Notes: I'm SO SORRY that this fic took so long to write. I started not long after I posted the first one but I got really bad writer's block and it just wasn't happening for me. I finally got my muse back for this fic a few weeks ago and I promised myself I'd get it done before the first episode of S3 airs. And look, I even have a few hours to spare! Thank you to Danielle, Gabe and Bibi for their help and cheerleading.

This is set after summer break, so the boys have been together a few months. I deliberately set the last one very ambiguously around the end of S2. I haven't taken into account any S3 spoilers (except Stiles' hair!) because I love Jackson so he's still around.

More notes at the end of the final chapter, but no triggers or anything...just lots and lots of sex, snark and sarcasm. Blowjobs, rimming, penetration and a ton of dirty talk because my headcanon says that Stiles loves words and when he is confident about something, he will talk on the subject - especially when he finds someone who wants to listen.

The Feel Of Heat And Metal On His Skin

Chapter One

"Hey Jackson, did you hear that Shelly Phillips got her tongue pierced? Hot, huh?"

Nate was leaning over Jackson's shoulder with a grin. He was close enough to peer down Lydia's top without looking obvious about it, but far back enough that he couldn't see Jackson rolling his eyes.

"That's great. I'm sure half the football team and all of the basketball team are very excited," Jackson replied, annoyance coloring his tone. Danny didn't see how Nate could think he was getting away with anything; not only was Jackson onto him – Lydia's eyes were narrowing dangerously despite the fact that she hadn't even glanced up from her lunch. She just knew.

Lydia was pretty badass, Danny acknowledged, when her spoon accidentally caught the rim of her yogurt cup, splattering several globs of the fruity smelling goop over the fly of Nate's pants.


"Fuck, Lydia!"

"Sorry," she replied airily and clearly not sorry in the slightest.

Danny smirked behind the bottle of water he was drinking from. Stiles was beside him, practically vibrating in his seat with amusement. Danny dropped his free hand to his boyfriend's thigh, squeezing it gently.

"Better clean that up, Walters," Jackson smirked, "otherwise it's going to dry looking very interesting."

Stiles snorted out a laugh, covering his mouth just a second too late.

"Whatever," Nate bit out, embarrassedly. He glared at Stiles, apparently considering him the safest target. "What are you laughing at, Stilinski?" he snapped, walking away and muttering under this breath. Danny could just catch the word asshole and was frowning after him, contemplating getting up and wringing an apology out of the jerk when Stiles nudged him and shook his head with a smile. He didn't look at all bothered, so Danny resolved to let it go – for the time being, anyway.

"Maybe it will stain," Lydia mused with deceptive sweetness.

"Maybe I'll rip his eyeballs out," Jackson countered, glaring at the exit their teammate had left by.

"Maybe I'll get my tongue pierced," Stiles announced, cheekily. Danny's eyes widened at the wink Stiles shot his way. He wondered for a moment how much of the comment was serious and how much was aimed at breaking the tension Lydia and Jackson were stewing in. "You know," he amended, "once I go away to college and am therefore far enough away that Dad can't kill me."

If McCall were there instead of definitely-not-with-Allison, he probably would have laughed and assumed Stiles was joking. Lydia continued to eat her yogurt, only reacting with a blink in Stiles' direction; Jackson, on the other hand, couldn't resist an opportunity to snipe – especially since he was still pissed over someone trying to eye-fuck his girlfriend's cleavage.

"First of all, Stilinski – gross. I don't care how much Danny likes it, the idea of you doing anything sexual puts me off my food – and don't pretend that comment was innocent; Helen Keller could hear and see what you were doing there. And secondly, as if," Jackson scoffed. "You are a bigger baby than my little cousin Hailey, and she's nine. You'd take one look at a needle and cower behind McCall. Or Lydia."

Danny coughed, fingers tightening on Stiles' leg as he began spluttering and choking on the mouthful of sandwich he'd just been swallowing. Jackson smirked at him, obviously assuming that Danny found his comment funny, like Danny was trying not to laugh at his boyfriend. And it was funny, but not for the reason Jackson thought.

