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In the room, Nami fluffed her pillow, done with making her bed when, "Oi, she in there?" a gruff voice outside, asked. Nami gasped, her eyes darting to the open doorway. Zoro was looking for her. Nami was about to rush to the door to shut it, to put anything between them, when she realised how stupid she was being, trying to hide from him. Is this what having feelings for him was doing to her. She should have control. She wasn't afraid of him and she definitely could handle him. But then, the green-haired swordsman appeared in the doorway and the navigator's breathing almost stopped. Things had changed, if somewhat. It was undeniable as she looked into his eyes. As her body began to quiver just that little bit. He had an effect on her. More so since that infamous night. But Nami kept her calm, not showing her discomfort. She wouldn't let him rattle her. Nami didn't know why he was there. Was it to talk...or to come after her again. Did he think he had a right to her now? She found herself not too offended by that idea. The floodgates had been opened. They were familiar with each other now.

Again, Zoro was the one to make the first move after four days of nothing but eye-contact. What was going on with him, she thought. As Nami faced him, she noticed his swords were missing from his haramaki. "Where are your swords?" she asked, boldly folding her arms. "Did you leave them behind again?" Zoro didn't reply. Instead, he stepped into the room and turned to close the door behind him. "Don't close that, I'm leaving soon," Nami said, quickly, not keen on being alone with him. But the door closed, shut, anyway, the room growing darker.

Zoro turned to face her. "We need to talk," he said. He knew Nami wouldn't want anyone else hearing their words any more than he would. After a few seconds of nothing but staring, Nami walked to her dressing table. She picked up her brush and ran it through her short locks, looking at her reflection in the mirror, as if nothing was bothering her. As if her heart wasn't threatening to leap out of her chest, at any moment. So he was there to talk...and not go at her. Nami didn't know if that was a good thing or bad.

"Say what you have to say, and then go," she responded. She dreaded what he would say. That he came to his senses and had regrets. That what had happened should stay just between the two of them? Nami knew she didn't want to hear that. If he had now come to that decision after having forced her to have to admit her feelings that night, then she swore she'd punch him in the face if he did. Zoro crossed the room to where she stood and his reflection appeared next to her in the mirror. The navigator glanced at it with disapproval but continued with her brushing. Seeing as she was busy, Zoro pulled the chair out from the dressing table. He turned it around and sat down, next to her, straddling the chair, his muscular arms resting on the back as he looked at the girlish items on the dressing table. Nami was surprised and also furious at having a beast do as he pleased in her and Robin's room. Especially a beast that was, maybe, about to rip her insides out, instead of ravaging her in a good way. "Zoro, just spit it out and then get out," she demanded with building resentment, hardening herself for what was to come.

He looked up at her reflection. "We have to talk about what happened," he said, quietly.

"What's there to talk about, you behaved like an animal," she said, conveniently avoiding the tender moments between them and only focussing on his aggression on that night, wishing she could hurt him just a little before he hurt her. The room seemed so quiet. Only their voices and her brush moving through her hair, interrupting the silence. Nami was scared her voice would betray her fear. She only wanted it to show anger, impatience, annoyance.

Zoro groaned. "Look, you wanted it too. It happened. It's done," he said, not looking at anything in particular. His expression, somehow, sombre. He couldn't help but feel guilty about the way he had gone after her but what would have been a better option? He didn't know.

"That's it?" Nami asked, accusingly. "You came after me like an animal and forced me to admit things. It wasn't some little thing that can be pushed aside. We're crew mates. We have to live together on this ship."

Zoro frowned. What happened wasn't a bad thing, not if they still felt the same and moved on to more. But Nami was right. They had crossed a major line. Nami was being so defensive. He wondered if that was maybe because she felt the same as he did and was afraid he'd reject her. Either that or she didn't want him anymore and just wanted to wash her hands off an embarrassing situation. That would leave him as the rejected one if he went ahead and asked what he had come to ask.

