Before the Fall Heaven was an amazing place. A realm of pure light and emotion; pillars of white marble. Clouds that were made made of every color, even ones that had no names.

Angels maybe spiritual, but in heaven they look like people with wings. Before humans, their father was male so they all took male forms. After the humans were made, some of them including Zehariel went female. Being Female fit her personality better, though it did surprise some people.

As angels they divided into groups, four of these groups were headed by the Archangels. Raphael, Gabriel, Lucifer, and Michael, the only problem was you had to impress them. Barely any of her fellow angels had gotten into the first three groups, Micheal had no one. Not that it surprised anyone as every angel knew that the first of the Archangels would be the hardest to impress.

"Come now brother, you need to have at least one angel." Gabe teased with a smirk as he saw Zehariel approach. If there was one angel that could impress Michael it would be her.

Michael knew this, but none of the angels that had tried impressed him. Though there was one that He hoped to see here, Zehariel. With hair the color of crimson, and eyes that reflected every color. Who's wings stood out among a sea of black feathers, Zehpy was an angel to truly behold.

"Look here comes Zephy." Raphael laughed. "Looks like he is now a she, it fits her well."

Michael looked to see that the once male angel had indeed made the switch to female. Casting off the broad form of a man, for a slimmer female form. She walk with a cat-like grace, her now long hair tied into a high knot.

"Here to try your hand?" Lucifer questioned with the barest of grins. Both he and his brother Michael had taken interest in this one when she was but a fledgling.

"I wouldn't be here if I wasn't." She answered sharply. As she looked at the Morningstar pointedly.

"Alright, choose any angel you wish to fight." Raph smirked as he watched her. He knew her well enough to know that she would chose one of them. Zehariel unlike many of the other angels loved a challenge.

"I chose the second son." Zephy stated calmly with a small smirk. She knew she would never win. but she would certainly try her hardest.

"Are you sure you want to that little one?" Gabe asked chuckling.. "Luci is a tough one beat."

Lucifer hit Gabe over the head with quite a bit of force. He didn't like being called that even if it was in an affectionate manner. The second archangel found it disrespectful among other things.

"Yes, How can I impress any of you if I don't first challenge my self." Zephy smiled broadly as Gabriel rubbed his head and glared at his brother.

"Do it brother, none of the other angels will fight her. She has surpass them in skill and she can take Gabe in a sword fight. Just don't use your grace unless she uses hers first." Michael reasoned that she could at least hold her ground.

"Fine" Lucifer sighed before summoning his sword. He certainly hoped she was as good as Michael claimed.

Zehariel smiled for a moment before turning away, and walking to the other side of the sparring ring. Drawing her swords she got ready for Lucifer. She use a different sword style then most of the other angels. Were as they used either a single sword or two in the same grip, Zehariel use a back-handed grip for her second sword. This let her defend and attack at the same time.

"Ready, little one?" Lucifer asked smiling at her a bit. He had help Michael train her to fight. This meant he would be able to read some of her movements, but that wouldn't make this easy.

"As ready as I'll ever be." She smiled and got ready for him to attack. Zehariel knew Lucifer well enough to know that he liked to attack first. One of the benefits of having trained with him.

Michael watched as his brother charges her head on and shakes his head. It isn't going to work, not only is it easy to read but easy to dodge as well. Zahariel dodges quickly out of the way and comes at him from behind. She nicks his shoulder with her primary blade. He turns with growl, trying to strike her. She blokes and attacks with her secondary which she holds back-handed.

"Wow, I didn't think she would last more than five seconds." Raph comments with a raised eyebrow. "She is very fast for a common angel."

"Yeah, she caught me off guard with her speed." Gabe muttered as he crossed his arms over his chest. Though that hadn't been the only thing to catch him off guard.

"I was here for that match, it was more than just her speed." Michael commented, watching her spin around his brother. Zehariel had taken his and Lucifer's fighting styles and combined them. This left most angels that fought her confused as to what to do. She also had a habit of using her wings while fighting to help her dodge things and vault over an enemy.

"I can believe it, Lucifer is having problems keeping up. She must train very hard." Raph reasoned as he watched her vault over Lucifer with a grace that he had never seen from a common angel.

