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Chapter 19

Peter's group had run through the night. They didn't talk. Leah was in wolf form and Charlotte was still mad at Peter. They had a huge argument before the meeting. Charlotte had never forgiven him for letting Jasper leave with Alice. They had known Alice had her hooks in him in the same manner Maria had. Charlotte wanted to try to pull him out but Peter wouldn't do it. He had been afraid that if he used his love for Charlotte to release him he could lose her.

Charlotte tried to reassure him but he doubted. The Major was perfect in ways Peter could only dream of being, what woman wouldn't choose him. His gut also told him to let him go and Peter thankfully did.

Now the Major was free and they saw him for who he really was. Peter found he genuinely liked him. He watched as he cared for his family, joked with Emmett, trained the vampires who came to help. He saw how he tried to protect everyone but still was wise in his decisions.

He remembered a conversation he had with Bella yesterday. She had approached him wanting to talk. She told him how the Major viewed their time together. It seemed that while he was with him he indeed felt nothing but now as he gained his own emotions he could view their interactions in the past. She told him that Jasper regretted being unable to return his friendship. She also told him that when Jasper had talked to her about marrying her he had wanted Peter to be his best man.

He had told Charlotte about that last night and Charlotte had promptly hit him. She had been exasperated with him. According to her he wasn't making enough of an effort to befriend him this time. She accused him of being selfish and only befriending him because of his gift. She had challenged him to make friends with him on his own and not because his gift told him to.

He still hadn't really talked to Jasper and Char knew it. Truth was he was ashamed of his behavior. His cowardice and insecurity had caused him to use the Major. Jasper didn't deserve it. He had saved Peter from a fate worse than death and proven a strong and loyal friend.

Now that he understood even more of his gift, he saw the past differently and his admiration for Jasper grew. For him to break from Maria's grip and let him and Char go had taken more strength than Peter possessed. His resisting Peter's emotions for his mate also was a feat. Then his compassion in leaving them instead of staying and 'inflicting his depression', as he put it, on them.

"You're right." Peter looked at Char and smiled.

"When we return I will make it up to him." Peter said.

"I love you." Char said but continued to run.

Peter smiled himself. His determination to complete this mission successfully made him speed up. The women matched his speed. They were approaching the cabin William had described. They began to hide their scent, staying down wind.

Peter motioned for them to stop. He jumped into a tree and surveyed the area. He saw four vampires guarding the shack. He jumped down and signaled to the women pointing out their positions. He silently ordered them and they took off.

The guards were taken by surprise and easily subdued. Peter had little respect for Volturri guards, none of them would have survived in the southern wars. He had Leah circle to the back of the cabin and Char stay outside to guard against escape, then he kicked the door down. He found only Alice in the building. He went to grab her but she crashed out the window. The pixie was slippery. He quickly followed her only to find his mate had captured her. He smiled at Char and blew her a kiss.

"Where is Edward?" Peter asked his face wearing the mask he wore so often in the southern wars.

Alice actually smirked at him. Peter narrowed his eyes and glared at her. Leah came around the building in wolf form. He turned to her and an evil grin appeared on his face.

"Take off her arms and legs." He told Leah while he himself leaned against the cabin to watch.

Alice screamed in agony as Leah ripped into her. When she was done Peter walked over and looked down at her dismembered body. "Ready to talk now?" He asked.

Alice growled and shook her head no. Peter grinned and stood up straight. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. He looked at Char and Leah. "Have fun girls." He said as he walked away dialing Jasper's number.

Jasper was disturbed by the call. Where was Edward and had someone told him that they knew his location? If so why was Alice still there? He knew where to get the answers, he was just sorry that he had been betrayed again.

He walked down the hall and into Carlisle's study. The vampire was there sitting behind his desk. His emotions showed resignation as he looked up at Jasper.

"He is my first born...He was my companion." Carlisle said before putting his head in his hands. Jasper said nothing he just waited. "He was always volatile. So angry...Mad at me for making him a monster." Carlisle snorted at this.

"I took the blame but now? Now I think he made himself a monster. I changed Esme, Rose and Emmett and none of them had his issues." Carlisle shook his head.

"The only time he was civil was when you lived with us. You gave me my son. I'm sorry, is there anyway you could give him back to me?" Carlisle asked looking at him in hope.