Jackson had no idea.

Stiles patted Danny on the back with one hand as he brought a handful of fries to his mouth with the other. Danny could see that Stiles had only partially managed to conceal his grin. "Yeah," Stiles answered with his mouth half full, making Lydia grimace, "you're probably right."

"Probably?" Jackson laughed. "Stilinski, the day you get a body piercing is the day I trade my Porsche for McCall's pushbike."

Danny and Stiles shared a brief look, and Danny barely managed to stifle a laugh. Jackson was his best friend, but even Danny thought the look on his face would be hilarious if Stiles pulled up his shirt and showed Jackson his navel piercing, especially after that comment about his Porsche. Except that as Jackson's best friend, Danny had born witness to many of Jackson's worst temper tantrums and the humor of the situation probably wouldn't be worth the mood it triggered.

"Well," Stiles countered, having seemingly come to the same conclusion, "it would almost be worth the pain and mind numbing fear just to see that."

And okay, it would have been funny, and Jackson could stand to show Stiles a little more respect, but Danny also felt a little relieved that Stiles hadn't come clean about his piercings. Not just because Jackson would be unbearable over it, but also because…well…Danny liked that he was the only one who knew. It was their secret – and a hot one, at that.

Jackson was getting snarky, face taking on his best douchebag expression, but Danny was too preoccupied watching Stiles and thinking about his piercings to shoot a preventative glance his way.

"You aren't fooling anyone, Stilinski. You're the cowardly lion, without the cool of being a lion. You're just a scared little bitch."

Danny snapped his eyes away from Stiles and back to Jackson – his words were just a little too cutting, his tone just a little too mean for Danny to let slide.

"Jackson," he warned at the same time as Lydia. Danny had snapped maybe a little sharper than he'd intended, while Lydia's tone was milder, barely chastising. Jackson's eyes flashed Danny a hurt look for a moment and his jaw clenched before he blanked his expression. He squared his shoulders, rolled his eyes at all of them and sighed.

"Fine," Jackson conceded in a pained tone, "I guess you aren't a total loser like Danny's last boyfriend. But still," he added, "it's lucky for you that he suddenly decided that dull and wimpy is his type now."

He would have been annoyed with Jackson, if he couldn't tell that his best friend was actually trying. Not very hard, really, but it was a small victory regardless.

"Careful with the compliments there, Jackson," Stiles replied sardonically as he leaned into Danny's side with a grin, "or people are going to start to think that you like me."

Danny had Calculus right after lunch, not that he absorbed any of it. Stiles wasn't in his class, so although he'd spent the entire period thinking about what his boyfriend had suggested, Danny didn't get the opportunity to bring it up until he cornered Stiles by his locker on the way to Physics.

"Were you serious about what you said to Jackson?" he blurted out as soon as he was near enough.

"Well, hello to you, too, boyfriend-o-mine," Stiles laughed and pressed a quick kiss to Danny's cheek.

And yeah, okay, he probably could have started with a kiss or even just a simple 'hello', but spending the last almost-hour thinking about Stiles with a tongue piercing had pretty much derailed his regular thought process.

"Yeah, sorry. Hi," he breathed, flashing an apologetic smile – one that he knew showed off his dimples, because he knew Stiles thought they were cute. He leaned in close, looping one arm around Stiles' back. "So…did you mean it?"

Stiles grinned and bumped his shoulder into Danny's gently. The way his eyes lit up with amusement still made Danny's stomach flip pleasantly, even though they'd been dating for several months.

"Yeah, of course. He said I'm not a total loser! That's practically a bro-hug from Jackson; his reputation is definitely on the line."

Danny laughed and shook his head. Stiles knew what he meant, of course. Danny was sure Stiles knew exactly what his comment had done to him. They'd spent far too much time exploring Danny's fascination with Stiles' piercings for Stiles to have made that suggestion without knowing what kind of reaction he would have.

