A/N: Sorry for the short chapter, I reread the story and am trying to come up with a more interesting plot -.-

10:00 PM, Saturday:

Sollux laid in his bed with his computer, smiling contentedly. He had spent pretty much the whole day programming, which had taken a lot of his stress away. He was in such a good mood that seeing Eridan's massage pop up in the corner of his computer screen didn't make him mad or frustrated at all.

CaligulasAquarium [CA] began messaging TwinArmageddons [TA] at 10:00 PM

CA: Hey Sol

TA: Hey Eriidan what'2 up?

CA: You didn't tell me you dated Feferi.

Oh. Sollux's good mood plummeted. How had he forgotten about Eridan's trip with Feferi?

TA: Wa2 I suppo2ed two?

CA: Wwell I guess not. Did she break up wwith you?

TA: Yeah. After three years.

CA: Wwoww I'm sorry.

TA: I've been gettiing better. Ii've been 2ort of diistracted lately al2o.

CA: Oh? By wwhat?

TA: ju2t…2tuff

CA: what kind of stuff?

TA: I don't want two talk about iit.

TA: How wa2 2urfiing?

CA: It wwas really fun. I didn't even need a wwetsuit, it was so wwarm.

TA: Awe2ome. Are you coming back tomorrow?

CA: Yeah I'm leavving in the morning

TA: Well I have to go, I'll see you on Monday.

CA: Wwait, why don't wwe do something Sunday?

TA: Uhh, okay what do you want two do?

CA: Wwe could meet at the Starbucks downtown.

TA: 2ure, what time?

CA: does around noon sound good? I'll pick you up.

TA: Yep 2ee you then. My address is 224 A on Mission st.

CA: Okay see you tomorrow.

CaligulasAquarium [CA] ceased messaging TwinArmageddons [TA] at 10:20 PM

Sollux blushed. This is sounding a little too much like a date. He closed his laptop and went to sleep, looking forward to tomorrow but dreading it at the same time.

Saturday 11:30 AM:

Sollux woke up not feeling quite right. He was too hot. Then he was too cold. But he was really angry at everything. The sunlight streaming through the windows was really pissing him off, the low hum of his refrigerator was making him mad, and the dirty dishes on his sink were intimidating him. He stormed over and picked up the dishes, raising them over his head and smashing them all on the tile floor with a frustrated yell. Then he kicked his chair over. A part of him wondered what was wrong with him, but the rest wanted to smash things and get all of his anger out. Then he started feeling even worse. His heart sped up and he could feel himself sweating even though he was only in his boxers. Pricks of heat pierced his brain like needles, and he clutched his head. His hands were trembling and his vision was tinged with read around the edges. His breaths quickened and his chest ached. He arched his back as a ripping pain split down the middle of his forehead. All of a sudden, he could hear a light knock at his door. He backed away from the sound, curling in a ball in the corner of his room. It's Eridan.

Eridan stared at the door, hoping it was the right apartment. After the second knock, there was still no answer.

"Sollux?" he asked cautiously. No answer. He gently turned he knob, and to his surprise, the door was open. He peeked inside and a worried look came across his face as he took in the broken dishes and toppled chair. Then he caught sight of Sollux. He was crouched in the corner of the room in an almost feral position, disheveled dark hair falling in front of his eyes. And he was staring right at Eridan. He looked dangerous, and Eridan yelped when he sprang forward and pinned him against the wall. Eridan stared up at him, terrified. Sollux had a crazed look about him and he forced Eridan against the wall with his hips firmly pressed against the other man's. He bent over close to Eridan's ear and his fingers slipped under the hem of his shirt. Eridan blushed when he realized that Sollux was half naked and looked up at him with a confused expression. What the fuck is wrong with him?

"Uh, Sol, w-what are you doin'?" he stuttered. Sollux didn't respond. He just pressed closer, leaning into Eridan. Eidan's skin tingled at the feel of Sollux's bare chest pressed against him. But something was wrong with him. He could see his skin covered in a sheen of sweat, and he seemed to have an impossibly high fever.

