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Seven Days

Chapter 1

"Go hunt Jazzy. There's going to be a new girl today. She's going to be important to us." Alice said getting up from their bed. She stretched and turned to smile at him with a look of contentment. Jasper reflexively returned the smile. Not because he was content, but because she was.

Alice giggled and playfully hit him. "Go hunt!"

Jasper got dressed quickly and ran out of the house and into the woods. His smile left him the minute he left Alice. It wasn't his smile it was hers. Without her near him fueling it he lost the emotion to keep it in place.

How long since he felt an emotion of his own? The last time he slipped...ten years ago. He felt guilt when he fed from humans, but that was the only emotion he seemed able to feel.

When he had woken up to this unlife, his gift had come alive. He felt all the emotions around him, they soaked into him crowding out what ever he felt. Had he been angry? Sad? Excited? He didn't know what he felt when he woke up but he knew what everyone else felt.

Maria felt lust, greed, excitement, and satisfaction. Lucy was bored, dissatisfied and envious. Nettie was calculating, angry, and full of vengeance, but their emotions paled in comparison to Maria's. Maria's feelings had overshadowed all the others. She recognized his ability right away and he had become her second in command. His military experience and gifted ability to strategize helped them win many battles, but he felt no thrill of victory for himself only Maria's thrills. He was a reflection of her.

In times of extreme stress he became the Major. Ruthless and logical, brutal in his ability to take out even the strongest of opponents. The Major felt nothing not even Maria's emotions. The Major was the reason Jasper had survived for so long. Even Maria feared the Major.

They fought for years. Maria kept him by her side, using him and his gift. He didn't feel remorse, love, lust, sadness, anger, unless Maria did and what Maria felt the most was lust and greed. He would be there to this day if not for Peter.

After he had turned Peter, the man had stuck close to him. He talked to him constantly, even though Jasper rarely replied. His emotions never overwhelmed Maria's and her hold on him was secure. Maria let it go on because Peter had a gift. He knew stuff. Though he annoyed Maria and through her Jasper, she wouldn't let him be killed because she wanted his gift.

Everything changed when he was ordered to kill a newborn named Charlotte. Peter had stood beside him as he called the names from the list Maria had given him. When he got to Charlotte's name he felt Peter's love for her. So strong that it overwhelmed Maria's hold and Jasper felt love for Charlotte too through Peter. Peter yelled for her to run and took off after her.

Jasper had watched them go clutching the post he stood beside, aching to follow them but knowing to do so would put them in danger. He had never felt love like that before. It was a pure love, unselfish. It allowed him to sacrifice his own wants for the needs of someone else. Maria never felt like that. He had never felt an ounce of love in her, not even for herself.

Maria had punished him harshly for letting them go. Jasper had wondered if she was jealous that someone else had been able to push their emotions on him. He knew she was pleased that her emotions overshadowed anyone elses.

Peter and Char had come back for him and he followed them. Though he felt nothing himself he preferred the love he felt between them to the dark feelings Maria sent him. He had traveled with them for a while before he started to feel something himself. Remorse...After he fed he would feel a deep ache inside him. It started to drown out the feelings of love he felt from Char and Peter.

He felt like he was drowning in his guilt and started to wait longer and longer to hunt. He began to be unable to contain his feelings, darkening Peter and Char's happy existence. He left them. The love he had felt for Char through Peter lingered and he couldn't continue to hurt her.

He met Alice in a diner. Her emotions were so bright they drowned out everything around him. She was bright and happy, excited, and determined. He had followed her without a second thought. She drowned out the guilt.

Did he love Alice? Did he even like her? Jasper drained the deer in front of him. No, he didn't love or like her. He didn't dislike her either. He was beginning to feel something besides guilt though, after all these years. He felt desire...he wanted something. He wanted to feel his own emotions.

They hadn't met the new girl yet. Not that Jasper cared, but Alice was antsy. Her excitement was making his hand twitch as he picked at his food. He felt curiousity among the humans and figured she must have entered the lunch room.

"She's here!" Alice whispered for only those at the table to hear.

Rose felt annoyance while Emmett was curious. Edward just picked at his food, his mood rarely changed he typically felt angst. Alice's excitement got the better of him and Jasper looked over to see a beautiful brunette looking around shyly.

Her emotions washed over him. She was nervous, embarrassed, a little insecure. Her emotions were subtle, not overpowering and Jasper found...he liked them. He zeroed in on her, ignoring the talk at the table and everyone else in the lunchroom as he watched her find a table and sit.