Zoro wasn't looking at her so it was safe for Nami to spy on him through the mirror, knowing emotion was showing in her eyes. She didn't like hearing the word 'done'. Did he mean he was done? Even though it was Zoro of all people and she wished her feelings were still a secret, she still couldn't help wanting to have something with him. She had feelings for him and she couldn't deny it anymore. Not since admitting it to him. Ever since, she felt her heart was hanging on her sleeve, her emotions obvious for only the swordsman to see. And if he wanted to forget, then she wouldn't be able to bear it.

Zoro knew he wanted more with her. He was tired of running from what he felt for her. But just having Nami admit she was attracted to him, wasn't enough. He wanted to know if she would let him touch her again. If there could be something between them after sharing a few, heated moments together in one night. He put himself at risk and asked the question. "After what happened...," he started but stammered. "After..." he tried again but the words were not coming easily to the usually brave swordsman. 'Dammit, just say it!' he yelled at himself. He was running his fingernail over his arm and keeping his eyes there. Just to have somewhere to look. He took a breath and let it out again. "After what happened,...you still interested?" he asked.

Nami's mouth dropped open. The question. He was asking if she still wanted him! Why would he ask that? Her eyes shot to the dressing table and she felt like her stare was pulled there, kept there. Determined not to look his way. She needed to think. Again, he wanted honesty from her. Just asked the question instead of running from it. For the past four days she had thought of nothing but what had happened between them and how she couldn't get over it. Having wondered if Zoro was over it. She knew she wanted more. But she didn't exactly want to just throw herself at him. It was difficult, letting the stubbornness go. She still had her pride to think of. And getting into anything with him was risky. What if someone fell in love. What if only one of them fell in love. What if it was her! She couldn't have that. But was he asking because he wanted to go ahead with what they had started? She didn't know! Nami couldn't stand what she was putting herself through. Things had been so much better before that blasted night. She made a mental note to strangle Robin the next time she saw her. They hadn't spoken yet about the way she had sicced Zoro on to her. Nami, having been too shocked about the nights happenings to want to bring it up, to talk about it. And especially to a traitor whom she had confided in about her feelings for the swordsman. She continued the brushing. The navigator had short hair but that brushing would not come to an end. "You sound like you're interested, why else are you asking a question like that," she said, her voice weakened, wanting him to admit to something first. Wishing he would.

Zoro shot a glance up to her. But not to her reflection. He looked directly at her and Nami blinked as she watched his reflection. There was something so strange about it. As if she was someone else witnessing his eyes on her. And she saw the serious expression. The intensity in his eyes. A little smile threatened to break out on her lips as she saw the emotion in him. She hadn't said no. Zoro knew she could have just come out and said no but she was toying with him. Trying to get him to say more. She wanted more, he knew it. Suddenly, he had enough of the games and he grabbed the waist band of her skirt. Nami found the front of her lower half pulled against the back of the chair. They were looking into each other's eyes now as his large hands held her hips in place. If Nami had been angered, her brush in her hand would probably have collided with his green head, a long time ago. But the navigator was not able to think of anything but Zoro's hands on her. Zoro held on to her with relief. She didn't put up a fight. "Do you want me to be interested?" he dared to ask. He kept her hips pinned against the chair. No way was he going to let her rattle him. Zoro was still not used to being flirtatious and so he stuck to being forceful with the navigator. It was one of the few things that he would easily wimp out of and would naturally have gone and worked out or napped instead of putting himself through such torturous activities but he knew he had to be as forceful as possible if he wanted to have any chance with her. And he wanted that chance.

Nami dropped the brush on to the dressing table, just letting it fall from her hand. He wasn't there to ask her to forget. He wanted what she wanted. Nami hesitantly, lifted her hands to his head and started to run her fingers through his hair. For a second it was so overwhelming. Her fingers in his hair while his hands rested on her hips. She couldn't help letting her affection show on her face. She was still getting used to what touching Zoro felt like. What doing anything with Zoro felt like. Even exchanging more than a single sentence with him, in a day, was a rare thing. And here they were talking about their feelings for each other. And they were admitting they wanted to be more than just crew mates. Zoro stifled a groan as her fingers stroked his head, so deliciously. It felt intoxicating and so did her hands on his shoulders, where they finally rested. What did the touch mean. He needed to know. "What does that mean?" he asked, looking up at her, his expression serious, his thumbs stroking her hips. "Why did you touch me like that?"

