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The pain faded away as darkness surrounded Kirk. The darkness was thick and heavy and the only source of light was a frequent pulse of red. Kirk spun eyes wide and heart beating, he searched the darkness looking for a way out, looking for escape. Shuddering Kirk took one step forward stoping dead in his tracks when dark laughter ghosted by his ear. Kirks stomach clenched, he would know that laugh anywhere, it was the laugh that had haunted him, that had haunted his crew. It was Khan.

Kirks face twisted into a look of pure loathing as the laughter came again, stronger this time, closer. Kirk spun on his heel glaring into the dark nothingness that surrounded him. His fists clenched and unclenched as he looked for Khan wanting nothing more that to destroy the man who had almost destroyed his crew and himself. Whether this was a dream or a hallucination, Kirk didn't care, and this time he promised he would not be so lenient and allow Khan a second chance.

"Khan" Kirk hissed out "show your self."

The Captains request was met with another dark chuckle as the shadows in front of him grew denser and eventually parted to reveal Khan. Kirk lunged at him fist flying at a vicious speed colliding with the side of Khans face again and again until Khan winced and grabbed his wrist and pulled him in close.

"Enough James, or you might hurt yourself" Khan said with a smirk looking down at the young Captain who was struggling to escape Khans hand.

Kirk glared up at the man."Thats Captain Kirk to you, now release me" he growled out tugging at his own wrist.

Khans lips twitched up at the request 'Is that a order Captain Kirk" Khan asked brows raised as he allowed the man to pull away from him.

Kirk backed away his momentary rage dispersing. Staring at Khan a deep frown formed on his face.

"How, how are you here, how in the hell is this even possible , your supposed to be frozen, locked away" Kirk said confusion flitting across his face.

Khan looked up glancing at the pulsing light above him. "I am here because of that, I am alive because of that, because blood calls to blood James and you are now of my blood" Khan said simply stepping towards Kirk.

"You belong to me James " he murmured reaching out for Kirk who was rapidly backing away, retreating further into the dark.

"No" Kirk whispered his eyes growing wide " I belong to no one."

Khan laughed and surged towards Kirk, grabbing Kirks shoulders he forced him to stay in place.

"Can you not feel it"? " It's because of you that I had enough strength to rise, its because of you that I escaped... Or did they not tell you yet"? Khan questioned looking at Kirk who's baby blue eyes were wide with horror and disgust.

"You escaped " Kirk managed to croak out as the reality of the situation because clear to him. He had felt it, the strange draw to Khan, the newfound strength, the nightmares.

Khan nodded " I have and now Im on my way to get you James, you shall be shall be our savior, our hero" Khan said hands tightening their hold on Kirks shoulders. "You will help me save our crew". The last bit came out in a puff of breath as Kirk kneed him in the stomach, now that had surprised him and it worked in Kirks favor.

Kirk took yet another step back "Our crew, our crew? You mean your crew, your crew who would brutally murder anyone who stood in their way, now why would I want to save them"? Kirk questioned his mouth curling up in disgust at the thought.

Khan stared at him eyes burning with intensity. "Because you James Tiberius Kirk are becoming one of us" Khan said glancing up again to the pulsing light above that seemed to be slowing "It would seem our time is up James, until then" Khan said with a nod as he faded back into darkness and Kirk was pulled back towards consciousness.

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