"She does, using Gabe has her practice dumpy." Michael smiled at the glare the glare her received from Gabriel.

"Yes, she is fast but she isn't perfect. In fact she is starting to slow down." Gabe smiled as the fight continued.

He was right too, she was slowing down and having trouble blocking Lucifer's attacks. But he was also getting cocky, leaving huge openings for her to attack. She takes a risk and moves in, this takes him by surprise. Lucifer isn't ready for it and is knocked clear out of the ring.

Zehariel had done it, she beat the second son of God, but barely. The angel swayed tired from the fight. Looking over at the Archangels, she could see the barest of a smile on Michael's face. Lucifer was walking over to be with his brothers breathing a little harder than he had before.

"Alright, I'm impresses. You will be my second unless another angel can beat you, though I highly doubt that will happen. If there are any other angels that make it today I will let you know." Michael's voice sound like a rushing river on Earth, flowing smoothly over stones. "Now go get some rest, you look like you're about to fall over."

"Yes, thank you Sir." Zehariel walk toward one of the many marble pillars, falling against it She slept.

"That was fun." Lucifer mused beside Michael. "She is a very good fighter, but we did train her ourselves."

"Yes, but a healer as well, I do believe." Raph commented scratching his chin. He would have to keep an eye on her. Something told him that she was no common angel.

"Zehariel does a little bit of everything, she is well-rounded. A good choice, brother." Gabe assured him.

Things changed a lot after the fall, heaven as a whole became a very dark place. With their father gone many angels defected. In the short span of Earth years that had past, everything fell apart.

It started when God left Heaven to explore the Earth, this left Michael in charge. Next, Lucifer started a war in heaven with one third of the angels at his back. Michael threw his brother from heaven along with a piece of his humanity. He forgave the other angels, let them stay in heaven. Most defected and crashed to Earth taking away another piece of the angel Zehariel held most dear.

Slowly his sense of justice became warped, he lost everything that she had love about him. He sent them out to kill, human for the smallest of sins. Michael became the very thing he hated, he became a monster. One day after centuries of the madness, Zehariel couldn't take it any more. She asked him to kill her, to save her from what heaven had become.

Micheal didn't know why, but Zehariel had asked him to meet her at the edge of heaven. It was their normal meeting place, away from little ears. He watched her for a moment, just standing there looking out over Earth.

"Thank you for coming." She said flatly without looking at him. It was something he had noticed, she tried not to look at him.

"Its always a pleasure to see you without the eyes of the other angels on us." He said gently trying to make her feel better. Michael knew that she didn't like the way things were, but it was how things had to be.

"I need you do something for me." Her voice was shaking as she was scared. Zehariel remembered a time when she had no need to fear him. Those days however were long gone.

"What?" Michael asked as he became nervous. Something told him he wasn't going to like what came next.

" I need you to kill me. I-"

He didn't let her finish, grabbing her Michael turned her around to face him. Her cheeks were damp with tears. "Why are you crying? Why do you want me to-" He flinch unable to complete his question.

"I can't take this any more, Micheal, all this needless killing. You're just not angel you used to be." She told him as new tears began to descend down her cheeks.

Micheal didn't understand what she was say. "What do mean?" He raised his voice and he could tell that she was fight the urge to flinch again.

Her eyes met his as she answered. "You used to be kind, now you are a monster." She stated simply.

He raised His hand and saw her flinch. That's when it all came down, the hurt he had caused her. Michael let her go and turned away there was no way He was going to kill her, he couldn't. In the short time that they had had before the Fall, he had grown to see her as more than a common angel. She was just as important to him as Lucifer had been.

"I can't kill you," He turned to face her, "but I can do something else" Walking toward her Michael quickly plucking a feather from his wings.

"What are you doing?" Zehariel asked as she watched him.

"Giving you back your happiness." He stated without emotion, thrusting the feather into her hands He pushed her out of heaven. Michael knew feather would absorb most of her grace, she would become human. The feather would find her in her human life or lives and then one day he would make things up to her. The one who had been there even after every one who had ever been important to him had left.