"I-I...wanted to." It was Nami's turn to stumble. Again, he had made it impossible for her to pretend, to lie. Looking into his eyes, she only saw his sincerity. And it was rubbing off on to her, making her do things she would never do. She lifted her one hand back to the side of his head and stroked his hair again, gently, with her fingertips. Another sign of affection. She couldn't help it. She had feelings for him. Zoro released her and rose up from the chair. With one hand he took hold of the back and lifted the chair out from between them. He put it aside and moved closer to her. Nami looked up into his eyes.

"What do you want, Nami?" he asked, softly.

Nami felt her legs turn to jelly at the soft tone of his voice. "I want..." she tried to say but in her head, she knew she wouldn't finish the sentence, especially not when Zoro moved closer, lowered his face to hers and kissed her without waiting for an answer. Nami, breathlessly, returned the kiss, not able to resist and feeling weakened by the touch of his lips. She was the first to initiate an embrace as she wound her arms around his neck and Zoro followed by taking her into his arms. The kiss continued and was long and patient. As if they were taking time for just them, putting aside whatever lay outside that quiet room, whatever could come between them. The only sounds breaking the silence in the room were rasps of breath, the sounds of wet mouths moving together, the sound of hands stroking over cloth. But then Nami pulled back.

Zoro looked down at her, his lips parted and moist. Nami wondered if she was blushing, her cheeks sure seemed to be burning. "That's enough of those for now," she said, earning herself a frown from the swordsman. "Don't look at me like that. You're the one who started this," she added. The navigator then pulled his arms off her. She walked to the door. Once her back was turned to him, Nami quickly touched her burning cheeks with her hands. She had just fallen into that kiss. She had to keep up some resistance, maintain some control over herself when around him. And she stammered like an idiot! How embarrassing. After taking a breath, she exhaled and turned around, calmly. "Carry those books," she suddenly ordered, pointing at a stack of books on the little table between them. "I want them back in the library and I want them there...before I get there," she announced, with a lot of cheek.

Zoro looked at the stack of books on the coffee table. "What the hell, take it yourself," he threw back, irritated. Just because he wanted her didn't mean she could order him around any more than before.

"Fine," she said with a sigh, running her fingers through her hair. "But I thought, if the job got done right, I might make some time for more of...those before breakfast," she added, referring to the kiss they had just shared.

"'Those'," Zoro repeated, looking at her with a blank face. Nami sighed again, waiting. Then it finally sank in and the swordsman smiled a dangerous smile. "I can get one of those, any time I want," he declared.

"Wanna bet?" Nami asked with a cheeky smile.

Zoro looked at the books then back at her and Nami saw the wheels were turning in his head. Immediately, Zoro went for the books and immediately, Nami fled out on to the balcony, grinning, running passed a surprised Franky and Robin. Franky leaning close to Robin as they shared a flirtatious chat by the railing. "Oi!" Zoro knew she'd find a way to cheat. He grabbed the books, bundling them in his arms before he hurried out, not looking the couple's way either as he spotted Nami's orange head disappearing down the stairs. "Oi! You cheating witch!" he called. On the grass, Nami and Zoro flew by Luffy and Usopp and had them wondering why the navigator was running from the swordsman while he carried a stack of books.

"Kids," Franky said, shaking his head.

"Yes, they're so immature, aren't they?" Robin teased. Franky gave her a narrow-eyed smile and then their eyes locked on and when he dared to lean in, Robin didn't refuse the first ever kiss he softly lay on her lips.

A giggling Nami reached the second-deck before Zoro did and he found himself running up stairs again to get to her. With a groan, he saw her flee into the galley and only then did he make it to the second-deck. "Hey Zoro," Chopper greeted, coming his way from the infirmary.

Zoro stopped. He eyed the galley doorway. If he took that root, he'd definitely loose the challenge and he'd also have to deal with an angry cook who'd want to know why he was chasing his precious Nami-san. "Forget that," Zoro said with a mischievous grin. "Chopper!"

