His Doctor

Chapter 1

Sherlock smiled happily as he walked into a small apartment blocked off for police. The half wall to the right opened to reveal a small living room with orange painted walls and a single covered window. Down the hall to the left was one of the two apartment owners, a crying red haired girl, slightly overweight and with a pink shock blanket. Sherlock smirked and walked into the living room, Jo-Ann Watson in tow.

There laid a woman with long brown silky hair and unmoving eyes to match. She wore blue polka dot dress, with recently added rips and tears in the skirt and along the short sleeves. The consulting detective motioned Jo-Ann to be the first to deduce. She looked at him with her dark blue eyes and proceeded. Anderson rambled on nonsense behind them, causing Sherlock to instantly tune him out.

He analyzed the doctor in front of him, who at the time was scanning over a corpse. Sherlock had already deduced everything about the body, her entire life story. But he wanted to hear his friend's opinion... It sometimes surprised him. Sherlock's blue-grey eyes moved to Jo-Ann's lips as she began to declare what information she gathered from the body.

"Signs of being strangled over a course of ten to fifteen minutes. Also some rashes around the wrist, suggesting she was tied..."

"Yes but the ropes later removed." Sherlock followed up. Jo-Ann nodded in agreement and stood up from her kneeling position. She wore a black shooter jacket tailored to her curves, paired with loose dark grey jeans and brown loafers. Her dirty blonde hair pulled back into a small bun. She wasn't a strikingly beautiful person, some may call her cute or pretty... but her true beauty had to be looked for. Jo-Ann continued her deduction,

"There are also a lot of weapons around, but there was no sign on the body that says they were used." The small apartment living room they were in was dimly lit, and contained a few agonizing weapons. A noose, a skinning knife, machete, chainsaw with different teeth attachments, blow torch, and a bathtub... Bathtub? "What do you suppose-?"

"The killer was planning to do other things to the victim after she was already dead." Interrupted Sherlock. Jo-Ann looked at DI Lestrade, who had been present the whole time, then back at Sherlock. Sherlock rolled his eyes and rambled on,

"The victim has small finger-like bruises on her neck, showing evidence that the killer was a woman. There is also an engagement ring on her respective finger, bright and polished which means newly engaged. And considering Dr. Watson's previous statement of a slow strangulation, the killer more than likely knew the victim, and on worse terms than usual. These weapons were here for the intention to further dismember the body, and the tub obviously to collect the pieces. You may think 'why not use these other weapons to kill her?' Well my answer to that is the killer wanted to see her die, to see that light in her eyes fade away slowly. Then continue dismemberment to ensure her death. However she didn't have time to complete her project when she heard someone trying to get into the apartment. The killer was a friend of the victim's fiancée' who loved him but never said so. After seeing that he was engaged to someone else, she took matters into her own hands and got rid of the would-be bride."

"And how do you know this?" asked Lestrade knowing Sherlock had an answer, crossing his arms.

"Because look at these pictures!" Sherlock exclaimed, pointing at frames all over the room.

"Well that could be anyone." Anderson countered. Oh how Sherlock despised him.

"Look closer... This one has a man with a mechanic uniform on. And a name tag embroidered on the front." The tag read "Lawrence" on a strapping young man, sticking his tongue out at the camera. He had his arm around a young woman with shoulder length brown hair and green eyes. Also sticking her tongue out.

"I know him." Everyone turned around to see the red haired roommate in the entrance to the living area. "Darcy talks about him constantly." She stated, still wrapped in her shock blanket.

"Who's Darcy?" Lestrade asked.

"Darcy is the second tenant of this apartment. Check the engagement ring on the victim, see if there's an inscription." Stated Sherlock. Jo-Ann was dazed, and then complied with his command. Gently taking off the ring, the doctor read the inside:

"To my bride to be, love... Lawrence." She looked back up to the others, who just looked at Sherlock.

"Usually there are no engravings in engagement rings, but this man was head over heels. Only making the killer more infuriated. Check under Downsten Bridge, that's where she'll be." Sherlock finished calmly. Lestrade quickly gave orders to the surrounding policemen and guided the once-again crying roommate to a paramedic. Sherlock glanced at Jo-Ann then did a double take. She just stood there, staring at him with those big blue eyes. "What?" He finally asked, with his hands casually behind his back.