"Sol," he yelled, "Answer me!" Sollux opened his mouth to reply, but instead he collapsed, going limp in Eridan's arms. He was out cold. Eridan picked him up and layed him on his bed. He's really sick. He went to the sink and got a clean cloth, soaking it in cold water and then wringing it out. He brought the moist cloth over and layed it on Sollux's forehead. His face looked somewhat peaceful, but there were dark bags under his eyes and his cheekbones were too hollow. Maybe Fef was right, theres more to his sickness than I thought. Eridan brought his hand up to Sollux's cheek and stroked it lightly, fighting the urge to bend down and kiss him. Because, yeah that would be the most wonderful idea. He sat next to Sollux on his bed for the next hour, watching him closely as he slept and changing the cloth once and a while. His fever seemed to be slowly subsiding. Finally, he woke up. His eyes cracked open to see Eridan staring down at him. "Eridan?" he asked.

"Yeah I'm here, it's okay," he said softly. Sollux reached up to Eridan's face, groaning and muttering a quiet "Fuck" before passing out once again. Eridan wanted to call one of Sollux's family members and ask them what was wrong with Sollux, but had no idea who to call. He figured that he most definitely could not leave Sollux alone in this state, so he layed down next to him, closing his eyes and drifting to sleep. Five whole hours later, he woke up to see Sollux staring down at him. He no longer had the crazed expression, and the burning redness was gone from his cheeks. He still didn't have any proper clothes on though.

"Uhh, Sollux," he started, "are you ok?" Sollux broke out of his trance and put his face in his hands, leaning against the headboard. Eridan scooted up next to him.

"Eridan I'm tho fucking thorry," he whispered, "I totally ruined your day, didn't I?"

"No," he replied,"It's fine as long as you're ok."

"I fucking forgot to take my pillth," he sighed, "I don't know how I didn't remember." Oh, Eridan thought, It makes sense now. Eridan nodded. "And I can't remember anything from earlier. Are you ok?" he asked. Eridan blushed and looked down.

"Yeah I'm fine. You were, uh, passed out on the floor when I got here and I put you on the bed," he lied.

"Oh thank god," he groaned in relief," Well, thankth a lot Eridan, you can go now. I'll be fine." Eridan looked at him, perplexed.

"Are you kiddin' me?" he asked, "No way am I leavin' you here alone! I'm spendin' the night over here whether you like it or not!" Sollux smiled at his dramatic tone.

"Okay," he said, "but you'll have to thleep on either the bed or the floor becauthe I don't have a couch or anything."

"Fine by me," he replied. His stomach growled loudly and he realized that he hadn't eaten anything all day. Sollux let out a short laugh.

"Leftover pathta ith in the fridge and the microwave'th to the right of the counter," he said, "You can deal with it yourthelf if you're inthisthting on thtaying here." Eridan glared at him before prepareng himself the food. Sollux said he wasn't hungry.

A couple hours later and after a few long conversations about swimming and computer programming, they decided it was time to go to sleep. Sollux hadn't put on any clothes since the morning. He climbed under the covers and stared at Eridan. Eridan just stood there awkwardly, wondering what he should do.

"Aren't you going to put on any pajamas?" he asked nervously.

"Nope, I don't wear pajamas," he replied. Eridan remembered the time when his mind drifted into wondering what Sollux wore to bed. I guess I figured it out, he thought, blushing. He finally decided to take his shirt off but leave his pants on and he climbed in bed, trying to get as far away from Sollux that the twin sized bed would allow. Sollux had stared at Eridan's bare chest, dumbfounded. He wasn't ripped, but his chest, arms, and stomach were very well toned and his body was shaped perfectly. Sollux longed to reach out and trail his fingers along the muscles.

Eridan flicked the light switch off, and the room became completely black. They could tell that they were both wide awake, laying there tensed up as they both tried to quiet their breathing. Eventually, though, they both drifted off to sleep. Not long after, they woke up and Eridan was curled up around Sollux. Realizing how awkward that was, he jumped back and muttered an apology. Sollux just chuckled in reply. Eridan could feel the mattress shift as Sollux moved onto his side, taking all the covers with him.

"Sooolll," he whined, "you have all the blankets." Sollux didn't respond, so Eridan yanked the covers towards him. Sollux clung onto the covers, turning to face Eridan. He yanked the covers again, but this time Sollux shifted even closer to Eridan. He couldn't see where Sollux was, just a vague outline of his head that kept coming closer and closer to his. He could even feel a few strands of Sollux's hair brush against his forehead and his warm breath brush across his cheeks. Eridan's eyelids fluttered shut and he parted his lips, waiting. But nothing happened. He felt the mattress sink down as Sollux laid back down and tossed the covers back towards Eridan. Eridan looked over to Sollux, only seeing the back of his head. He could feel his eyes begin to burn and sniffed once, cheeks flaming in embarrassment. What the ever-loving fuck just happened?