"Yeah, Zoro?" the reindeer asked.

"I need a boost," the swordsman said with an evil grin.

Nami made it to the upper-deck first and would have waited in the library doorway with triumph if the unthinkable didn't happen. She was startled as books came flying over the railing of the upper-deck, landing in a heap of bent pages and open covers. And then a green head appeared as Zoro climbed over the railing.

"What the hell, Zoro!" she yelled, storming over to him with clenched fists. "My books!"

A smirking Zoro nodded. "Yeah, this is close enough. You can take them in...later," he responded, his smirk turning wicked as he lunged forward and grabbed her waist.

"I paid a lot of money for those, you animal!" Nami whined, her body writhing in his arms but Zoro held her tight and pinned her to the mast, their faces close together. "Hey, you lost; the deck isn't the library," she hissed.

"You didn't make it into the library, either," he whispered, over her lips. "Now forget about that. You still interested, woman?" he asked again.

Nami narrowed her eyes at him and gave his unmoving chest one futile shove as a last protest. "Interested in what?" she growled, not able to separate his chest from hers.

Zoro was more confident now. "There's something between us, Nami," he said. "I wanna see where it can go."

Nami halted her struggling, a glimmer of a smile appearing on her face. As if that was the one thing she had been waiting to hear and didn't even realise it. "What, like we'll...date or something?" she asked with caution, was he actually willing to try a relationship?

"Date?" Zoro repeated. "I...d-don't know, just...talk, spend time together, do things together and...stuff," he stumbled.

"What, like having conversations,...watch sunsets together and making out...stuff?" Nami asked, trying to sound sarcastic but not getting it right as she really wanted to do all those things.

"I guess," Zoro said, not having given the specifics of a possible relationship much thought. And now they were straightening out the details. Putting up boundaries, laying restrictions.

"And...I'm not supposed to look at any other guys while we're doing this?" Nami asked.

"No other guys," Zoro said with something close to a growl. The cook coming to mind. "Especially not ero-cook," he added.

"Sanji-kun?" Nami asked, looking like she had never even thought about Sanji in that way. Which satisfied Zoro greatly. "Fine," she accepted with a seductive smile. Then Zoro felt her fingers gripping his T-shirt, as if with a warning. "And you'll only have eyes for me?" she asked, "You won't look at any other girls?" It really was clear now that she was threatening and not asking. It was obvious in her tone, in the narrowing of her eyes. In her steel grip on his T-shirt.

"Whatever," Zoro responded with a smirk at her claiming of him. "So...?" He waited for her final answer.

Nami sighed, making it sound like a sigh of regret. "Whatever,...beast," she answered, rolling her eyes, which eventually settled on Zoro's lips. The lips which now spread into a satisfied grin and came closer to hers. Zoro kissed her, passionately, and Nami's hands went to hold his face, her eyes open as she looked at him and secretly smiled through the kiss. He gripped her waist and pulled her closer. Nami, willingly, let herself be claimed, as a beast – her beast – pushed into her and kissed her, fiercely, ravaging her in a good way.


"I don't think they were involved that long," Nami said. "I mean, if they were involved before we all got separated then we should have noticed something when we reunited."

"I didn't notice anything," Zoro said.

"Hmm," Nami said, pondering."


Robin arrived at the sunny. Bubbles drifted by, some popped as she lovingly looked at the sunny. Her home, her sanctuary. The ship that special person in her life had built. Then Franky appeared on deck and laid eyes on her for the first time since the separation. "If it isn't the beautiful archaeologist, Nico Robin," he said in a teasing tone. Their eyes met and Robin's glance flowed over the changes Franky's body had undergone. Franky then leaped on to the railing, eager to display his new, stronger body to his lady's admiring eyes. Unfortunately, Robin wasn't too impressed and an insecure Franky wondered if she still felt the same about him after all that time. Robin stepped on to the sunny and commented on the coating of the ship feeling like jelly.