The group at her table was talking to her, he wasn't paying attention to what they were saying as he watched her glance at their table. Her gaze travelled quickly over him and landed on Edward. He felt her interest and a slight bit of lust. He felt jealousy and looked around the table trying to find where the emotion came from and was surprised to find it came from him.

He was jealous...before he could think on this further he heard a growl coming from Edward. He looked over at his brother, a little confused. Alice squeezed his shoulder. He hadn't even realized she had her hand on him. It was very unlike him not to be aware of his surroundings.

"Jazzy you need to hunt." Alice said only for their ears.

Jasper looked at her confused. He didn't feel thirsty...Alice bent down and kissed him. He felt lust come from her in waves, but it didn't seem to overwhelm him like usual and he tried to pull away. He could feel Alice's worry as he broke the kiss. He also felt a little disappointment coming from somewhere.

He didn't move as the rest of the family left the table. What was going on? Never had he been able to resist Alice. He hadn't felt anything on his own but guilt, why was he feeling jealous because a girl he didn't know looked at his brother? And why did that girls quiet emotions affect him more deeply than Alice's very loud ones?

"Baby please." Alice begged him.

For the first time since meeting Alice he actually felt like he was able to deny her, but did he want to? Getting away for a hunt would give him time to think and would get him away from Alice for a while. He found the idea appealing and stood up suddenly. He raced out the building in a blur and ran to the forest.

Jasper watched as Bella searched the lunchroom for Edward. Her eyes passed over him quickly and he wished with all his might she would look for him. It had been an eventful week.

He had quickly found out that the beautiful brunette was named Isabella Swan, though she preferred to be called Bella. Daughter of Charles Swan, Chief of police, and Renee Dwyer, recently married to a Phil Dwyer. Her mother and stepfather resided in Phoenix, Arizona.

She had moved here to allow her mother to travel with her new husband. She didn't like Forks. She didn't like the weather or being away from her mother, who she considered her best friend. She hardly knew her father. Jasper admired her selflessness.

They had soon found out that she was Edward's singer and Edward had left for the Denali coven to avoid slipping and draining her. Jasper knew that would not happen. He wouldn't allow it, but he was glad Edward was gone.

The girl was important to him. She opened a flood gate inside of him and suddenly he was feeling things. He felt jealousy, liking, admiration, curiosity, anger, lust...How could one shy girl do this to him? He wasn't sure what was happening but he knew one thing for sure, he liked it and he couldn't go back to the way things had been.

Alice came up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. Jasper shook her off with a growl. She was hurt but he ignored it. She no longer had power over him. He was feeling his own emotions and hers no longer overwhelmed him.

"Jazzy what did I do? Don't you love me anymore?" She asked her eyes big and her lip quivering.

Honestly he had never loved her. She loved herself and projected that love on him. He mirrored her own self love. Now that he felt something on his own he no longer wanted to feel her emotions and had found strength he didn't know he had. He was able to resist her.

He moved out of their room, threw away the clothes she had bought him and resisted all her attempts to seduce him. He honestly believed she never meant to use him, but use him she did. For years he had felt and acted the way she wanted. Hell he even dressed the way she wanted. He looked up in her big amber eyes and almost caved. It hadn't been a bad life...He heard a noise and turned to look at Rosalie who had faked a cough.

Alice glared at her but Rosalie put on an innocent face and ignored her. Jasper smiled his own smile and walked away from Alice, whispering quietly for her ears only. "I never loved you." It was cruel and he did feel a moment of guilt, but he knew Alice and being gentle would never work with her.

Rose hurriedly caught up with him as he walked to his next class. She stopped him and hugged him close.

"I don't know what has happened to change you Jasper, but I'm glad. Don't let Alice suck you back in. I like who you are." She said and gave him a small kiss on the cheek before turning to walk away. Jasper watched her with that same goofy grin till the bell rang and he realized he was going to be late for class. Bella was in his upcoming class and he was anxious to see her. He felt excitement and again was grateful for meeting on Isabella Swan!

Author's Note: This story will be different from my other stories. I'm not planning on having a lot of action in it (but I love action so much ...I might fit some in there XD). It will be drama and romance. It will center on Jasper's pov until the beginning of the seven days. Bella's pov will be largely the same as in the books so I will not write it till it differs.