Jasper debated it for a moment. "I could manipulate his emotions but it would never be Edward and...it's wrong Carlisle. To do it to the extent of making a person into something he isn't...I can't do that. It was done to me." Jasper finished softly.

Carlisle lowered his head. "I understand and I admire you're morals. You are right...He has manipulated my guilt for so long. I know it but I can't help but feel guilty. He didn't ask for this life I forced it on him...I couldn't let him die. I will accept any punishment you have for me."

Jasper sighed and ran his hand through his hair. He really didn't want to punish Carlisle, but he was not trustworthy. At the very least he needed to be guarded.

"Do you know where he is?" Jasper asked softly.

Carlisle shook his head. "I just warned him Peter was coming and begged him not to tell Alice."

Jasper was silent. "Did he tell Alice?" Carlisle asked his voice showing no real hope.

"No we captured Alice." Jasper said. He looked up a little shocked, Jasper felt Carlisle's hope rise but didn't share it. He knew Edward was on his way here.

Jasper stood with Alistair and Kate, they were watching Aro advance from their hiding spot. Aro was marching right into the trap with his usual arrogance. Jasper surveyed the army but couldn't pinpoint Chelsea. The witch twins were easy, their emotions were distinctive and easy to pick out. Chelsea however, he had really never gotten close enough to be able to distinguish her. That is why Alistair was here.

"I've got the witch twins." He said pointing to them. They were heavily guarded, but it was nothing he couldn't handle. "Can you find Chelsea?" He asked turning to Alistair.

"I'm not Demetri...my gift takes time!" Alistair muttered grumpily. Jasper smiled, amused at the taciturn vampire. That he was helping them was a surprise, but he had yet to find anyone who could resist his son. Alistair was just as devoted as all the others. He waited patiently.

"That way." He finally said pointing toward Aro. Jasper studied the group and focused on their emotions. He pinpointed two definite females in the group but couldn't determine which was Chelsea. He assumed the one next to Aro was Renata so that meant the other was Chelsea...Still they would take out both to be sure.

"Okay we will wait till they are in position then I will make my way to Aro and his group. I'm going to take out both Renata and Chelsea, if possible I will capture Aro. I need you two to take the witch twins." Jasper ordered.

"What the hell! I am not about to go after those demons." Alistair growled.

"They won't be able to hurt you, Bella's shield has you covered and I will make a big distraction going after Aro. Kate is the one that will actually take them out, I just need you to watch her back." Jasper told him.

"Look, how do I know your wife wont get distracted too by your show and then where will I be? Laying on the ground in pain that's where I will be." Alistair huffed.

Jasper felt his anger rise. "If you don't want to be here no one is forcing you. You can run now if you like." Jasper growled.

Alistair rose from his crouched position and looked as if he was about to run. Then he turned and glared at Jasper. "It appears I am unable to break the spell your son has put on me." He gritted out.

Jasper was a little shocked, he knew his son's power was strong but this was more than he expected. "Go back, I want you to stay with Bella. You can guard her." Jasper told him not wanting the vampire forced into helping. Alistair eagerly ran back to the clearing where Bella stood. Jasper thought quickly. The twins were far from Aro but He didn't think Kate could take the twins by herself. Their guard even distracted was too big. Kate was looking worried but he could feel her determination.

"Are you here because of my son's gift?" He asked her.

Kate looked at him. "Partly, but I also know that Aro needs to be taken down a notch. I am hoping that Marcus and Caius will turn the Volturri around. If you lose and Aro wins it won't be long before he comes looking for me and forces me in the guard." Kate told him. Jasper nodded, satisfied she was willing and not compelled.

"Okay I'm going to modify the plan. We will get in position and then I will knock out your guards. I can't afford to be distracted for long so I need you to shock the twins quickly then get out of there fast." He told her. Kate looked worried but nodded.

They watched in silence as the army made their progression. When they were close to their hiding spot they donned their Volturri robes and made their way into the enemy.

Jasper stealthily made his way to Aro's guard a little surprised at the ease he moved. He kept a steady stream of boredom and distraction flowing around him and Kate but still he was surprised they weren't detected. He marched behind Aro and studied the emotions around him. Most seemed tired and resigned. Aro felt his normal range of arrogance and anger. Jasper assumed Caius had been keeping them on their toes.