Franky came over to her. "Yeah, we're ready to travel undersea," he said. Robin asked about the rest of the crew and learned that some had made it to the ship but left again to do some shopping. "Nami was especially impatient," Franky said with a grin. "She was looking for someone, even though she never said who."

Robin chuckled. "And I bet she's off looking for that person as we speak."

"Robin," Franky said, his voice filled with that quiet sincere tone she loved so much as he stopped behind her. Robin turned around and smiled up at him, causing him to smile because he could finally look into her blue eyes again and he still loved her smile so much. Franky didn't know what to do next. How to touch again, the beauty that was Nico Robin. But Robin helped him out.

"You seemed to be admiring me before, Franky," she said. "But now, all I'm getting is a stare. Don't you like me anymore?" she asked with mischief.

Franky really would have collapsed in a heap of metal and flesh if he didn't have such a huge urge to hold and kiss the beautiful raven head. "Ow! So suuu – !" he called out but got cut off as hands sprouted from his chest and pulled on his shirt, bringing his face closer to hers. His shades were removed so she could see his eyes again.

"Don't keep me waiting. Kiss me, Franky," Robin said with a smile and Franky obeyed but first lifted her against his chest, causing Robin to laugh. Then he held her so her face was even to his.

"What have you been up to all this time, Nico Robin?" he asked, gently squeezing her body against him, playfully. "You didn't forget your loyal cyborg, did you?"

Robin slipped her arms around his large neck, letting them rest on his broad shoulders. "I met some interesting men," she answered with a shrug. "but, unfortunately, they were so...human."

Franky grinned, broadly. "Oi, so none of them could take down a ship with their shoulders alone, huh?" Robin blinked with surprise. "Don't worry, Nico Robin, you'll see how suuuperrr I am now. But first..." Franky brought his face to hers and they kissed, sweetly, tasting each other for the first time since the separation.

Later, Nami had made it back to the sunny and was now, impatiently, pacing the deck. Three strawhat pirates still hadn't arrived yet and were nowhere to be found in the town. Chopper had left on the back of his bird friend to find them. Franky and Robin watched Nami, intently, knowing why she was so tense. "Why is he taking so long?" the navigator hissed under her breath. She still felt she had a claim. They hadn't made anything permanent but the last they had spoken about it, which was that day he pinned her to the mast, when they had decided to give a relationship a try, they had made themselves exclusive to each other. As far as she was concerned, after their horrific separation and the aching two years apart, she still belonged to him. And he had better still feel the same way!

"Nami-san, why don't you show me your panties while you wait for Luffy-san?" Brooke asked, after already having one kick in the head from a previous request.

"I'm not talking about Luffy!" she yelled.

"Uh, Sanji?" Usopp asked, puzzled to why she would be waiting to see the cook.

"Shut up!" Nami yelled her insecurities really getting to her.


"Oi!" Luffy's voice rang out from the sky and the happy crew ran to wave at him as he and the remaining members arrived on the back of Chopper's bird friend with its massive green, red and blue coloured wings.

"Oi!" Nami called back, waving her arms, excitedly. Happy to see Luffy and Sanji but mostly happy at seeing the green clad figure, – whom she hoped was still her green-haired swordsman – patiently smiling down at them. Sitting at the back, on the bird, Sanji caught sight of his beautiful, well-endowed female crew mates and the cook dropped to the sea water, propelled by a massive nosebleed. But that didn't take Nami's eyes off Zoro as she waited, impatiently.

A knowing Robin smiled up at her crew mates but then left Nami's side and went to stand by the shipwright. "It's their turn now," Franky said, amused. "But the question is, when will we have some time, Nico Robin?" he asked.

Robin folded her arms and let her body rest against his large chest. "Any time, Franky," she said with a smile. "We have nothing to hide." Franky bent over and they kissed, sweetly.