"No," Danny clarified, herding Stiles around a pair of laughing girls to press him against the wall a few yards away. He leaned in closely, his smile turning shy as he glanced around to make sure no one was listening. "I meant," he corrected quietly, "about…about the tongue stud. You know I did."

Just thinking about it had made him hot; saying it out loud left Danny's heart racing. Stiles' hand was on his chest – there was just no chance that he wouldn't feel it. Stiles grinned; maybe at the pounding in Danny's chest or the tone of his voice, or maybe Danny looked as wrecked as he felt, because Stiles' lip had curled and Danny was in trouble. That was Stiles' plotting face; his I'm-Evil-And-I'm-Going-To-Torture-You-In-All-Kinds -Of-Sexy-Ways face. Danny groaned.

"Oh yeah," Stiles hummed as he drew Danny closer with a hand fisted in his collar, as the other sat on Danny's hip. Stiles' thumb had slipped under the hem of his shirt and was stroking the skin along the edge of Danny's jeans, "I'd go and get it today – now – if I thought I could keep it hidden from everyone."

"Shit," Danny moaned, feeling his skin heating as he braced his arms on either side of Stiles' shoulders to keep from pressing into him, from rubbing against him. He was half hard, which was somewhere between mortifying and sexy, but he couldn't decide on either. They were in the school hallway between classes – there were people everywhere and the thoughts creeping into his brain were obscene. "Fuck."

His voice sounded cracked – he was getting so turned on, his boyfriend and those stupidly hot piercings just did things to him; made him crazy.

And Stiles knew that and played games with him anyway.

Danny sort of loved that about Stiles; he was somehow both the best and worst thing that had ever happened to Danny. Mostly the best.

"They're totally hot, right?" Stiles continued; voice low and rough as though they were alone and this could actually go somewhere – like he wasn't just doing this to torment Danny. "I'd love to have something in my mouth to play with when I'm thinking about…other things." Stiles' fingers curled tighter into Danny's hip, while his other hand let go of Danny's collar to slide around his neck and play with the short hair at the base of his skull. "And I'm sure you'd love it, too. A smooth steel ball on my tongue, licking into your mouth, trailing along your abs, pressing against your co—"

"Jesus Christ, Stiles," Danny cut him off raggedly, "you can't just say things like that to me at school. Fuck."

If there was one thing Danny was sure he'd never get used to, it was the way Stiles went from goof ball to sex-fiend when the mood took him and no one else was around. He'd never gotten quite this…this brazen in public before, though, and Danny wondered just how many people could tell how worked up they both were. Part of Danny was embarrassed, because surely – surely – it was obvious. But a bigger part of Danny wanted to say fuck it and drag Stiles somewhere else, where he could follow through on all the ideas flashing through his head.

"Oops," Stiles flirted, shifting a little until his hip was pressed firmly along Danny's now rock hard cock, heat seeping through his jeans until Danny had to fight not to push onto him, had to remind himself not to just gather Stiles against the wall and have his way with him. He knew he shouldn't, although he was starting to not give a damn about appropriate behavior.

A locker slammed near them and Danny startled, coming back to himself. They needed to be somewhere else, anywhere else, as long as they could be alone. Danny was just planning how they could get away with skipping last period when Stiles spoke.

"I'd offer to take care of that for you," Stiles murmured, flicking his darkened eyes from Danny's face to his dick as he licked his lips suggestively, "but we have to get to Physics."

Danny groaned as Stiles ducked out from between him and the wall. He let his head fall until it landed with a dull and slightly painful thump against a poster on the cement wall. "I want you to be joking, but I can tell you're not."

"Nope," Stiles replied, too cheerfully. "I can't miss it; Harris already hates me after Chem last year." Danny turned his head to glare, but couldn't. Stiles was…Stiles. Dammit.


Stiles winked. "Maybe later."

"I hate you," Danny grumbled as he pushed off the wall and tried to force himself to calm down.

"No, you don't."