Hello friends I am here with a story for you to either enjoy or hate, there is no in between. So enjoy!

Disclaimer- I do not own Star Trek or anything that has to do with Star Trek all of that belongs to other people.

In a unknown part of the Federation headquarters seventy one cryotanks sat in the darkness. Their occupants were still, unmoving,all except for one. Kahn lay in his tank, his breathing and heartbeat slow with the cold, almost non existent, but with each passing minute they grew stronger and Kahn grew closer to waking. Kahn's eyes moved rapidly under his lids as his mind searched for the bond, the blood bond. It called to him as his blood thrummed through another veins, through Kirks veins, no James's veins, yes James. Kahn's mind caressed the name, James Tiberius Kirk, the man who didn't believe in no win scenarios. Kahn could feel him through their newly forged bond. He could feel the young Captains thoughts, his feelings, his every move as he gallivanted through galaxies. A dark smile began to form on Kahn's face as he slowly awoke, stretching and reaching towards freedom, a single thought on his mind and a lonely name on his lips Kahn awoke.