"May you always be smiled upon..."

The words bit me rough as he gently kissed my forehead. I had been charmed. The flames burned around us. I wish I could take Dio with...

"Let's go, Mistress!" Maria shouted. She grabbed my arm and we ran out of the front door. Snowball hopped along at my side. I stare at Dio in the doorway one last time until the front wall of the mansion crashes. I shook my head, getting up. "Don't you want to see the end?"

"No," I deadpanned in a whisper. I rushed up and ran, Snowball hopped after my heels. Maria stood up, brushed off her dress, and followed me. Then, there was a small sound, one I wish I hadn't heard under my feet. A red book with golden trimming on the cover was there. The title is rubbed off. But I could make out a few words: The, New, Anatomy.

The word anatomy hit me hard. Father's work was journaled in here. Even if his work was mad...such a feat could not be burned away for someone else to discover. I snagged the book up, and continued, walking at Maria's side.

Oh, Dio...I love you, and I will miss you to death.

To death? Till death?

That I cannot answer.