Luffy jumped on to the lawn-deck, everyone's eyes on their captain but, immediately, he noticed Franky's impressive changes. The captain ran passed Nami where she waited, her eyes on the changed swordsman as he leaped on to the deck, a few feet away from her. He was bigger, stronger, more like a warrior. Then she saw his eye. His scarred eye. Her shock clouding her happiness at seeing him again. Zoro slowly came to her, trusting that after two years, she still felt the same as he did. She was more beautiful than before. More of a woman with her long hair trailing her slender figure. "Zoro," he heard her say, emotion thick in her voice and that was all Zoro needed to put his torturous fears to rest. She reached up. Softly, her fingertips trailed along his scarred eye. But with a reassuring smile, Zoro took her hand from his face. His other arm went around her waist and he pulled her closer, burying his face in her long hair, claiming her as his again. Nami gasped over his shoulder as he held her so close, her insecurities disappearing. The two didn't care who saw as Nami let her face settle in his neck. Zoro's other arm wrapped around her waist and Nami put her arms around his neck as they lost themselves in their own intimate embrace, ignoring the stunned glances around them. And then they kissed, sweetly, while the rest of the crew only continued to look on with surprise. Everyone except Luffy who couldn't keep his glowing eyes off Franky. Franky who playfully squeezed Robin and kissed her raven head, knowing she was very proud of her handy work. And a sickly, blood-drained Sanji as he lay in Usopp's arms. Zoro and Nami, tightly embraced again, only starting to make up for two, long years apart.


Nami sighed. "Not even flirting or any kind of hand-holding," she muttered.

"Maybe they only did such things at night, in the dark. When no one was around," Zoro said.

"Maybe," Nami said.


"Zoro!" Nami yelled as the green head took a warning step towards the cook.

"Why so angry, marimo?" Sanji hissed, empty tray in hand after serving Robin and Nami drinks. The cook had been acting out since finally finding out about their relationship. Deliberately, hanging around Nami whenever Zoro wasn't around.

"One drink was enough, dartboard! You can go now!" Zoro growled, gripping his swords.

"Oi, calm down over there!" Franky ordered from the mast, where he sat at Robin's feet.

Then. "Sanji! Zoro!" Luffy's stern voice rang out from where he stood on the galley balcony with folded arms. They looked up at their captain. "Guys, if you have something to settle then...just fight," he said.

"Luffy, shut up!" Nami growled just as fiercely as Zoro had.

Robin chuckled. "So where were we?" she asked Franky.

The cyborg grinned up at her. "Well, Robin, I was gonna ask if I can...call you my lady," he said, a little shy.

Robin chuckled again. So amused by the large man's discomfort. "That is a rather nice title," she said, thinking. "but I'm not of noble blood or any sort of royalty," she added.

"Huh?" Franky looked confused. Then he understood. "Not that kind of lady, Robin," he said with a frown. "I didn't mean Milady, I meant my lady." But then he realised she was teasing. "Okay, stop kidding around now," he said with seriousness. "Can I...call you – "

" – your lady," she said, leaning closer and resting her chin in her palm.

"Marimo, you don't own Nami-san!" Sanji yelled.

"You're nothing but a damn nuisance!" Zoro growled back. "You have to back off!" Then he glared, evilly at the cook. "or I'll just have to cut you up into tiny pieces," he said, starting to draw one sword.

"Go ahead, marimo," the cook, hissed, lifting a foot from the ground but Nami's fist collided with the back of Zoro's head, stopping his actions, and Zoro went down.

Sanji's eye widened with glee. "Oh Nami-san! Do you pick me over that green shithead?!"

"Sanji-kun," she said, calmly.

"Hai, Nami-swaa – !" he cheered but was silenced when Nami grabbed the collar of his blue shirt.

"Sanji-kun, you can still make your cups of tea and you can still make your drinks and I'll appreciate it but Zoro and I are together now! Get that in your head!" she hissed and released him.

"H-Hai, Nami-san," the cook said, a little startled. "I still love my Nami-san even when she's scary!" He declared and ran off.


"Huh?" the captain said, still on the balcony.

"Go think of better orders to hand out than ones that encourage fights among your crew, captain!" Nami ordered.