He felt his army. They were anxious, scared, excited, determined a good mix. He was very confident in the outcome of this battle, he just hoped not too many would be hurt.

He felt the anticipation grow and saw the signal. He quickly turned towards Kate and threw out his knock out drop. The six vampires around the witch twins fell instantly. The twins looked up in surprise and searched around them for an enemy. They weren't quick enough as Kate put her hands on both and shocked them, Jasper added his own cocktail of emotions to her gift ensuring they would not wake up soon. He saw Kate throw off her cloak and begin to fight. He was a little angry she didn't run like she was supposed to but she was soon joined by Garrett's division.

He turned to his target. His distraction had cost him, Aro was moving out of range. He was already too far to use his gift on effectively. The woman he assumed was Renata ran with him and Jasper turned his attention to the second group. Aro was really an ass, he knew he left Chelsea here as bait to keep him from going after him. Jasper shook off the thoughts and took the bait.

He quickly turned his gift on the ten vampires in front of him. Six fell immediately, three were wobbly but still standing and one seemed to not be effected. Jasper didn't debate the reason as he charged the group. He let the Major out and roared as he tore into the group. He had just knocked the woman down and was tearing off her head when he felt a bite on his shoulder. He gritted his teeth at the pain and finished the woman. It was indeed Chelsea. He threw the vampire off his shoulder and turned to focus on the fight.

For some reason his gift was being hampered. The vampire in front of him was not affected at all and the others felt the fear he projected but not as intensely as usual. The man in front of him sneered.

"What the matter? Can't fight without your gift? I always knew the rumors about you were overblown." He sneered.

Jasper studied him and decided on his strategy. He let the vampire bite him and though he felt real pain he exaggerated it to draw him in. The vampire was taking the bait. He lunged in for the kill and Jasper waited for the moment to grab him, when suddenly it seemed a wall appeared around him. The vampire fell back and Jasper stood up readying to take advantage of his surprise. Unfortunately he found he was trapped as well. He was in some kind of cage, that he couldn't see and couldn't break out of.

Jasper started to chuckle. Bella...She had developed a physical shield as well as her mental. For a moment he let his awe and love for her fill him as he caught her eyes from her hiding spot. He began to try to think of a way out of this. He knew she wouldn't let him out willingly. He could think of no way and was about to resign himself to sitting in the middle of the battle trapped when the shield fell.

He quickly disabled the vampire who had given him such a problem and searched out Bella. He couldn't see her, she wasn't where she was supposed to be. Jasper let out a roar of panic. Ten vampires around him fell to the ground in pain and Jasper ran through the battle towards his mate. No vampire tried to stop him.

Bella stood in her 'safe' spot. She was still angry to be so far from the battle. She was bored, restless and fearful. She couldn't lose Jasper now, she had just found him. She had spent so much time foolishly on Edward, now she wished she had that time back. She wished she had spent all that time with Jasper.

She watched as Aro's army approached. She calculated sixty vampires in all. More than they had expected but not much more. She kept her eyes out for Jasper's group but couldn't distinguish them. She supposed that was a good thing...Her eyes were caught by a group of vampires falling to the ground and blue sparks flashing on two figures. Kate...She saw the twins fall down and cheered inwardly.

She saw Kate throw off her cloak and watched as Garrett's division joined the fray. Garrett was quickly by Kate's side. Bella smiled at the pair. She had known that they were interested in each other.

She turned to see what she assumed was Aro running like the coward he was. She watched as Jasper threw off his cloak and vampires fell around him. She saw him get bitten and couldn't help the cry that escaped her. He threw off the vampire like he was nothing, finished off the vampire he had decapitated and turned to his opponents.

'Why wasn't he just knocking them out?' Bella wondered. Her fear grew, something was wrong. Her fear was beginning to overwhelm her. She saw Jasper get bit again and screamed in anger. She felt her gift rise in her and directed it at Jasper. His opponent fell back from him and Bella knew her shield had become physical. Relief flooded her, he was safe, she could ensure it. He looked at her and she saw the love in his eyes, she sent back her adoration.

How long she watched him she was unsure but a noise caught her attention. She turned to find Edward standing there looking at her. His eyes were red and he looked like he was half crazed.

"Love...Who did this to you?" He asked.

Bella didn't answer him. "It was that barbarian wasn't it!" Edward growled a frown marring his face. "Did you have the baby?"

