Coping with the Pain The only way I know how

By: CSI-Panther

Summary: Severus discovers Harry smoking. After all, abused kids need to cope with with the abuse, right? Well besides cutting.

A/N: I dont own Harry Potter.

Ch. 1

" Harry, stop that. " Hermione hissed quietly as they sat in Potions, waiting for Snape to show.

Harry was currently moving his knee up and down rapidly in a nervous fashion and ringing his hands around and breathing rather hard.

" Sorry. I'm just on edge. " He said to her. ' Man will he hurry up and get here and get the class started so I can leave. ' He thought as the door slammed open and then shut as Snape came in.

" Today we'll be making a healing potion, the directions on the board. " Snape waved his wand and said directions appeared and he sat down and began to grade some papers from his last class.

Hermione got the ingredients and Harry began cutting up the frog legs, his hand shaking the whole time. Ron stirred the cauldron as Hermione measured out the powered snake eyes and added them to the cauldron.

By the time Harry finished cutting the legs and moved to the salamander eyes, Snape was there and asked,

" Is there something wrong with you today Mister Potter? "

" No Sir. " Harry answered tightly, his shaking hand cut threw the eye and nicked the tip of his finger, but Harry never flinched, which Snape thought was rather odd, but continued on when he saw that Seamus' cauldron was erupting in black smoke.

An hour later, class was over and Harry practically ran out of the room, he had a free period now and he was going to savior it as long as he could.

Tonight Snape had patrol and he absuluately hated it. Though it was fairly quiet, he knew that it would not last and he was right.

He caught a smell that he knew to be cigrette smoke.


The trio was in the common room doing their homework when Hermione and Ron both noticed that Harry's knee was going up and down in a nervous fashion.

" Harry, your doing it again. Are you sure that your alright? " Hermione asked, concern now in her voice.

" I'm fine. " Harry replied as his knee went faster. After another minute of his knee doing this, he put his quill down and stood, " I'll be back, I'm going to get some air. " He said and left before they could say a word to him.

He walked until he found an open window and out of sight of any teacher coming by and reached into his robe pocket and pulled a retangled shaped packet out and a silver, smaller retangled object.

He tapped the packet and a black papered cigrette came out. The lighter, he flicked open and flicked it once and put the flame to the cigrette that was now in his mouth and he took a short puff before he flicked the lid back on the lighter and put it and the rest of the cigrettes in his robe again.

He stood there for several minutes inhaling every now then, making the cigrette last as long as he could.

Until a voice shouted his name, making him drop his cigrette.

" Potter! What are you doing! "

Snape followed the smell of the smoke until he turned a corner and saw a student by a window and also saw the source of the smell in the student's hand, but what shocked him the most was that the student was Harry Potter.

" Potter! What are doing! " He shouted. walking towards him as Potter dropped the cigrette.

" Getting some air. " Harry quickly said.

" Your doing more then that! " Snape spat.

" So what? " Harry replied hotly.

" Don't take that tone with me, Potter. Explain. Now. "

" Why? You saw, so just give detention and take points away. "

" I'll do more then that. I'm taking you to the headmaster. "

" No! " Harry shouted and tried to bolt, but suprisingly, Snape was faster and caught him by the arm, squeezed and pulled him back, hard. That time, Harry did winch, but didn't cry out.

Snape saw, but ignored it and continued to drag the boy to the headmaster's office.

" Sweet tart. " Snape said when he reached the Gryphon statue guarding the entrance to the office and walked up the staircase, still dragging Harry behind him.

" Severus. Harry. What seems to be the matter? " Albus asked, looking up from his desk.

" Headmaster, I caught Potter smoking in the corridors. " Snape said getting to the point and finally let go of the struggling boy by pulling him towards Albus and blocking his way out of the office.

" Smoking? Harry why on earth would you do such a thing? Your too young to be doing that! " Albus asked.

Harry remained silent, keeping his head down.

" Potter. "Snape began, but Albus stopped him with a raised hand.

" Harry? " Albus asked again. But Harry still remained silent, " Very well then. Harry, you will be serving two weeks detention with Professor Snape. And I would like you to hand over what you were smoking. " He said.

That got a reaction from Harry, " No, I need them! " He shouted.

" Potter, hand over your cigrettes and lighter to the headmaster now or I'll do it for you. " Snape said glaring down at the boy.

" No! " Harry shouted again.

" Very well. Accio cigrettes and lighter. " Snape said and the items came out of Harry's robe and straight to Snape's hand and then over to Albus' desk.

" Thank you Severus. Now would you escort Harry back to his dormitories? " Albus asked.

" Of course. Come along Potter. " Snape said turning and opening the door and Harry shot out, well he would have if Snape hadn't caught him again.

" Damn it! Let me go! " Harry shouted.

" If your going to act like a spoiled brat, I'm going to treat you like one. " Snape said as they left the office.

" What would you know about a spoiled brat?! " Harry shouted.

" I've had my share of them and know how to treat them, now be quiet or I'll be forced to put a silencing charm on you. " Snape replied.

" Go ahead, you git! I don't care! " Harry shouted again and he never shouted again after that, well he was, but all he was doing was moving mouth up and down and Snape continued on, dragging him along to the portrait of the fat lady.

Here's ch. 1! Hope ya'll like it!

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