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Captain Kirk awoke with a start, heart pounding and head still ringing with Khan's nightmarish laughter. Sitting up he sighed tugging at his bed mussed locks as he tried to gather his thoughts. It had been exactly one month since he had been cleared for active duty again, one month since Khan, since what should have been his end. Shaking his head he cleared those thoughts away as he rose and prepared for alpha shift.

Approximately fifteen minutes later Captain Kirk was dressed and ready to face the day. With a quick glance in the mirror he grabbed his customary cup of coffee and PADD and was out the door of his quarters and off towards the bridge. The Captain strode through the halls nodding greetings to those he passed in the hall as he entered the turbo lift. Glancing down at his PADD he scrolled through the various updates and messages that had been sent to him while he had been sleeping. Kirk chuckled softly as he saw a rather recent one from his CMO demanding that he get his ass down to sick bay for his scheduled check up. Shaking his head and smiling to himself he stepped out of the lift and onto the bridge.

"Good morning" Kirk said striding towards his chair, " Status update Mr Sulu, how far are we from the Nephron system" said Kirk leaning towards his senior helmsman.

Hikaru turned "We should arrive in about 5 hours at our current warp speed Captain" he said nodding towards the leaver at his station that currently rested at warp 3.

" Warp 5 Mr Sulu, lets see if we can't improve on that time" Kirk grinned sipping at his coffee enjoying the near silent hum of the Enterprise.

" Lieutenant Uhura would you send a message to Star Fleet and tell them about our new estimated time of arrival " Kirk said with a nod to her direction as he focused on opening a ship wide com link.

"This is Captain Kirk, our estimated arrival to the Nephron system has changed, we should now be there in about 2 hours, Kirk out." Kirk nodded at his crew as stood making his rounds around the bridge providing small talk and and boisterous laughter that filled the bridge with life, his laughter is always the first thing Mr Spock hears when he enters the bridge every morning and this morning was no different.

Hearing the soft swoosh of the turbo lift Kirk looked up from his conversation with Chekov to see Mr Spock enter the bridge.

"Ah Mr Spock just the man I wanted to see" said Kirk moving to walk towards him. "Now all we need is Bone..." Kirk trailed off as an angry Doctor McCoy stormed onto the bridge

"You better have a dammed good reason for skipping out on your check up last night Jim " Bones said in a huff glaring at Kirk who seemed to be holding in copious amounts of laughter.

"Don't be mad at me Bones , I mean come on I'm fit as a fiddle, see" said Kirk striking the most ridiculous muscle man pose he could think of. This brought of a round of giggles and badly stifled laugher from the crew as they watched their Captain goof off, it even got Lieutenant Uhura to crack a smile and if you asked Kirk he would have sworn that he saw Spock's lips twitch in amusement.

"See, see Im right, right Mr Spock" said Kirk smiling at his stoic first officer, his blue eyes twinkling in amusement.

Spock raised a single brow at his Captains statement " It would seem that Captain is, as he would say "fit as a fiddle" though I do think it would be logical for you to heed the Doctor recommendations" Spock said.

Kirk looked at him flabbergasted "Did you just.. agree with Bones" he muttered as Bones gave him a triumphant look " Did you hear that Jim, even the green bloo.. I mean Mr Spock agrees with me " he said as he grabbed Kirks arm and tugged him towards the lift.

"Sulu you have the bridge, Mr Spock with me" called Kirk as his CMO pulled him into the lift, Spock joined them just seconds later.

"You required my presence Captain"? He asked raising that brow yet again.

Kirk nodded "I always require your presence Mr Spock" Kirk jested "But in all seriousness I actually needed you both, I wanted to talk to you about the landing part..." Kirk stopped mid sentence his face going white as pain wracked his body, like thousands of molten hypos stabbing him all at once. The panicked cries of "Captain" and "Jim" were the last things Kirk heard before he slipped into unconsciousness.

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