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Prologue—Inspired by "Without You" by Ashes Remain

"Koji!" His figure slipped over the edge of the building. Sprinting towards the ledge, I nearly slid on my knees and reached for his hand. His fingertips brushed mine, but he was too far to reach now. I looked at his face; he didn't even look scared as he fell. Time seemed to slow down drastically as he mouthed, "Goodbye."

I couldn't bear to look as Koji hit the pavement below. Rising to my feet, I turned to look over my shoulder. My eyes flitted all around the rooftop, looking for the she-devil. My gaze rested on my brother. "Where's Samu-sa? Where'd she go?!"

My brother slid his katana back into its sheath. "She got away…I-I tried to get her, Hiretsuna-chan—"

I tore my mask from my face and threw it on the ground. Tears rolled down my face. "Koji is likely dead, Hiromasa-kun! It's because of her that this happened and I'm not going to let her get away with it so easily!"

All of you must be sincerely confused. But trust me, I will explain to you in full detail with how my story began.

It started when I was only six years old, and my brother was eight. We were walking with out parents through the bustling street of our home city, Tokyo. We were told to stay close to our parents, but Hiromasa had other ideas. He grabbed my hand and steered me towards the window of a toy store. He was pointing to a few action figures that he had wanted.

After a few minutes, Hiromasa had finally given up on recalling all the statistics about the little figures and turned away from the window. He looked around; the people in the streets were starting to clear out and it was getting late. I squeezed my brother's hand. "Oniichan...were are Mama-chan and Papa-chan?"

His green eyes flitted nervously around the scene. "Don't worry, I know exactly how to get back home." He took my hand and led me in the opposite direction we had been walking in with out parents. We turned a few corners and cut through one of the parks, but Hiromasa looked lost. I looked up at him, but he didn't seem to notice. I tugged at his sleeve. "Do you think they'll come to find us?"

My brother smiled and nodded halfheartedly. "Of course they will!"

We sat on a park bench, at almost ten o'clock at night. I swung my feet back and forth because my legs were far to short to touch the ground. Hiromasa sat beside me.

Suddenly, Hiromasa was yanked from the bench and I jumped to my feet. Hiromasa was being held a good three feet off the ground by a young man who looked to be in college. He flashed me an evil smirk and then studied my brother.

"Put him down!" I shouted and stomped on his foot. He winced and dropped Hiromasa. My brother grunted when he hit the pavement, and then the teenager came towards me, hands outstretched. "You little brat!"

I screamed and put my arms in front of my face, as if it would deflect him. After a few moments, I heard a gasp and I decided to let myself look.

The teenager was on the ground, and standing over him was a young woman, about the age of twenty. She had long platinum blonde hair and icy blue eyes. The teenager hoisted himself up, but the young woman brought him down with a quick kick to the side of his head. He let out a moan of pain and crumpled to the side walk. Hiromasa and I cautiously walked forward towards the fallen college student. We both looked up at the woman.

"Is he—"

"He's unconscious, not dead," she cut Hiromasa off. She narrowed her icy eyes at us and smiled a bit. "You two would make great martial artists."

And then she just walked away.

We did end up getting home that night and eventually, when I was in second grade, the both of us signed up for a martial arts class, because we were so interested in it after that woman had said, "You two would make great martial artists."

We weren't surprised to see that she was the sensei of the dojo.

Everyday after school, the both of us were the only ones in the "class". We learned that the woman's name was Kiryu Yuki, but we called her Kiryu-sensei in the dojo. She would work us until either one of us crumpled to the mats in defeat, or until she thought we had enough.

And this is where Koji comes in.

I sat alone at a lunch table. It was about half-way through the year but yet no one sat with me. It wasn't easy being the outcast of my second grade class, but I had pulled through.

Someone had set down their lunchbox next to me, and I looked up; there stood a boy with one of the brightest smiles I've ever seen. He had jet black hair and bright green eyes. He sat down next to me.

"Why are you all alone?" he had asked.

I had kept my gaze on him as I shrugged. "No one likes me, I guess." I turned back to my lunch and took a small bite out of my sandwich.

"What do you mean 'no one likes you'? That's not very nice," the boy tilted his head. I replied with a shrug and took yet another bite from my sandwich.

He suddenly pulled off the necklace he had on his neck, and slipped it over my head. I blinked at it in surprise and held the pendant in my hand; it was a yin-yang.

I looked up at him, my eyes flickering with confusion. "Why'd you give this to me? It's yours," I tried slipping it over my head but he stopped me.

He pulled out another necklace—the same one-from his bag. He slipped it over his head and looked at me.

"This yin-yang pendant represents our friendship, ok?" he smiled one of those million dollar smiles again. I blinked in surprise at him; I didn't even know his name, nor did he know mine, and he wanted to be friends.

"We're friends, then?" I asked him.

"Best friends," he beamed.

I smiled back at him and held out my and for him to shake. "Nice to meet you, Best Friend."

"Call me Koji," he smiled as he shook my hand. "What should I call you, Best Friend?"

I giggled. "Call me Hiretsuna."

My school years had gotten better with him. Koji had been so sweet and friendly towards me. He even went as far as beating the crap out of some poor guy who had rejected me for a date. I had always figured that Koji had liked me, and without realizing it, I liked him too.

