nami how he felt about her might not be the worst thing he could put himself through. But how could he get himself to just do that! His pride was at stake! He couldn't jeopardise that, but he wanted her to be with him and not with some flake out there and most definitely not with the perverted cook.

Then, as if to make him stop thinking and to force him into action, Nami appeared in the galley doorway, on her way to the stairs. Robin snuck a glance over her shoulder and saw the swordsman had his eyes on the navigator. Zoro gripped the railing, hard, his heart racing, his mouth going dry, and then..."Dammit," he cursed and he let go.

Zoro left his swords standing by the railing and with only his hands at his sides, he crossed the lawn, only Nami in his view. Robin found herself letting out a surprised gasp when he walked off with wide, hurried strides, taking the stairs, two steps at a time, to get to Nami. The navigator looked over and saw him coming and before she knew what was happening, he was blocking her way. "Out of the way, Zoro," she said, rather aggressively as his clothed chest, caught her eye, while she tried to pass him to get to the stairs. Making her feel dizzy as she could clearly make out the bulges of his pecks, which were too close for comfort.

Zoro's breathing was heavy but not because of his rush up the stairs. 'Just do it. Just grab her,' he told himself. 'You can handle her! If anyone can, you can!' Then he reached down and grabbed her wrist before turning and pulling her with him as he headed for the back of the galley.

"Zoro," she gasped, not able to resist the force at which he lead her with. "Zoro, let go," she protested. "What are you doing?"

On the lawn deck, Robin chuckled to herself, completely fascinated by Nami being lead off by Zoro. She hadn't expected it to work out so well – to get the stubborn swordsman and navigator together. But Zoro had, surprisingly, been very forth-coming to her manipulations. It was perfect timing as well, as most of the crew had already settled down for the night. Especially one cook who wouldn't get in the way. Robin was very pleased with herself.

To Be Continued...


A/N: Wow, so nice to put up a short chapter again, lol. I've forgotten what that was like. This one-shot reminds me of some of my other stories. Anyway, even though this story involves a few glimpses at Franky and Robin's relationship, it's really all about Zoro and Nami, of course. :)