"That was outstanding!" She beamed at him, like she did when he deduced the security guard on the river bank. He was a bit surprised at this... It had been a long time sense she complimented him like that. He turned in place a bit, glancing at her and thinking of what to say.

"Well..." He began, "i thought you were used to it."

"You still don't cease to amaze me." She chuckled. The doctor walked past him to the door, shaking her head. Sherlock kept a straight face best he could, but couldn't help a small grin on his lips. He followed Jo-Ann shortly, without the permission of Lestrade.

Ah, Good ol' Baker street. A nice road with friendly people and lots of cabs to choose from. Walking down this street, you wouldn't expect one of the world's most brilliant, however most brutally honest and dangerous men took residence here. 221B was the address, and the wonderfully kind Mrs. Hudson was the owner. She lived on the first floor flat of the building. The second floor is where Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Jo-Ann Watson resided. A small living room with a fireplace on the farthest wall, and two individual love seats on either side. On the wall closest to the door had a strange yellow smiley face painted on it, adorned with bullet holes. Below that was a brown leather couch and a coffee table with loads of paper work and files on top. Two windows covered with drapery sit on the wall facing the street, with a paper-filled desk in between. Jo-Ann Watson walked into the living room, and surveyed the mess that seemed to cover every inch of the flat. It had been only two days sense their last case and Sherlock made an awful mess when he was bored.

"Oh boy..." She mumbled. Taking off her favorite jacket, she stepped in the flat far enough to notice to the writhing, robe dressed being lying on the sofa. The doctor sighed once more and placed her coat on a hook. She then proceeded upstairs to her bedroom and began to change her clothes. After doing so, Watson walked to the bathroom to the left of the bed. Applying her make-up she noticed her possessions were misplaced. "Ohhhh Sherlock..." She whispered under her breath. Her lipstick was scraped at the top, and her moose can seemed lighter. Sherlock more than likely needed new substances to experiment on. Such was the life of Dr. Watson. Having the worlds strangest man as a flatmate was murder (no pun intended) sometimes. Finding severed body parts in the fridge, gunshots at half past two in the morning, strange clients or a blood covered Sherlock strolling through the door... Jo-Ann rolled her eyes and finished with her primping, and before she knew it, was staring down at her flatmate. "Sherlock, look at me." She demanded. The detective on the sofa only groaned in response. "Sherlock." Her voice more firm this time. Sherlock, who was facing the back side of the couch, turned his head enough to look at his assistant with one eye.

"White silk dress shirt, fine material, usual cost. Brown pencil skirt, polyester. Slim green high heels to match a thick green headband. Hair still in a bun. Clothes all ironed, shoes clean. Hair thoroughly brushed as well as the teeth...Make-up (red lipstick, black mascara, black eyeliner...) Date." He thought in a matter of a second.

"Listen. I'm going on a date with my boyfriend tonight, so please, don't...text me." Jo-Ann stated, looking down at the brilliant, yet desperately bored man before her. His brow furrowed, fully turning on his back to look Jo-Ann. "Don't look at me like that Sherlock..." She whined as she walked over to the mirror over fireplace. Sherlock quickly took notice of how uncomfortable she was in those heels... "Stepping with exceeded force, right ankle slight wobble..."He thought. Walking with a fake limp does unbalance the hips after a while. She fixed her hair slightly in the mirror, rubbing the edge of her lips, wiping off excess lipstick.

"And why is this one so important?" Asked Sherlock, getting up to look outside the window. Using only two fingers, he moved the curtains just enough to see the silver car park in front of the flat.

"Because this one actually accepts the fact that I'm living with a man." Jo-Ann stated as she went to the coat rack and grabbed a brown blazer to match her skirt.

"I don't see how it's a problem. You do sleep in another bedroom." Said Sherlock nonchalantly, grabbing Watson's gun. "Ah! No!" Was heard as Jo-Ann quickly took the gun out of his hands.