Luffy shrugged then focused his attention on the approaching Sanji. "Oi, Sanji, I'm hungry. Got some meat?" he asked, happily following the cook to the galley but Sanji slammed the door closed before he could enter, flattening the rubber captain's face. "Oi, that's not nice, Sanji," Luffy mumbled before separating his squashed face from the wooden door. Unperturbed, he opened the door and went to bother the irritated cook.

Zoro still lay on the ground, rubbing his sore head and glaring up at Nami. "Woman, you better stop doing that," he said.

Nami sighed. "Or what?" she asked, dropping herself down on his abdomen and knocking the air out of him. A rather tolerant Zoro lay flat, letting her straddle him.

Franky watched, over his shoulder. "There are rooms on this ship," he grumbled.

"Why Franky, I didn't know you're such a prude," Robin joked.

"I'm not, but I do like doing some things in a classy way." He took her hand and kissed it. "You still haven't answered my question, Nico Robin."

Nami folded her arms while she looked down at Zoro. "Or what?" she repeated.

"I don't know why I'm bothering with you, woman, you're nothing but trouble," Zoro said, his face, expressionless. The relationship between the swordsman and the navigator hadn't been a picnic since they had reunited, especially with their clashing personalities getting in the way. Things hadn't been any better before the separation and with an opportunistic cook always hovering around, Zoro had a hard time keeping his jealousy under control.

"Like I said, a long time ago. You started this," Nami said. She leaned forward, resting her hands on the grass as she watched him. Her hair slipped over her left shoulder and Zoro tried to touch it, still fascinated with her long, orange strands, but Nami pushed his arm away and pinned it above his head. Then she pinned the other one as well and Zoro let her. "Will you leave me?" she asked, playfully. "Will you leave me, after hunting me down like an animal. Like the beast you are? But you can just forget that," she announced. "You're not going anywhere, cause you're mine."

Zoro smirked at how possessive she was and deliberately scoffed at her.

"Say it, Zoro." Nami, partially mimicked what he had done that night, a few years ago. "Say your mine. Say it," she ordered with a cheeky smile.

Zoro lifted his head, just a little. "You're mine, witch!" he growled up at her.

Nami put her palm over his forehead and pushed his green head back down in the grass. "Say it!" she hissed, bringing her lips close to his. "Say you're mine."

Zoro couldn't stand her half the time and being with her drove him crazy sometimes but he wanted her like no other and he didn't want to belong to anyone but her. After a lingering silence, he said it. "I'm yours," Zoro said in the most delicious base tone and Nami grinned.

"Very good," she responded with triumph, releasing his arms and sitting straight up again.

"But you're still my prey!" Zoro grabbed her arms and rolled her on to her side, turning his back to Franky and Robin as he mauled his prey. Nami could only be heard laughing as he growled and grazed her neck with his teeth.

"Franky, if I'm going to be your lady," Robin said. "then you'll have to do something for me."

"What's that?" he asked, taking his eyes off the rowdy couple on the grass.

"Put on some pants," Robin said and laughed.

"Oi, you wouldn't do that, would you?" he asked, pained.

Robin sighed. "Maybe a pair of shorts?" she suggested.

Franky groaned. "Nico Robin, you drive a hard bargain," he said. "But if I did it for anyone...it would be for my lady," he said, grinning broadly with the last part and kissed her hand.


The swordsman and the navigator still stood, watching Robin and Franky. "I really wonder when it started," Nami said, still pondering on the secret affair. "Maybe we saw something but it really didn't dawn on us."

"Hmph," Zoro agreed. "Or maybe they were just very good at hiding it."

"Yeah, very good," Nami added with a sigh. Zoro put his arm around her waist and Nami snuck hers around his waist as they made to walk away. But then.

"Nami-san. Zoro," Robin called. Zoro and Nami turned around to look at her. "You're welcome," Robin said to them and Zoro narrowed his eye at her but then he looked down at Nami who was playfully pulling her tongue out at an amused Robin.

"Hmph." Zoro nodded at Robin with a quiet smile and pulled Nami closer, planting a kiss on her forehead as he led her away just before Franky and Robin shared a kiss on the lawn deck, the shipwright and the archaeologist expressing their feelings which had never really been a secret but rather an, unexpected secret.

The End.


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