Bella kept silent. "Hmmm Alice couldn't see any of it. She was very angry. Kept screaming about destiny and Jasper being hers. She called you a whore. I defended you but now I'm wondering if maybe she was right." Shadows moved across his face and Bella began to fear. He was insane.

"Still I'm willing to take you back. We can get married like we intended." He said with a smile. "I liked you better as a human but you are quite beautiful as a vampire." He started to walk to her and Bella backed away from him.

"I don't really want his bastard but I will help you raise him, love." Edward said as he reached for her. Bella kicked him hard. He flew back at least one hundred yards. She looked at him with a smirk, happy to have the strength to stand up to him. She forgot Edward's speed though and found herself flying backward and hitting a tree hard enough to knock it down.

She tried to stand up but before she was able Edward had her by the throat. She clawed at his arm, in her panic forgetting she was a vampire and forgetting her gift. A figure moved behind Edward and grabbing his head and twisted. His hands released her and she helped the vampire make short work of Edward. She heard a vampire crashing toward them and this time remembered to use her shield around the vampire who had saved her and herself.

She dropped it when she saw Jasper emerge from the tree line, his face was thunderous and she knew she had scared him. She looked out at the battlefield and realized she had dropped her shield. She hastily put it back in place and turned toward her mate. His eyes looked from her to Edward's dismembered body, then to her companion. He took a deep breath and seemed to get a hold of himself.

"Alistair I thought you would be halfway to England by now." Jasper said his voice calm.

"Apparently I'm an idiot." Alistair grumbled.

Bella dropped her shield and ran to Jasper. They kissed then checked each other over, searching for injuries.

"Ahem...ummm...there is still a battle going on." Alistair said grumpily.

Jasper laughed. "Light a fire darlin, I'm going to help Caius sort out this mess." Jasper said as he kissed her then ran back to the battle.

Bella looked after him a little annoyed but finally decided to follow his orders. She lit a fire and without any regrets tossed Edward's limbs in the flames.


The battle went in their favor and Caius captured Aro. Many vampires surrendered once Chelsea was disabled. They spent a day sorting through the mess. The fires burned all that day. Among those burnt were Chelsea, Felix, Afton, Santiago and some others Bella didn't know by name. Twenty in all, not as many as she feared. It seemed her son was able to gain the loyalty of Jane, Alec, Renata and many others they thought would not be swayed.

Aro of course was tried and burned. Marcus and Caius didn't make a big production of it. They had been brothers once a long time ago and they regretted Aro's decent into greed and tyranny.

Peter brought back Alice. Many punishments were suggested for her but in the end they just wanted it over. She burned the same day Aro did.

Jasper and Bella married in a ceremony very like the one Jasper had imagined for them in their car during their seven days of discovering each other. Peter was his best man. Rose was the maid of honor and Joshua was the ring bearer. Carlisle was not invited. While they had understood his loyalty to Edward they could not forgive him. Instead they stood before Marcus and said their vows. As promised Jasper took her away after the ceremony and made love to her all night marking her as his in the end.

Marcus and Caius went back to Volterra to try to sort out the mess that was left. They offered Jasper or Bella Aro's spot. Neither wanted it. Finally they offered it to Charlie, Charlie accepted on the condition that when Joshua was ready he would take the spot. Of course, Marcus and Caius readily agreed.

Joshua's power wasn't limited by distance, once you were bonded to him you were always loyal to him. So they decided to stay on Peter and Charlotte's farm while he grew. Rose and Emmett joined them. They had a steady influx of visitors and were able to help Joshua learn to control his power. It took him a long time as his power was instinctive as Bella's was, but eventually he learned.

With Bella being able to shield others from his gift and Jasper showing the emotions of those around him to him, Joshua grew into a strong, compassionate young vampire and when he took his spot on Aro's throne everyone was happy. Not only because of his gift but because of his mercy and wisdom. He ruled wisely, he was a buffer between Caius's aggression and Marcus's soft heart.

Bella and Jasper stayed with Peter and Charlotte. They developed a strong friendship and were inseparable. Rose and Emmett lived there to but often traveled on honeymoons.

Bella fingered her mating mark as she looked out the window. Her days were filled with happiness and she was glad that once so long ago she had taken a chance and said yes to a man pleading on his knees for her to give him seven days.

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