"No Sherlock! No shooting the wall while I'm gone! And do you think you could clean up a bit?" She shouted as she unloaded the gun and hid the bullet clip under some paperwork. Sherlock did notice although he made it look like he didn't. He stomped like a child to the sofa.

"Boooorrrred. Dull. Everything's so dull. And now someone i actually find interesting is leaving." Sherlock groaned as he plopped on the couch once more. The doctor looked surprised... Not often -if ever- did Sherlock call anything but a murder interesting.

"You find me in-" a doorbell interrupted her sentence.

"Two second push. Nervous but long enough to guarantee you hearing it. It's your date." Sherlock replied, folding his hands under his chin and straightening his position.

"I'll be back late... If at all." The doctor teased, heading down the stairs. The detective scrunched his nose at this.

"Make good choices!" He yelled towards the door, hoping to poke some fun at the woman. He heard voices downstairs and chose not to listen... But Sherlock was always listening.

Jo-Ann opened to door, and smiled brightly at her date. He was a tall, tanned man, nearly six foot. He had short blonde hair and glowing green eyes.

"Bill!" She smiled, pulling down his face for a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Hello Love." Bill said with a smile.

"Are you ready?"

"Uh yes- Mrs. Hudson! I'll be off!" Jo-Ann called, closing the door behind her. They walked to the silver car adjacent from the door. Baker Street looked lovely this time of night... Not lovely to just anyone, but to Jo-Ann it was a reflection of home. Old fashion lamp posts, small puddles of rain water reflecting the lights from buildings. Bill stopped just before opening the car door for Jo-Ann. She looked up at him a bit confused, tilting her head. He took the opportunity to take the doctor by the waist, and planted a tender kiss on her lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held the kiss for a moment. They parted from each other, and both climbed in the car for their night of romance.

Above the calm baker street, Sherlock Holmes peaked out the front window of their flat. Watching from the time they stepped out the door to the time the stepped in the car. The detective, although choosing to ignore it, couldn't help a rising disgust in his stomach.

At Angelo's restaurant, Jo-Ann and her date, Bill, and were seated by the front window. Jo-Ann smiled as she brushed her fingers against the table, affectionately. Bill took quick notice and broke the silence.

"Something wrong?" He asked. She looked up at him, now realizing she had been zoning out for some time now. She smiled nervously and looked at her hand on the table.

"This is the table Sherlock and I sat on our first case together... So long ago it would seem." Jo-Ann looked up at him and gave him a very relaxed expression. Bill's expression however was one of concern.

"You really enjoy his company, don't you?" He asked, looking at his own hand on the table, biting his lip. Jo-Ann audibly gasped as she quickly back peddled.

"Oh no no no... I'm only Sherlock's assistant! I mean i know it's strange that we share a flat" she blushed slightly at this, "but it's only because i need a place to stay and I'm the only one willing to put up with Sherlock. My bedroom is on another floor entirely, so it's not too strange... Is it?" She tilted her head, a bit surprised at her own question. Bill looked up slowly at her and opened his mouth to say something. But his mouth closed as he shook his head, smiling.

"Of course not love. There have been stranger things." He smiled sweetly. Jo-Ann smiled back, taking his hand in hers. But still wondered what he was going to say originally.

The remainder of the date went on as usual, he'd crack a joke, and she'd laugh. The both ordered the same meal -not on purpose- which only caused them to laugh more. But every few minutes, Jo-Ann would feel a chill down her spine... Cold and commanding. As her and her date left the restaurant, it seemed another patron decided to leave at that moment exactly.

"Coincidence." Jo-Ann soothed in her mind. The two drove until the stopped about a block away from Baker Street, in front of Bill's apartment building. They exited the car and met on the sidewalk.

"I thought you were taking me back to Baker Street?" She asked politely, smiling nervously.

"I'd thought we'd have a cuppa." Bill replied happily, rocking on his heels. Joann smiled weakly, tea did sound nice, but she was still nervous about going into his flat. Even though they had been dating a week, something didn't feel right. She shrugged off the feeling, however, and entered the building with Bill.