Yeah, that's right I'm starting a new story. So what? Until I finish my other stories this is a one-shot for now, but I WILL continue!

Danny Ashray belongs to Transformer-wannabe

Danny Phantom belongs to Butch Hartman

Story belongs to ME!

I'm Daniel 'Danny' Fenton.

I have two best friends,

Tucker Foley: Techno-Geek, meat lover, Player (In his head his is, but in real life? um...NO!)

And Samantha 'Sam' Manson: Goth, Ultra-recycle-vegetarian (She doesn't eat anything with a face.) Rich heiress, and feminist.

We're Freshmen in high school.

We live on 'scenie' Amity Island, just off the coast of the US but virtually unknown.

I like to think I'm from a normal family but I'm constantly proven wrong.

My parents are mermaid hunters, they hunt and I quote 'The race of sea spirits that cause trouble for our town' Yeah, right!

There so obsessed about it they created an entire lab under our house. (How did they even get permission for it?)

A while ago they made the 'Fenton Portal' it supposed to lead humans to the 'Under Zone' the home of the Merpeople that cause trouble here.

They never got it to work.

But then one day...

It did.

But something was VERY wrong, it turned on...

With me inside!

That's when everything changed, for better or for worse.

Everything is pretty fuzzy about what happened.

But I remember...

Ummm...Yeah, that's it! In the next chapter we'll see how Danny's accident was in Flashback mode!

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