Anyways, Hiromasa and I trained under Kiryu Yuki for about eight years before we had become crime fighters. I was about fourteen then, and my brother was sixteen. We had crime radars and police scanners; every crime detecting device you could think of, all because our father worked for the Tokyo Police Force. The two of us even went as far as giving ourselves aliases and "hero costumes", you could say.

With that, I became Ginger Ninja and Hiromasa was known as Silent Samurai.

We had both equipped ourselves with ninja's weapons; a katana, shurikens, kunais, and Hiromasa had got a hold of some switchblades and daggers. Hiromasa was very good at sneaking up on the enemy (hence his alias). He was quick, agile and cunning. Now I wasn't too good at playing the quiet game; I was better in the fields of dodging and flipping out of the enemy's range. I was also better with martial arts than Hiromasa, because he was the weapons guy. But the two of us together? Let's just say you didn't want to met us if you had just robbed a bank.

We had stopped a few transgressors every now and again, but the one evil-doer that recurred most, was a woman who went by the name of Samu-sa.

Now, if you were me or my brother on a bad day, you wouldn't want to get into a fight with her. She was equipped with an ice staff, and robotic armor that seemed to deflect our weapon's attacks.

Then that one night came.

Samu-sa was threatening some civilians in the area and, as usual, Hiromasa and I went to stop her. When we had gotten to the scene, she was no where in sight. Hiromasa caught sight of something and pointed to a roof top. Sure enough, I saw the gleam of metallic blue and silver glinting in the dying moonlight. The two of us bolted for the building, and I jumped from wall to wall to reach the top, as did Hiromasa. And there she stood; Samu-sa was in her full armor, equipped with her Ice Staff. She smirked evilly when she saw it was the two of us.

"Oh, it's only you two," Samu-sa taunted us. I gripped the hilt of my katana and narrowed my eyes at her. Hiromasa threw two shurikens at her, but they only lodged into her armor without hurting her at all. Samu-sa plucked them out of her armor and rolled her eyes. She held up the shuriken as if it was a joke. "Can't you do any better, my little grasshoppers?"

I furrowed my brow at this; what did she mean, "my little grasshoppers"? But then it hit me.

"Kiryu-senei?" I asked and let go of my katana. She jabbed me in the chest with her staff.

"Who else would it be?" she sneered.

My eyes widened and I slipped my katana out of its sheath. "But you...! You trained the both of us! How could you turn against us?!"

Samu-sa tried whacking me with the butt of her staff, but I parried with my katana. Hiromasa kicked her from behind, causing her to stumble forward. Samu-sa pointed her staff at his foot and froze it in place. Hiromasa was now stuck and the only thing he could do was throw his weapons, which wouldn't do much. He basically had left me to battle her on my own.

Samu-sa smiled wickedly and swung her staff at me. I ducked under it and did a sort of break dancing move; I planted my hand on the ground and swept my legs across her ankles, causing her to collapse. I kicked her in the stomach, which didn't do much. Samu-sa used my own move against me and brought my down on my back. She pointed her staff at my throat so close that I could feel an icy breeze around it.

"Listen child," Samu-sa smiled wickedly. It wasn't all that hard to believe that this woman was my sensei, but what I found hard to process was that she was my enemy. "I still believe that you and your brother possess great potential in martial arts. You two could be my little grasshoppers once more and become my apprentices."

I narrowed my eyes at her. "I will never be your apprentice, Sama-sa."

She scowled and narrowed her eyes. "Fine, have it your way."

Samu-sa was about to smack my face with her staff when a familiar voice shouted, "Leave her alone!"

She stopped mid-swing, and turned to face the owner of the voice. I glanced in the direction of the voice and almost jumped to my feet.

Standing a few feet away was Koji.

"Koji-senpai! What in the world are you doing here?!" I shouted at him. Yes, of course I had told him my secret. I trusted Koji with my life, and if I couldn't trust him, I wouldn't be able to trust anyone.

Samu-sa glanced at me and then at Koji. She lifted her staff and pointed it at my friend. "If you and brother don't become my apprentices...I'll knock the boy off the building."

I narrowed my eyes at her. "You...you wouldn't!"

"Oh, but I would."

I knocked the staff out of her hand with the hilt of my katana before I replied to her command. "I told you, Samu-sa, I will never become your apprentice."

She smirked again, as if she was expecting it. She brought up her leg, swiftly kicking me in the side of my head. I crashed to the ground, my vision blurring for a few moments. Through my blurred vision, I saw Samu-sa reaching for her staff and pointing it at Koji. I wanted to scream at him to run or get away from the edge because he was getting dangerously close.

But it was too late.

Samu-sa shot an ice beam at his feet, and when he took a step on the ice, he slipped. Koji shouted in surprise and fell over the edge. Screaming his name, I ran to the edge of the building clumsily and reached for his hand. His fingertips brushed mine, but it was too late. He was well over the edge of the building and I couldn't do anything to save him.

After that night, I was never the same again.

And Koji's story ended there, but my story is just beginning.

Author's Note~

Hi there! I know this was kind of boring, but this was to set up the story and introduce some characters. This is indeed a rewrite of my first fanfiction that I wrote a while ago. I felt like I needed to tweek it and make it better since I think I've improved as a writer.

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